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Gold in Random Fissure, What Passes for Faith and others

How about we bring back good old days where people could actually win gold coins from roulettes at the end of dungeons? And two gold coins for Nightmare Carnival?
Nowadays there is pretty much no way to get gold without donating. Selling resources on auction hardly brings any profit, guild trade runs won't bring in enough either. Even if one never buys any fashion items, one is still going to use quite a lot of god on runes, the most basic thing in this game. Furthermore, with higher levels come bigger upgrades, which we still have to buy with gold, fusion agens, pretty much everything you need to be at least a decent player, - all of these things we buy with gold.
So how about we just bring back small amounts of gold back into our game? Even if it would be only roulettes such as in Fussire, it still would be really helpful.


  • deathgod123456deathgod123456 Posts: 308 Arc User
    edited April 2018
    its still in fissures and fates if you watch the wheels its been replaced by mast and resit points but i do agree some other place to get it would be nice
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