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7th Anniversary Fireworks Display! - 7/2

anole300#5837 anole300 Posts: 897 Perfect World Employee

To wrap up our 7th Anniversary, we’d like to have some fireworks fun with everyone! Help us end our Anniversary month and start July with a bang! We are inviting to gather on each cross server at the selected time to set off lots of fireworks! For the event and as a special thank you, we want to give everyone some fancy fireworks and one last surprise!

How it works:

  • To join in the fireworks display, please meet at the specified times on your cross server.
  • On each server, the event will last for 30 min or until the supply of fireworks is exhausted, whichever happens first.
  • Make sure to redeem the firework codes for some special supplies to participate!
  • Please make sure you have mailbox space before redeeming each code!
  • Feel free to take pictures or videos of the fireworks! You can share them with everyone on the event posts!


  • EU cross-server @ 9 AM PT
  • US cross-server @ 5:30 PM PT

Fireworks Code:


Redeemable once per account and expires 7/7


Birthday Hearts x7
Star Shower x7
Rainbow Blast x7
Glittering Heart x7
Light Bloom x7
Ruby Blast x7
Azure Stars x7
Rose Rain x7
Indigo Orb x7
Light Shower x7
Starry Night x7
Anniversary Flakes x7


  • chiffoncakechiffoncake Posts: 359 Arc User
    CN launched new expansion “Voyage to Cintura” this month, new contents, new bosses, classes nerfed, rare items etc. We should be getting it this winter.
  • endless013endless013 Posts: 232 Arc User

    CN launched new expansion “Voyage to Cintura” this month, new contents, new bosses, classes nerfed, rare items etc. We should be getting it this winter.

    we're about 2-2.5 years behind CN, we wont see this for a long time so don't hold your breath

    GoDieNow, Reaper (bloodwind) lvl110
    GoDiePlz, Demon (hellfire) lvl110
    CrispyDjinn, Warden (Sun Ray) lvl 110
    endless_XIII, Protector (Granite) lvl 95
  • fiora1222fiora1222 Posts: 25 Arc User
    dead game
  • thery74#2642 thery74 Posts: 30 Arc User

    CN launched new expansion “Voyage to Cintura” this month, new contents, new bosses, classes nerfed, rare items etc. We should be getting it this winter.

    we're about 2-2.5 years behind CN, we wont see this for a long time so don't hold your breath

    Since 2 years we got the patch 6-7 month after the CN ... so dont say something wrong please, thank you.

  • unusualsuspect1unusualsuspect1 Posts: 694 Arc User

    CN launched new expansion “Voyage to Cintura” this month, new contents, new bosses, classes nerfed, rare items etc. We should be getting it this winter.


    I am not seeing many nerfs there at all. A lot of buffs actually:

    Dear players,

    The server of "God Magic Continental 2 · Voyage Sin Tula" will start maintenance maintenance at 8:00 on May 31. The estimated maintenance time is 2 hours. If there are special circumstances, it will be postponed. The following content will be updated:

    [new content]

    1. Open the New World Area: The Sea of ​​Hope and the West Sea. Players can send a crystal to the naval headquarters of the Sea of ​​Hope and the West Sea to see the sea scenery. Embark on a new stage of adventure and explore the vast oceans and islands.

    2, the new main line: 101 players will automatically take the task: Admiral propagandist, open a new story line, and the Admiral warriors side by side to meet the Stormtroopers.

    3, the new gameplay: open the warship system, players can get the various accessories of the warship from the game, choose their favorite match assembly warship and sail the ship on the sea. The warship supports multiple people to ride at the same time, pull up the little friends, and go out to fight together!

    4, the sea BOSS strikes: every Thursday, Saturday 18:30-23:30, the world Boss Hailong·Di Sai in the sea of ​​hope. The warriors can take on the crusades of the sea dragons at the navigator Luna of any island and drive the warships to the sea. The warriors who participate in the crusade can receive cruel rewards, and the warriors who kill the sea dragons and their fellow ship members can get more extra bonuses.

    5. New feeder activities:

    a) There is a Naga egg in the navy headquarters. Heroes can help it every day to help it grow. It will also give heroes feedback in time. It will also grow with the help of the player.

    b) The Navy headquarters reported that there have been mysterious teams on the sea. They are also arranged in places like Resinger. Please be careful in the daily life, please be careful after handling the situation.

