Behind the glory quest

fastt007 Posts: 28 Arc User
I'm having some trouble with completing Behind the glory quest. It says u need to investigate the dungeon entrance,
but when I enter the dungeon behind the throne nothing happens. I tried moving through the dungeon on a mount and on
foot but still nothing. Anyone else having the same trouble? :smiley:


  • sailyonera
    sailyonera Posts: 39 Arc User
    Just stand in the doorway to the dungeon (ie, the hole in the wall, under the throne). The quest will complete in a bit when standing there ;)
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  • fastt007
    fastt007 Posts: 28 Arc User
    Oh great, will try that! Thank you for help :)
  • eberaria1
    eberaria1 Posts: 34 Arc User
    you can complete it while flying as well. just hover there for a second.