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help getting guild stronger and better

lizzirlizzir Posts: 10 Arc User
Are there any players in the lionheart server that play the game and r willing to help a guild get better and stronger . due to players who are vindictive and just down right mean they have made it hard to hold the guild together. i see guilds turning into cash op guilds. ones goes and bids on a rift to literally be out bid by diamonds . but when it is gotten the guild is unhappy they r not killing when asked if just quest can be done no they kill you/ what happened to guilds working together for the fun of the game and have fun doing the rifts and such i don't get it it almost like they push out the small ppl and don't give em a chance/ we just want a chance and help getting there/ so is are there any players who r of the caliber of helping a guild get ppl ready not destroy the guilds trying to get there . if so apply to niteshade and help us pls we r small but we would so like to be able to do so much more but feel as if the op guilds r trying to destroy us ty for time here and the time to be able to voice how one feels. by the way the gl for the guild has no idea i ve come to the forum asking for help he/ she is a proud one who cares about the guildies and tries along w the vice it just hurts to see them upset when they r trying so hard for us in the guild ty


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