Level 3 Sigil Charm - Any ideas on how to use it?

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being this thing:

I've tried most every combination of things that seem obvious, but it doesn't seem to want to be put into, or joined with, anything.


  • drnase
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    i think u can use it instead of a blue effect one, while combine to a lv4 one (epic) ?

    maybe im wrong......

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  • stew6757
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    drnase said:

    i think u can use it instead of a blue effect one, while combine to a lv4 one (epic) ?

    Thank you for the suggestion. Blue Effect? Not sure what is meant by this.
  • sailyonera
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    My guess is this would work like a runemaker does for runes. Or maybe if you add it to a bunch of lv3 relic spirits during combination? I don't really know how else would it be used.
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    This seems like something which would be in the patch notes. Let's check the patch notes for Exordium... oh wait a minute....
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    @anole300#5837 We are still waiting for Exordium patch notes. Since we are doing the maintain communications thing now, can you explain why there has been no patch notes for a major expansion so far?
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  • fonsev
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    This thing cannot be combined neither with lvl3 (even if sigil ) nor lvl4(not sigil) relic combination common or advanced.
    It asks to select type of combination which mean it can be combined propbably??/
    Anyone found something on Korean server cuase i couldn't?
  • amarantos
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    it was already posted elsewhere a screenshot of the relic npc in CHINESE (not korean) server showing there is an extra option to select that we do not have, that is most likely where this item is used. nothing to be done with it at this time besides take up bag space.