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2017 Highlights & New Years Resolutions Event! ** RESULTS **

anole300#5837 anole300 Posts: 665 Perfect World Employee
edited January 2018 in General Discussion

Happy Holidays and New Year's Forsaken World!

Another exciting year has come to a close! To celebrate the new year, we’d like to have a special event! Everyone has had some awesome experiences over the year and we want to hear about it! For this event, we want everyone to share one of the following, or both:
  • What was the highlight of 2017 for you - the best moment of your year?
  • Your New Year’s Resolution

These can be in-game or in real life.

Join in the holiday celebration as everyone shares their highlights of the previous year and resolutions for the next one! You can post your responses on either the Facebook event post or the forums event post, or both! There will be special community prizes too! The more resolutions and highlights shared, the more gifts everyone will get!


Starts: NOW

Ends: January 4th, 2018 @ 11:59 PM PDT


Community Prizes

(based on combined totals from EN and EU, from both the forums and Facebook)

60 Unique Posts:

God’s Favor: Miracle x3

130 Unique Posts:

Gem Grand Pack (Deluxe)

250 Unique Posts:

Astroplane Dust x12

------------------------------------ RESULTS ------------------------------------

Thanks for sharing all your highlights of the year along with goals and resolutions for the new one!

Counting all the posts, the community unlocked God's Favor: Miracle x3!


The code is bound, redeemable once per account and expires on 1/25/18.

Enjoy! ^_^
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