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Storm and Catacombs

ichdummichdumm Posts: 390 Arc User
Ini are sometimes failed to start via NPC.

Changing everything that is possible, e.g. Leadership, Realm etcetc. Do NOT CHANGE anything. Simple click to start the entry process FAILED.
Also given tips / tricks out of forums do not help out of misery.
Look like that the problem with catacombs are related to some chars, if they leave Entry is possible. BUT (!!) not every time the same Char.
On Storm we filled up to 4 , 5, full group and nothing changed. With "T" we can enter Storm.

Guessing there is something going wrong.

Someone else have such experiences ?


  • sz1lv1sz1lv1 Posts: 12 Arc User
    Yes, we have the same problem when trying to manually enter instances, ToK, GoS, AC etc. We do all the things you do to get in, but cannot get in every time. Sometimes we have to try all week to get in. I am on Lionheart server.
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