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Scheduled Maintenance Tonight - 5/15/18

anole300#5837 anole300 Posts: 690 Perfect World Employee
edited May 2018 in General Discussion

Server Maintenance Announcement

Maintenance will be occurring tonight, 5/15/18, at 23:00 PT.

We expect the maintenance to last approximately 5 hours. Tonight's maintenance will bring the new content update to the game! The servers will be unavailable during this time. Patch notes with more details will be provided this week.

***Reminder: Maintenance times are tentative and subject to change.***

Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience!


To avoid any potential item loss, please make sure to remove any items you may be storing in the Account Stash, it will no longer be accessible after the patch. Any items left in the Account Stash will not be recoverable.


  • systemburnsystemburn Posts: 55 Arc User
    Didn't you say you would send out more email reminders before the patch? You only sent the one :'( :o And surprise announcement that the patch is tonight doesn't help either.
  • anasilva991anasilva991 Posts: 779 Arc User

    Just joking,ofc
    goodluck gether working<3
  • xarconeaxarconea Posts: 4 Arc User
    Dont forget our Patch Notes ;) just a nice reminder
  • duskofdoomduskofdoom Posts: 119 Arc User
    Don't forget the patch notes this time ;o
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  • amarantosamarantos Posts: 3,042 Arc User
    dont forget the bank/bag extensions for soul leaves compensation too ;)
  • fw2database#6189 fw2database Posts: 120 Arc User
    Forget all. Dont listen to them all)))
  • ichdummichdumm Posts: 317 Arc User

    Forget all. Dont listen to them all)))

    +1 ! XD
  • zyrrah42zyrrah42 Posts: 59 Arc User
    Really would have been nice to be making a system announcement and reminder throughout the 24 hours (maybe every hour even) prior to this patch! Many do not access the forums. Announcing in guild, but those in different time zones may still not get the message.
  • amb35135amb35135 Posts: 12 Arc User
    the stash announcement was almost a month ago so people were adaquately warned, for it to be posted in guild info
  • keakua808keakua808 Posts: 222 Arc User
    You know i get we warned about the stash being unavailable after the this patch. Giving us a date the patch was going to go live a few days ahead of time would of been a better way to go.
    Did you guys expect us to change toons for a month every time we needed an item that had been in our stash?
    Anyway thanks again for the advanced warning you guys are doing a great job.
    79 Dark Vampire

  • longschwanzerllongschwanzerl Posts: 59 Arc User
    keakua808 said:

    Did you guys expect us to change toons for a month every time we needed an item that had been in our stash?

    We've only had this feature for a bit half a year now, honestly it's not like the world's going down now that it's unavailable for a while. Worked that way for many years kek.
  • redkit35000redkit35000 Posts: 76 Arc User
    when will the end?
  • copolong#9918 copolong Posts: 388 Arc User
    Redkit, are you from Illyfue?
  • cristhian#9796 cristhian Posts: 1 Arc User
    still servers down??
  • tiberium30tiberium30 Posts: 129 Arc User
    Flower tabs is gone? Cant see it when opening guild info now.
  • chiffoncakechiffoncake Posts: 358 Arc User
    Smooth patch, thanks and kudos to the FW Team!
  • systemburnsystemburn Posts: 55 Arc User

    Smooth patch

    Lies, not smooth. Guild flowers garden tab is missing.
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