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Promo Calculation Fun :)

utahaltutahalt Posts: 399 Arc User
Bored so here I go...

300 Leaves Mercury Statuette x6 3 Times
620 Leaves Cloud Swan Magic Box x20 Unlimited
1300 Leaves Mercury Statuette x15 2 Times
4200 Leaves Ghastly Flare Gembox Lv2 x6 3 Times
5600 Leaves Elemental Star Essence Giftbox x4 5 Times

If I choose Shaggy Orb 18 Leaves in Boutique and spend 5600 Leaves:
Shaggy Orb 5600/18 = 311 orbs
Mercury Statuette x6x3 Times = 18x4.5g=81g
Cloud Swan Magic Box x20x9 Times = 180
Mercury Statuette x15x2 Time = 30x4.5g= 1d35g
Ghastly Flare Gembox Lv2 x6 = 1 Time
Elemental Star Essence Giftbox x4 = 1 Time

Gold: 2d16g
Total Orbs: 311+180 = 491
Leaves value per orb = 491/5600 = 11 Leaves

Each orb probably 2 tokens, and not even 1g per in AH price. With around 55d potention value, you only can get (2.16d+10d from tokens) 10-15d from selling all you got from 491 orbs. Eyrda Exchange 99.99s per Leave you would get around 10g per orb. So sell Leaves>buy orb/spend promo. Unless orbs contain unbound gold, soul gold or sould leaves. Have fun!!! ;p


  • copolong#9918 copolong Posts: 370 Arc User
    You forgot the most important: what do 5.600 Leaves cost in real money.
  • utahaltutahalt Posts: 399 Arc User
    Wish promo can lower the requirements, 29k and 64k leaves rewards are just way out of reach...Good luck for others!

    450 Leaves Sailing Ration x8 3 Times
    1120 Leaves Himalayan Orb x31 19 Times
    2300 Leaves Mercury Statuette x45 4 Times
    3400 Leaves Gem Grand Pack (Deluxe) 2 Times
    10000 Leaves Soul Gem Box 2 Times
    29000 Leaves Source Essence Shard x12 Rainbow Dream Orb x100 4 Times
    64000 Leaves Holy Stone Shard x3 Golden 4 Times Snappy Turtle Pet 1 Time

    If I choose Orb of Dragons 18 Leaves in Boutique and spend 2304 Leaves:
    Orb of Dragons 2304/18 = 128 orbs
    Leaves Himalayan Orb x31 x2 Times = 62 orbs
    Mercury Statuette x45 x1 Time = 45x4.5g= 2d02g (up to extra 15g)

    Gold: 2d02g
    Total Orbs: 128+62 = 190
    Leaves value per orb = 2304/190 = 12 Leaves
  • anasilva991anasilva991 Posts: 778 Arc User
    MilkTank i choose you!
  • unusualsuspect1unusualsuspect1 Posts: 693 Arc User
    edited December 2018
    Wait for mid-day Friday and then redo your calculations ;)
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