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Horse Race Invitation

strychni1strychni1 Posts: 16 Arc User
When route to quest the npc is not there. Anyone know where he went?
Guest is: Horse Race Invitation - Gonzales


  • thafujithafuji Posts: 300 Arc User
    Also Horse Race Manager named Gerales is missing after Voyage patch.
  • tent01dwellertent01dweller Posts: 15 Arc User
    hmm guess ima have to do the ticket thing cuz no one paying attention to forums
  • anole300#5837 anole300 Posts: 904 Perfect World Employee
    Ticketing is always a good idea, since it helps give us a record that we can show the team. This issue has recently been brought up to the team and we're waiting for a response.
  • dolliecakezdolliecakez Posts: 4 Arc User
    "Unfortunately, the Horse Race Invitation quest is no longer available. This had been removed from recent updates as there had been bugs with the quest itself. "
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