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NEW "hidden secret'n'forbidden" PvP Battlefield, let's share your own patch notes related!

senrinsenrin Posts: 824 Arc User
edited November 2017 in Patch Notes
Well, title says it all already.

Nothing new, a copy paste of huge battlefield filled with NPC/mobs/flags/bosses you see around every mmorpg since 2012.

Maybe fun, but personally found it bit "boring" because, surprise surprise, afking there is pointless (no rewards at all) so wandering on an EMPTY field with few ppl just farming is like "hey, take the cake gimme dat beer broz"

SO you basically have to take flags, kill mobs/bosses, kill other players.

Rewards? Not sure. Please share your infos.

Where? NPC in xsrv. Not sure where it's located nor the time (entered twice but forgot to set a mark or whatever, my bad).


On a side note, I'm kinda shocked noone even posted it: after all, besides ranger and astral, it's a huge (kinda...) new feature!

Is it we are a bad community or simply noone really cares/plays?


  • stew675stew675 Posts: 250 Arc User
    edited November 2017
    Is that the faction battlefield stuff?

    I'm sure more people would be aware, and care, if we had any fscking patch notes to make us aware of when and when.

    I've been trying to find these battlefields, but I am not on X-Server much, so probably missed the NPCs

    Anyone know WHEN they spawn?

    As for care, the community does care in general, and we do play, just that we all get dealt a pretty bad had by game management that leads to a rather salty approach to most things until proven otherwise.

    The fields are listed under t->Battlefield->Faction Battlefields, but under there, there is no information about them, other than Xserver. No times. No info on how to enter. Nothing

    If the game management actually cared, they might make sure that some of this basic stuff is documented, but they don't seem to.
  • djohsobossydjohsobossy Posts: 11 Arc User
    well first you have to pick your side at guild manager cintura and drake(or smthing like tha) but you can only pick or switch side's at 9:00 untill 12:00 game time then just go xserver and npc is to your right of where characters load when going xsrver but you must be on realm 6 to go inside the battlefield all server (in xserver) have npc but can only enter from r6...and you can go to it all day(thats what i read) but yeah i saw mobs and 1boss from each team...but no players from other teams...also there is 1 other option same stuff but its as a guild(leaders only can change) as for rewards i think only same npc on xserver that takes you inside has them,
    for the guild version of it npc is inside your guild base n has title u can use points to get it cost like 1k or 10k forgot for 1 title

    thats all i know on the matter :)
  • where's the npc's location?
  • nvm
  • yosiasyosias Posts: 118 Arc User
    where is the entrance at?
    Isock-Soul marksman since 2011
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  • longschwanzerllongschwanzerl Posts: 59 Arc User
    edited February 2018
    south western corner of the map (left from where you spawn when you jump off the map), the npc is on either realm 6 or realm 7, depending on which day it is (mon/wed/fri on one and tue/thur/sat on the other realm, on sundays there's a nc to exchange points for arena boots and bracers on both realms)

    the npc spawns at 4 pm and you can enter until 10pm
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