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Fisherman help needed

Hello all!!! I new to game and i need help with fisherman job. Im lvl4 and all was going smooth till now that i want to fish seaweed. IveI tried polar and gb but can't find. Help a bro in need..


  • padawan1padawan1 Posts: 81 Arc User
    There are specific fishing spots, they are randomly announced in WC. rlm 8, 9 or 10. Base of the Abyss, Waterfall in Everlight, Jade Gloss Lake, Supply Depot area in the Free Isles. Realm hop and look around those areas, you don't need the buffs to fish the spots but you'll want the buffs to fish up the extras.
    They're all dead, Jim.
  • emeliy#3411 emeliy Posts: 2 New User
    ok go
  • emeliy#3411 emeliy Posts: 2 New User
    > @"emeliy#3411" said:
    > ok go
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