    6. Deputy occupation:

    a) Merchants: Open up new routes to run business, players can exchange goods between various islands to make profits, and cultivate social relationships with the islands. Complete the running business to get the [new route currency], which is used to exchange various materials for manufacturing warship accessories.

    b) Explorer: Open sea adventure game, players can get [rolled parchment] every day in the explorer's mentor El Niño or other gameplay, and find the final treasure step by step according to the clues on the parchment.

    c) Craftsman: Open learning to create the skills of the "shipship accessories - powerplants."

    d) Weapons Division: Open learning to create the skills of [ship accessories - weapons].

    e) Armor: Open learning to create the skills of [ship accessories - armor].

    f) Jeweler: Open Learning to Create the Skills of Warship Accessories - Controls

    7, the new team copy "the sin of the source of the final chapter" ordinary, hero mode.

    a) Replica entry: Enter the copy through the Order Heights - Baptist Plaza "Reggie Jones".

    b) Number of people: The minimum 6-person maximum 18-person team mode, enrolled in the copy.

    c) Reward: Ordinary mode: Hero 8th-level professional equipment, order 2nd-order professional equipment, orange equipment, "Molten Heart" mount, order spirit body fragments.

    d) Hero mode: Hero 8th-level professional equipment, order 2nd-level professional equipment, orange equipment, "Molten Heart" mount, order soul body fragments.

    8, drift bottle: Hope that the sea is scattered with some memories of the drift bottle, to find out whether there is any news sent to you.

    9. Recruitment Manual: The newly created character can open the recruit manual in the lower right corner within 35 days before the cumulative registration. A lot of rewards can be obtained by completing the recruit training according to the guidelines of the recruit manual.

    10, the new collection of artifacts "deep dreams", obtained through the 110 masters drop, increase the hit value after activation.

    11, achievement optimization:

    a) Adjusted the way the achievement is viewed;

    b) add a lot of achievements;

    c) A new achievement award “treasure value” has been added, which can be used to redeem the leaves of a large number of soul trees.

    [Optimized adjustment]

    1. New Age & Epochal Adjustment

    a) Open a new era of "voyage epoch", players in the new era of 40 to 104 players can get 200% additional experience bonus;

    b) Revised the experience bonus of the original era, and now can get more bonus experience from the epoch earlier.

    2, order related

    a) In the prefix attribute of the order installation, the numerical range of the attribute of the split (ie crit damage) attribute is expanded, and at the same time, the proficiency attribute of each department is increased, and the range and the range of probability and the split attribute are basically the same;

    b) All occupational order equipment can be exchanged at the NPC Davis (Resinger Hall) to obtain the order of the soul

    c) The master copy carousel and the new group will also have a sequence of soul output;

    d) Players can use a certain number of order spirits and a professional order 2 equipment to redeem a piece of the same part of the equipment (reset the suffix attributes);

    e) The soul of the order plus the gold coins can be exchanged for the unbounded order soul crystal, and the order soul crystal can also be used to reset the order 2 equipment attributes.

    f) When redeeming equipment/soul body, please pay attention to the same parts in the package, equipment with scouring attributes and reinforcement level, in case the equipment with "gems, attributes, reinforcement" is exchanged for soul or recast as new equipment.

    3, mount equipment adjustment

    a) Open new quality mount equipment, the basic attributes and growth attributes of each level are greatly improved, and the new mount equipment opens the fourth and fifth attributes at a lower level;

    b) The new mount equipment re-optimizes the "Activation Properties" (ie, the **Property Extra Activation** property is met to meet the requirements).

    4. Star-related: NPC Moline (Freeport Angel Cathedral) is exchanged, and the Star Materials can be converted into the universal star conversion props "Samsung Stone". Samsung Stone and Gold Coin can in turn be exchanged for various new and old astral materials (process There is a big break in the middle).

    5, legendary equipment debris:

    a) The spell sand crystal is exchanged for the flame ice crystal, the flame ice crystal is exchanged for the ice sheet gold, the spell sand crystal is exchanged for the magic energy method, and the magic rock fragment for the forged heart is all adjusted to redeem the binding props;

    b) In the new group, add “dark source and broken crystals” and “dark source fragments”, and exchange the source and the source fragments (not bound) in the legendary jewelry.

