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SoS Interlude Downed on Lionheart too

Was rough but over 2 days non-stop we persisted and got there. Great job team!


  • iorransiorrans Posts: 56 Arc User
    edited December 2018
    :D :D. That was a nice team work, gj guys!! <3

  • lettherebetrollslettherebetrolls Posts: 1 Arc User
    nice congratz, why don't you post your raid group also. ;)
  • Good job! Gz. Only 300 legend points? :(
  • unusualsuspect1unusualsuspect1 Posts: 693 Arc User
    edited December 2018

    nice congratz, why don't you post your raid group also. ;)

    What an odd request. The full raid is listed there in the money shot

    You salty bro? You sound salty

    Good job! Gz. Only 300 legend points? :(

    Sadly yes. All nerfed with the Voyage patch it seems
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  • kaliflowerkaliflower Posts: 53 Arc User
    I have determined interlude is definitely a soul crushing raid if it wants to be. :pensive: :P
  • xelloss999xelloss999 Posts: 63 Arc User
    Its a real "heart breaker"
    Xanthros, Rebel Priest and GL of Starlight, Lionheart Server
  • zyrrah42zyrrah42 Posts: 57 Arc User
    Congratualtions! You guys did the work! Is it worth doing it on a regular basis?
  • anasilva991anasilva991 Posts: 778 Arc User
    Congratz Lionheart!
  • unusualsuspect1unusualsuspect1 Posts: 693 Arc User
    edited December 2018
    zyrrah42 said:

    Congratualtions! You guys did the work! Is it worth doing it on a regular basis?

    In all honesty, I do not think so. Beating SoS Finale Normal Mode is so much easier and gives 1000 legendary points. Interlude involves a lot of management and "team rope jump". For the measly 300 legendary points that it gives, and for all the frustration and the difference between a smooth run, and a failed run, is largely determined by someone lagging out, or undesirable random tentacle spawns, or inconvenient timing for certain effects, well it just makes it a lot of effort just for 300 points. In my opinion, you'd be better off running an extra Master Random Challenge once a night and hoping for the 450 legendary point roll at least once every 10 days (which is fairly reasonable to expect).

    SoS Interlude NM is not something which our raid team wishes to do again given the choice now that we've got the title. We will try for the HM title for it at some future time, but outside of the title, we generally agree that it's not a worthwhile expenditure of time for the rewards given.
  • xelloss999xelloss999 Posts: 63 Arc User
    It is a pretty instance with an interesting plot and mechanic, if only it wasn't so frustrating.

    At the moment though it isn't really worth doing as a regularly scheduled event.

    The instance does not drop 110 level gear, only 105 level gear.
    It does give 300 legend points towards 110 level gear, 10 amethyst scrolls, and 10 level 2 spirit marks (bound), and even if you aren't the first on the server, it does have a title for personal first. These aren't great rewards, and with current player skill levels, not really worth the effort and time schedule to put a skilled team of the best of the best together every week for a weekly event.

    A big part of the difficulty of this is the "DPS checks" at each construct and the heart at the end, where you have a limited time to kill the construct or heart or it is a party wipe. This means that you do need to have a heavy DPS party, and everyone has to be alive for the DPS checks and have all your damage increasing skills ready and off of cooldown.

    Moving up to the scale wall ("Black Dragon Armor") at the start and after every wall and construct is killed is the riskiest part as the tanks have to move up and redirect the tentacle aggro away from the party, and especially the poison clouds from the corrosion tentacles tends to get people during this time as much like the fire from the dragon tower instances, they are directed towards anyone present in the general area of whoever has aggro on them (and if this is towards the majority of the party, results in a huge area of poison DOTing everyone). At the moment with the typical gear/stats of reasonably geared people, this would likely result in some casualties, which means you will have to have bard res or other ways to get everyone back up, waiting if need be to get everyone alive and cooldowns back up (because you want everyone up for the DPS check times above).

    All in all, between managing the tentacle aggro when advancing, and managing the deaths during this time, it's not terribly worthwhile given the risk/reward/frustration factor.

    Now, given maybe six months to a year from now once there are more people with survivable PVE Tenacity, and likewise higher average party DPS, this may be an event more parties may regularly do. If our DPS and survivability were scaled by at least another 25% from what is on average now, the corrosion damage may be more manageable so more people will survive, and the party DPS increased such that you don't need EVERY one alive with max DPS, with a result that you can tolerate some deaths or take some carries and still pass the DPS checks, and do this in a reasonable amount of time.

    If and when it gets to that point then some groups may find it interesting enough to do on a regular schedule, even though it isn't the greatest rewards, much like people do things like the 85s, 90s, 95s, and 100s instances now even though we don't really need the war god or champ points or gear.

    Xanthros, Rebel Priest and GL of Starlight, Lionheart Server
  • perseus#4589 perseus Posts: 17 Arc User
    Good job, def it was a fun run *spits blood*
    OneAutumnLeaf , cuddly tank -Lionheart
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