Voyage Expansion Feedback Event 11/10 - 11/17 *RESULTS*



  • thafuji
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    I'm not a fan of water ships, but new things are always a plus. Personally, sailing and making trade runs is extremely boring.

    As the previous speakers wrote, it would be worth working on curing the economy, because it's tragic and the time spent while playing turns out to be sometimes wasted and such instances as master expert are too difficult for normal players.

    If the game was easier, more people would be interested in it, especially when you can get gold yourself by just playing, and not only through real money transactions.

    It's also worth working on forgotten bugs that still exist as - the impossibility of removing some items from the inventory or tasks that can't be done or removed from the list of quests because after removal they return and many more bugs that I won't post here.

    Balance of new professions and old is terrible and all time limits are unnecessary and I would like to be able to play when I have time and not to adapt to the game...
  • heinesen
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    The Voage patch are okey but still to bad for do RCI master you still only get 45 legend point thats to bad. Im very dissapoitet on that part. remembe many are far behind cuz not have the raid opertunuty / very few guilds do raid to so many still not even equipt in 105 set as they can get now for champpoint. Its dont look good for the game atm i just wait for 1 day its have close. Its sad to see a game you have play since 2011 and in so bad condition and where all are gone over to CS.
  • anyadpicsaja
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    Lol, i will spend my next 15minutes to come up with a feedback post which nobody will even read,let alone respond.Right? @anole300#5837

    As others said, the difficulty of endgame contents are way too hard, considering that they are much more necessary to do than in other games. A single daily challenge shouldn't be only doable for the top 10% of the population. I warned you guys months if not more than a year ago, that the increasing difficulty WILL drive people away.

    There is nothing that you can do in this game which is doable, rewarding, available all the time, and as many times as you want.

    Not to mention the economy, its in ruins and that is alone PWE-s responsibility. When i started the game after the beta,you could barely find any use of gold coins in the game outside of the auction house and the mastery training.
    Everything else costed soul gold. That was optimal. At this point,every single new addition to the game costs real gold in some way, WHY?

    You want to reforge? pay gold.
    You want to use the smelting machine? pay gold
    You want to upgrade your horseshoe? pay gold
    You collected 200 Elite reward token for a title? Oh,you need to pay real gold to exchange.
    You collected enough vengeance reputation to exchange basicly everything from the NPC? Tough luck,pay real gold for the mounts and the weapon upgrades+the jewelry.
    You want to craft advanced alchemy potions? Pay 1g for each craft
    You collected enough materials to craft a ship material? Sorry, crafting takes 5gold.
    You want to get fully buffed status in HR? Pay 10g for an NPC.
    You want to upgrade your gems from lvl4 to 5? thats will cost you 75g each.
    Wanna combine your runes? Pay the price, you guessed it right, gold coins.
    At this point im surprised that teleporting with the crystals and npc-s still costs soul gold and not 10 silver.
    These costs dosnt make sense why they are gold and not soul gold at all,they are all used on bound stuff and not unbound.

    Unbound items btw lol...i havent heard that description in a looong time.

    These are all golds from the game which is basicly deleted from the market if you use it. It drains huge amount of gold each day from the players,and literally the only thing you can do to get any meaningful amount of gold is to buy orbs. Or be extremely powerful to get high enough in HR ranking and be lucky.
    The entire reason for the soul golds existence was to not make the same mistake as Perfect World had, where in the old days, people would rather fly across the map for 10 minute than to spend 5k for teleporting to Twilight Temple.

    Soul Leafs: What is the point? There is barely anything we can use them for. Not even fashions let alone for example an orb which could contain gold and some other useful stuff. A few of us are sitting o more than 100k but even the average player have more than 10k.

    The game is in ruins and a glorified trade run expansion wont save it.
    Wanna get some hints on how to fix it?

    - Nerf endgame content
    - Let us use our soul leafs in more meaningful ways,at least some old orbs which no one buys anymore.
    - Make every so far released fashion available in the cash shop,i cannot even count how many times i came up with an idea for a set but the fashion,but there was no way to get it. For this day,i still dont understand why remove the fashions from the CS,no money will come from them that way. It makes no sense.
    - For christ sake, gave us a way to get gold in the game even if its just 10g/ account/ day or something like that, we are starving...
    - Stop limiting what we can do,how many times, and when. Why locking fissures? Why cant i complete RCI as many times as i want (energy cost), Why cant i complete raids multiple times a week? Sometimes i feel, that i want to play or farm something but the game just dosnt let me.
    - Stop making every single NPC service cost gold. If i farm the hell out of something to be available for exchange or upgrade,then dont make it cost gold coins as well....that feels like i have to pay,to let me work and then i get 50% of that money back as salary.

