Inferno Vamp - Invisibility bug

Fix this bug! it's game breaking in any for of pvp, getting heavily exploited it in Dimension War, can name at least one doing it intentionally but obviously won't on forums. Sure you're aware of it already so i wont explain it for more to use it too.


  • jramsden
    jramsden Posts: 45 Arc User
    Happens if you cast bat form outside of peoples view but also works both ways

    Can't always see other players either and it's a completely **** up bug for anyone experiencing it as there's no way of targetting the player there's nothing in the combat log at best you see a pet you can't even target

    Bugs been around since the 110 patch I think?

    Can't believe it's not been fixed it's more ridiculous than that warrior wrath bug
  • redkit35000
    redkit35000 Posts: 76 Arc User
    what does invisible vampire mean ? vampires cannot have the privilege please, correct it everyone complains about this situation
  • bloodreaperfw
    bloodreaperfw Posts: 79 Arc User
    so this bug was what i faced in frostgale weeks ago, i couldnt even target anything nor do i see any damage in combat box, just died.. its like a vampire in permanent stealth.. great job pwe
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  • silnec
    silnec Posts: 248 Arc User
    This reminds me of the time I joked on world chat that FW should give dark vampire stealth in vamp form xD :D
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