why can't i queue for the dungeons and instances?

I meet the minimum level requirements but it still won't let me queue


  • duskofdoom
    duskofdoom Posts: 141 Arc User
    what dungeons/instances?
    Server: Eyrda
    Talent/Class: Diamond Protector
    <Nightfall Star>
    <Freedom Harbor's Loyal Protector>
    <Infernal Majesty>
    <Parry and Riposte>
    <Paragon of Earth>
    <Helldiver Ultimate>
  • majkel33
    majkel33 Posts: 93 Arc User
    most likely which server :D
  • oxogalaxy#9695
    oxogalaxy#9695 Posts: 6 Arc User
    The obvious answer is he has a trade run in progress on his character. i believe they prevent you from doing instances etc. so check for that first . But i am sure someone on his server would have pointed this out to him before now.
  • gaganetta
    gaganetta Posts: 1 Arc User
    Except the chance of an active trade run is possible to be out of required vigor/ energy to enter
  • Gotta finish starting area.
  • markhaugan
    markhaugan Posts: 38 Arc User
    are you trying to solo que? or are you in a full party when you guys que?