    I am so curious what you can say about all this. @anole300#5837

  • lilou3ettb
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    I did not find lot of bug of features breaking with this extension, and that is a good point. The new map is graphically pleasant and story was fine. But once you have done the few main quest, it is empty ...
    No way to know if others island are in this extension or will come late. Trade quest is boring and too limited in number. End game is not coherent with the average population of my server. Nerf is not my favorite solution, i prefer to have cheapest evolution for toons (sigil charm, gem in soul leaves, no gold cost for every services ...)

    Currently my main problem are :
    the forced schedule
    inability to generate enough INGAME gold for all in game services
    the constant feeling that half of the way to upgrade our toons are missing (hello sigil charm in main quest ...)

    Forsaken world become more and more a full time duty and less a fun time.
  • ichdumm
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    Forsaken world become more and more a full time duty and less a fun time.

    Thats exactly what most players say by now. FW ist a FULLTIME job it need around 5h to finish every daily / Ini / Guild / Trade runs and what ever else. Too much for most people during the small amount of leisure.
  • tintacicus
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    I'm glad we have this event, now I can rant too :smiley: Jk jk, here it comes tho:

    I agree with some of the feedbacks posted above.

    - We need more ways to make gold coins ingame for casual players - currently what I know of are: Guild Trade Runs, Midas Bonus, HR prizes if lucky, and World Boss drops if lucky; first 3 limited weekly, and WBs needing already well-built chars AND luck to drop gold (not to mention enough time to farm them)
    - Sailing is fun, I absolutely love ships, even tho I don't have time and resources to build new ones or parts even... BUT! Trade Runs take veeeery long and give very little amount of contribution compared to the effort. Given the amount of islands and the points needed to reach new levels with the reputation, I think the amount of points could be increased some. Or who knows, maybe it's my lack of time that's the problem, seeing that some people want more trade runs instead xD
    - Please fix fashion panties :( I did submit a ticket in this topic, and I have been told that the issue is going to be fixed with the next big patch, that was Voyage. But the bug is still there, would be nice if it could be fixed.
    - I also agree with the need of more ways to spend Soul Leaves. The game is getting really Cash Shop heavy, and while I know that CS is the thing that keeps it alive, I don't spend ANY money on it ever since ways to obtain things game got so costly. Reason for that is, I would need to spend A LOT, and that I don't want to do. I would be willing to spend some tho if ingame content wasn't so damn expensive or there would be ways to get stuff with a reasonable amount of farming.
    - Please fix the bug with the inferno vampires.
    - Please fix the bugs with the new master instance.
    - Please fix SoS Interlude lag issue.
    - Please increase the daily Legendary Point reward from Challenge Quest. Upgrading gear costs thousand of points, and Challenge gives 45, daily. So, 450 in 10 days, 4500 in 100 days, which is over 3 months of daily farming for one piece of gear for those who can't get into SoS raids.
    - Please, please, please, fix the reward for Sundays WARGOD event, and don't make the WARGOD event give players 100 (!!!!!!!!!!) WARGOD points as reward. You can get 4 times of that amount with zero effort on Order Highlands map daily. And this is a weekly reward for a PvP event that actually needs effort. So please please :smiley:
    - I also agree with the person who asked you to stop making every NPC service cost gold. That would be really nice, it's a pain in the bumbum. Or as I said earlier, more ways to make gold please. For example, why does Guild Lottery require CS lvl5 to use? It does not make much sense, and reverting that back to how it was would make life a little bit easier already.

    That's all that comes to mind now, thanks for this opportunity.

