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stuck on quest - Reply to Charlotte

jace633549jace633549 Posts: 17 Arc User
edited May 2018 in Quest Tips
hi i was doing the lvl100 quest; Reply to Charlotte. i collected the herbs, went back to the well, looked in my bag and i no longer have the item that makes her reappear, [something] Dust. i can't abandon the quest and i can't make her reappear, i don't know what to do, i'm now stuck on this quest.

the only thing i can think of is to make another toon, spend months leveling them up to lvl100, then taking the quest from morin in FH and then getting to charlotte to make her appear.


  • jace633549jace633549 Posts: 17 Arc User
    nvm my friend finally got me thru it. :) i was standing in the wrong spot and not waiting long enough for a new quest to appear.
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