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12 days of christmas



  • utahaltutahalt Posts: 404 Arc User
    Most likely it will be a code for all 12 gifts xD
  • anyadpicsajaanyadpicsaja Posts: 226 Arc User
    First code: 2QwZxBkh
  • ichdummichdumm Posts: 450 Arc User
    edited December 2018

    First code: 2QwZxBkh

    Thx 4 posting. But from where u get it ?

    AHHHH, found it too :)
  • leigh70leigh70 Posts: 80 Arc User

    This one said is the 4th but only the 2nd I've seen.
  • leigh70leigh70 Posts: 80 Arc User
    Ok my guildies are awesome...
  • dimeunodimeuno Posts: 4 Arc User
    well i usually dont write in forum. im around since 2011. i was here when they used to give good rewards in events... i got mounts from events i got rare pets, mercs, orbs... etc. Personally i think, and most of the old players i know here, that latest events are... sooo lame. i mean not everyone likes facebook, or twitter or social medias, not only that the rewards from having to be there are so ... pointless. Guys ser population is down badly, and still we get no new instances ... but we get raids... we have no enough ppl for raids.... we have no good events... was too hard to make likea good quest to get random box rewards with .. iono maybe champ point badges... or a chance of a mount... badges that give you some rank of the one you put in and we have to horribly farm like nuts?. mobs to kill that may actually drop good something? not something unique for 1 person .... i mean like a good high lvl champ piece... or a golden piece .... for more common ppl. this is terribly dissapointing like most of the latest things we get. Dont get me wrong i apreciate all the years in this game.... but seems like there no efford on this to keep it going anymore. We havent even get the usual boring christmas event of always.

    Anyways i guess i feel like maybe some of the PWE staff will put an eye when old players have something to say.... or at least i said it so i feel like i did my part before i ended up quiting like most of my friends already did.

    ty for the attention... if you do pay any attention to players- and i hope i gets better sometime
  • oksana#4824 oksana Posts: 15 Arc User
    Gift 5 - Grand Lv3 Rune Pack -- BavdQkEC
  • harmoni99harmoni99 Posts: 10 Arc User
    Where are people finding the codes now? i see them in wc occaisionally, but the announcement here i am not finding anymore
  • xelloss999xelloss999 Posts: 63 Arc User
    Xanthros, Rebel Priest and GL of Starlight, Lionheart Server
  • turtlerrturtlerr Posts: 54 Arc User
    Yeah all codes up now!
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