  • babamoya#3234
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    Make the tokens can be bought from soul gold at Dar NPC, so we all can open White Failry orbs or Otis' orbs no matter cser or non-cser ;p
  • aestheticsbro
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    I have to agree with the general sentiment here.
    There is at the same time too much to do, and too few things that have worthwhile rewards for the effort, resulting in a slow grind with minimal returns. And even if you wanted to grind harder, the game limits your ability to do so like previous posters mentioned, unless you're one of those people with 600 check-in alts that spend 5 hours a day talking to Henry (but that's hardly playing the game is it?). Meanwhile tradable gold becomes scarcer each day, and prices for everything have plummeted, yet the player trade is dead outside of orb drops and a few common use items.
    Endgame content is still locked to a tiny minority of players, and even old some old 105+ content is only now starting to be available to the more average ones without being completely carried. To my knowledge that's due to it being balanced for the chinese playerbase and not the western one so it may not be something they're willing to change for us, but it could be worth bringing up to the devs that our average player is way behind theirs do to the limitations this version of the game puts on us.
    As for the more recent sailing function there's no big downside to it, it went pretty smooth with only minor bugs and while the new map looks very nice and sailing can be moderately fun, it does feel very half assed, as if too much is missing there. It's a very self-contained mode that doesn't affect your gameplay in other ways if you refuse to do it, but there is also ZERO incentive to engage in it for the same reason. While I don't dislike it and would like to do more of it myself, the ship crafting options are extremely limited right now, which personally kills my motivation to participate in it, because in the end they're just reusing gool old trade runs with, again, not worthwhile rewards. Hopefully this will change when we get whatever content is missing from this patch, in the meantime I probably won't bother much if at all with it.
  • trelos#2990
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    i hate new patch nothing interesting!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want something interesting since the game is really old do a login event with gold. TY
  • bloodreaperfw
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    I'm only concerned in one thing, fix the economy! just read all the post above, we need gold in the game for casual players the more you guys push making the game non-cs friendly more and more will be leaving the game.

    Every single thing that can be farmed are getting bound or nerfed, look at lost city, look at ACI. You are killing the casual players.
    Level 100 BloodWind
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  • jonnyisland1
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    hey there :)

    like a few mentioned already you should do smthg for the new players who have hard times to do the basic stuff like refining gear, getting gems and upgrade soul power tree to be able to catch up to all the older chars. The rune packs help alot in that case to get a standart sp tree for the start but theres so much more thats needed especially at the start. New players will realize soon it will take them either a crazy amount of money or atleast 3-4 years to catch up and will quit before they even started.
    The idea of a orb that contains some gems, soulpower, and star crystals and other starting material you need badly for soul leafes seems a really good idea in that case. Funny thing is that you have the chance to get like 10 meteor crystals for master challenge instance and not in basic/med/adv when you really need them.

    beside of that there are some things i figured:
    - for archer class when you cast lotus seclusion it removes your pet
    - also lotus seclusion sometimes has a hard lag after casting. you try to run in a direction but you get laged bk or dont even move at all when you cast it.
    - jungle guardien rune for archer doesnt work
    - in HRD mobs bug on certain skills or dont even move at all when you arent close to them
    - sailing rations should be available for everyone by farming not just by csing
    - new orbs with items to upgrade golden gear are needed for older players
    - the droprate for ancient runestones, horseshoe, twin weapon is a bad joke
    - anima shelter training after like 15k points is crazy to get some training points (i really want you guys to try this to see how hard and annoying this is!!)
  • ichdumm
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    there should be a Orb containing : VIP Card 10Y, Lvl5 Gems x 50, full golden Gear Lvl 110 +12 including Weapon TWO Times ( PvE / PvP), ~250 Runes for all needs, Astralsystem Goodies x100000000, Pets / Mounts, ~100000000000000000 Soulgold, Resistance / Skill Book give 1 Trillion Points, and so on and so on.......

    [Iro /off]

    With such chars / players it would be fun to run ini :) Not know how / where to do what, at what time.....^

    BTW :D noticed the new Rekrut Box ? Lvl 4 Gem, lvl90 Vexxer weapon, Devirock / Flamekristal ..... endless stuff there for NEW chars.
  • jramsden
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    you say new chars need all this - the russian server has higher stat players already and its what 1 year old?

    guy rocking 40k attack almost and 900cdam? no one else has anything like that and plenty of others with ridiculous stats
  • lucette#9225
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    In all honesty I'm becoming disappointed in this game in general.

    I really wish they would bring back the old instances so new players/new toons could get the achievements.