    6, hero equipment adjustment:

    a) Add 8th-order hero equipment, and add 7th-level equipment to the hero.

    b) Optimized the number of reputation points required for redemption of heroes 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th hero suits.

    c) Optimize the number of reputation reels required for each level of heroic advancement.

    d) You can redeem a new suit at Rocky Cassandra in the Hall of Glory.

    e) Adjusted the amount required to exchange the various reputation rolls at Kasala Tower for the Purple Mysterious Volume.

    7. Legion Optimization: The daily usage limit of empathic pharmacy was removed.

    8, novice gift package adjustment: a large increase in the number of rewards and opening in the novice gift package.

    9. Optimized the player's signature function, and now there will be no more cases where the signature cannot be modified.

    10, skill adjustment

    a) Gorefiend

    i. Magic Flame blessing, the final cooldown is adjusted to 40 seconds, and the duration is extended to 15 seconds;

    Ii.100 energy magic flame blessing state, "heart fire" attached base damage and crit damage, flame kill, for evil flames, magic flame hand half effective;

    Iii. After repairing the learning awakening skill "reverberation", the flame can not enter the BUG of the state of blood donation.

    b) Master

    i. Revelation God believes that 40 energy effects, "Raining Star" every 30 points of energy increase the crit damage per layer by 1% (full value of 100 energy per layer 3%), each layer increases the wind skills 1% crit rate, Multi-segment skills will be superimposed on each layer;

    Ii. Talented lightning barriers, wind skills increase base damage based on the percentage of magic that has been lost, up to 6%*3;

    Iii. The talent magic can be imprisoned, the attacking mage will be shocked under the power of the magic power, reduce the full proficiency 25*4 level *5 layer, increase the effect by 1*4 level *5 layer to reduce the crit damage;

    Iv. The fireball of the talented enchantment, the wrath of the sorcerer, the anger of the madness, the base attack damage of 10%*3 is adjusted to increase by 15%*3;

    v. The firing time of the Spark burst changed from 5 seconds to 4 seconds.

    c) Pastor

    i. Angel asylum, after the enlightenment of the magic belief 80 energy, triggers the life recovery effect by an additional 10% + 20 * 2%;

    Ii. Angel asylum, revealing that God’s belief in 80 energy, the single damage limit effect is reduced by 4%+20*0.2%;

    Iii. Talent shines, the light state removes the Holy Light Strike without consuming magic effects, instead consumes the current mana value by 2%*3, and increases the equal additional attack power;

    Iv. Origin of the Demon Faith 1 energy, the life recovery effect of the light system skill, no longer related to the additional attack power of the skill, but related to the self-lighting proficiency, specifically (5+0.05*100)* light system mastery;

    v. Exorcism disciplinary range is adjusted from 10 meters to 8 meters, the maximum number of people from 20 to 10;

    Vi. Talent cold, ice blade impact 15% * 3 chance of freezing target, no longer receive the frozen effect within 10, adjusted to 10 seconds within the second chance of freezing down to 5% * 3;

    Vii. Talent siphon, sacred prayer secret reduced target 5% * 3 magic upper limit, adjusted to reduce the target 1% * 3 maximum mana, while self-recovering his own mana value of 1% * 3 life;

    Viii. Frost Prayer adds increased water skill crit damage to the same crit rate;

    Ix. Breeding the gods and beliefs 100 energy, the Frost Prayer time is extended by 8 seconds to adjust the time to 50%;

    x. Talent Skills The power of the benevolence increases the critical strike duration to 150 seconds.

    d) guardian

    i. Ground crack increases 20% of base attack damage;

    Ii. The blast guardian base cooling time is adjusted to 60 seconds;

    Iii. The talent of the armor increases the attack power equivalent to the defensive power by 10%*2 and adjusts to 12%*2;

    Iv. The origin of the gods and gods believes in 100 energy, increasing their own anger every point (hit, anger, stone attack, earth breaking soul) 2% basic attack damage;

    v. The concentration of anger will last for 30 seconds.