    I wish that they would fix the bugged quest in Lighthouse so I could get my last achievement there.

    I wish they would bring back the old cooking and alchemy recipes, especially since the quest you get from Sarah requires most of the old recipes.

    I wish more things would be available with soul leaves.

    This game is becoming more cash shop oriented and it's really disappointing.
  • forumhunter
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    Patch is alright few bugs here and there, there is no generated way of making enough in game gold coins to pay for in game features such as horseshoe, crafting runes, crafting potions, crafting ship parts (5g each), relic spirit combining, reiding gear 20s and reiding gear when locking top or bottom attributes is 1 gold coins and 20 silver.

    Sailing is a nice new addition to forsaken world , looking forward to seeing advances in Sea related features like world bossing , main quest line that unlocks stuff we can use , example ever abyss main questline gave us the relic which is an awesome addition to improve our stats hopefully sea main quest line give similar benfits.

    Need more free content that supply us with our needs instead of majority of items go into cash shop.

    Maybe a suggestion to put leaves up for reward in hellraod prizes or something to compensate lack of getting in game gold, not game breaking amount but little amount would be benficial

    Conquer tags time isnt good, need it to be 24/7 and no energy cost. To get 1500 conquer tags would be doing master challenge instance 1500 times , if farmed 5-6 times a day while waiting for energy regen for next day it would take about 300 days for one of the potential rewards.

    Hellroad bugs, when leave hellraod and re-enter doing first room always makes the monster spawn slower or completeing room but the time limit keeps draining.
  • tintacicus
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    Two more things came to mind:

    Bloodbrawl reaper's Warblood Pact gives a different amount of Crit Chance to the caster and party members now, 3% for the party, and 9% for the caster. That's an awesome boost for Brawl reapers really, however, when buying the Royal Blessing buff from the NPCs for 10g, the Brawl reaper gets the 3% Crit Chance boost too, and it's not possible to outbuff the Royal Blessing unless the timer runs below 20 mins. So for 40 mins, Brawl reapers actually have less Crit Chance thanks to the Royal Blessing compared to buffing up by themselves. Is this a bug or a feature please? xD

    Artifact Trial master challenge instance has bugged lotto. Meaning I get the lotto when porting in, at the very beginning. Being able to roll with the lotto does not complete the daily Challenge quest from Henry, but since I get it bugged every time I enter it, it is something that can be exploited on the long run (I think?) Not sure how many have it bugged.

    Edit: I experienced a similar thing to the Royal Blessing buff just now: when in a party with a Shadowbind reaper, the Shadowbind reaper's Warblood Pact is "superior" due to its longer duration. When the Shadowbind reaper uses Warblood Pact for the accuracy buff, the Bloodbrawl reaper's +9 crit chance buff poofs, and can not be rebuffed until the other reapers different bonus giving skill's timer goes below 20 mins. So I can't use my own buff with another reaper in in the party.

    TLDR: Bloodbrawl reapers +9 cc talent buff does not work properly, fix it please.
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  • ichdumm
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    Again a Quest that do not end. Captain on Herbal Garden send you to find some "Cristal's" in a scavenger hunt.
    First stage is to find a "location device". Found it and you get a "Cristal" that tell / show you next location to find next one.

    Had to find (2 Chars) on diff. location, one with success and one without. Closely to end of time i head back to npc.
    NOTHING there, quest switch too "Lets count the found "Cristal's", BUT there is ONLY ONE in inv. and no possibility to input a amount or do something else.

    So we got some new Dailys and ALL end up in a dead end.
  • jonnyisland1
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    A list of items that seems not implanted/available yet:
    -Eyrda Petals
    -Gem Tickets
    -Golden Fruit
    -Generals Mount Order
    -Kings Mount Order
    -Crystal Secret Order
    -Manarock Dust
    -Colorful Runic Soul
    -Moonlight Exchange token
    -Glimmer of Dexterity,Hawkeye Glimmer,...
    -Sacret Ticket
    Maybe the one or the other item is available (mostlikely in an orb ofc) just i havent figured it out yet.

    The NPC on Libra Island to enter an instance comes into play later i guess? We tried to enter manually there with 6/12/18... ppl but couldnt.

    In Med. training ground for archers you have to cast a skill called Pulse Shot just that skill doesnt exist for archers