    e) Watching

    i. The effect of the holy sword Yaoyue is changed to disarm;

    Ii. Talented skill Pluto's son, after opening, healed the Darkness Mastery of 200% and his own maximum attack power by 10%. The amount of healed is increased by 10% of the maximum mana cost per second, and the Dark Mastery is 200% and the current Mana is 2%. *2 treatment amount;

    Iii. Pregnancy of the gods and gods 100 energy increase effect Pluto's son's magic consumption per second is halved;

    Iv. Light awakening mysterious treasure chest light, the effect returns 7% * 10 health, while returning the same proportion of mana;

    v. The basic treatment amount of the night prayer is adjusted from 3845-4250 to 2845-3250, 3 seconds to reply once and adjusted to 2 seconds to reply once, the effect adjustment is effective for the team;

    Vi. Apocalyptic magic believes 100 energy, increasing the effect of the daylighting spatter cooling time reduced by 10 seconds.

    f) Ranger

    i. The talent skill arrow rain is modified to select the target to cast;

    Ii. The talent skill curse arrow reduces the target's healing effect by 10%*4 to 5%*4;

    Iii. Talent skill waltz, the effect of the maximum 500 dodge has a 50% probability to attach 2 seconds of immune release effect, adjusted to 15% * 5 to reduce the target 50 points hit, lasting 5 seconds;

    Iv. Talent hunters, so that the skill sharp edge spurs 25% * 4 probability to clear specific skills to cold, adjust to equal probability to make the next waltz without cooling;

    v.Basic attack increased by 10%*2 during the hunting season to 15%*2, adjusted to only clear the waltz and the sharp blade spur cooling;

    Vi. The king of talent hunting, each layer of the hunting season gives a 5% chance of waltz to stun the enemy target for 1 second;

    Vii. The origin of the gods and beliefs 100 energy, increase the effect of the hunting season, the cooling time of the blade spurs is shortened to 8 seconds.

    g) sin

    The magic of the talent collapses (prison inflammation), the cost of the fire system is reduced by 10%*3, and the effect is increased. The fire skill has a “self-crit rate” (this trigger probability has nothing to do with whether the skill itself is crit). 1.3\1.6\2 times

    h) Assassin

    Shadow Magic is able to dispel hunter marks, immune flares

    i) musket

    Talent does not extinguish the fire, the increased anger duration is adjusted from 1.5*3 to 3*3, and the anger is extended by 1*3 to 9*3.

    j) Warrior

    i. The talent of the deadly will, the increase of the increase of 80 hits, adjusted to increase the sacrifice of the base of the sacrifice attack 20%;

    Ii. The origin of the demon beliefs 100 energy, increase the effect, reduce the cooling time of the sacrifice for 5 seconds.

    k) blood attack

    i. The talent increases the surging, the crit rate effect increased by the blood surging, itself is 3 times effect;

    Ii. Talented ability hate increase effect with 1 second stun;

    Iii. The cooldown of sensation waking to death is adjusted from 300 seconds to 120 seconds.

    l) poet

    i. Talent skill sacred accompaniment adjustment, loss of 1% maximum mana per second, up to 1500);

    Ii. Talent Skills Triple Variations Effect Reduction Skill Crit damage 10% adjustment to increase skill crit damage 10%;

    Iii. Talent intensive triple variation, level 3 reduced cooling for 10 seconds to adjust for each level to reduce the triple variation for 10 seconds;

    Iv. Talent ice blade stab attack increase attack power 75*3 adjusted to increase the base attack power 1%*3;

    v. The talent is passionate, and each layer increases the attack power by 5*6 (the highest is 5*6*5=150 points). The point is adjusted to increase the attack power of 50*6 by itself.

    Vi. Talent is excited, and the promotion increases the base attack power by 2%*4 and each layer is adjusted to 1%*4 per layer;

    Vii. Talented wind wall, increased crit damage 5% * 3 adjusted to increase the effect of each layer 3% / 4% / 5%.

    [Optimized adjustment]

    1. Adjusted the price of some items in the mall, including the tears of glow, the blood of immortality, the enthusiasm of Wenqi, the tears of glow, etc. The price of such items is now 99 copper.

    2. The mall updated the drawings of the warship components.
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