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Exordium Expansion Feedback Event! **RESULTS**



  • elisha2elisha2 Posts: 364 Arc User
    Hello there, already im really angry. My char ( old char /6,5 year) after update still get DC. When porting base, when porting instance, when do daily. Every 30 min DC. Something is bad. My alt hasnt problem. If im use same game, same pc, then ????? why get DC only my main char and alt not? ...is really anoying bcs im healer. in 6.5 years I do not get as much DC as after the update now :s:s:s

    Illyfue / NewOrder /3/2011 to date
    _Lucinka_ light bard
    ElinaMais sleet (ice) dragoon
  • laokia#3403 laokia Posts: 2 Arc User
    So far I am really loving this new expansion. I have only played this game for 100 days, so I was not an expert on, nor did I experience everything that the last expansion had to offer. I will go over my thoughts on some of the changes below, putting it in a spoiler to keep the post relatively small.

    ( ~ ) Rangers
    I love the new class. They are extremely fun to play, and they are able to get through the beginning of the game rather quickly. Their speed boosting blessing is great. However, some of their abilities are bugged to where hovering over them does not show the description (instead 'error'), just like many of the Vampires abilities prior to the update; you can see the description when hovering over the plus in the skills window, but it would be amazing if this could be patched. Also, in medium Lionheart camp a fair bit of the skills you are asked to use actually use the names of Dwarf marksman skills rather than the ranger's.

    ( ~ ) New Instances
    I am not quite strong enough to do RCIE unless I am carried through a run, so I don't really have much experience with the higher level instances as is. However, I have seen many people complain about the difficulty, and it seems like it may take years to get to a point where you can challenge those instances. Also, I have heard that instances that used to give champion points (ESEM) no longer do- which will make getting strong enough for other instances even more difficult, especially for those who do not (or can not) do PVP. By can not, I am referring to those who have bad internet with very high ping, as I do, which makes PVP nearly impossible because by the time your character reacts to your inputs, the battle is or is nearly over.

    ( ~ ) Pet System
    The new pet system is very nice. I actually like it quite a bit, though I have not used it enough to know all that much about it. The pet levelling assistance from Rachel once you are level 90 is awesome though.

    ( ~ ) Talent/Skill Changes
    It took a little bit to get used to the changes in talents and skills that came with the update, but for the most part I am happy with them. However, I believe every character should have gotten a talent compass with the update due to these changes- suddenly I found myself having skills that I didn't care for and not having skills that are now useful.

    ( ~ ) Other
    I am not level 100 yet, so I do not have any experience with the 100+ content. I like the new NPCs, the new dedication rewards, the addition of a level 80 gift box, and the cost drop of the purple gear. Most of the changes I think are for the better. However I am a bit disappointed in some things, mostly the increased difficulty in obtaining champion points.
  • shpak#1067 shpak Posts: 1 Arc User
  • dyta#9157 dyta Posts: 1 Arc User
    The expansion is very interesting, however it has been impossible to play. The game disconnects often in a short time. I have lost points and roulettes on dgs because of this. I've even reinstalled the game and still have the same problem.

    The orders of level 100 are counting only individually, which is a big problem.

    I really enjoyed astroplene and updates about pets.

    The return of the items to complete the wedding missions was also great. I just think the new chips to buy new pets from the matchmaker appear a few times.
  • jadedragonessjadedragoness Posts: 54 Arc User
    I love the new expansion, but I agree with the rest about the CD on the chests!

    I noticed that some are saying that arena is broken, well, it was working on Wednesday when a bunch went up for gloop. The days arena is closed are Tuesday and Thursday, so if you tried on those days, thats why you couldnt get in!

    As for patch notes, I agree that we need those badly!

    Thank you for the quick response on the Orb of Legend glitch, hope we will be compinsated for what wasnt given.

    Storm Server
  • avihsnisavihsnis Posts: 83 Arc User
    thank you for more talent points :p
    [East] Storm Astuarot
  • elisha2elisha2 Posts: 364 Arc User

    This used to happen to my main. I'd get dced a lot on him but not in alts. It all stopped when I deleted all the map markers I had. Now personally this solved my problem but idk if it'll work for you.</blockquot

    thank you for answer

    my alt has also a mark on the map, hm.
    The problem is I need the markers in the map because I do not know English well. I have Czech notes there. It would be better if they fixed it and it worked as before.

    so GM fix it ! :D

    Illyfue / NewOrder /3/2011 to date
    _Lucinka_ light bard
    ElinaMais sleet (ice) dragoon
  • kaliflowerkaliflower Posts: 53 Arc User
    Missing patch notes and need gold injected into the game.
  • mewtwo20000mewtwo20000 Posts: 1 Arc User
    edited November 2017
    Expansion is great but some things need to be addressed below

    1) class skills broken: protector attack gain through wisdom for dyos/nyos doesn't give attack anymore

    2) character becomes glitched at some point which makes it unable to talk to any npc, logging out completely fixes this but has to be addressed.

    3)instance molten: character turning into a rock permenant and unable to exit instance by clicking teleporter, can be fixed by exiting raid but has to be addressed. Also Screen showing lava and no boss when entering boss lair (graphic glitch), able to see land and boss when stepped down from platform.

    4)black market not showing any items (I don't know if this is glitch or intended)

    5)npc missing in rep freedom harbor, auto routes to npc but no npc there, only available in freedom harbor (sole root quest)

    6) messages in Chinese don't know what events are taking place.

    7)dragon mounts(komog, ivenia, balerion) box from orb still bound no option to make it unbound.

    8) difficulty in challenge EC,FR etc not working properly, difficulty set to 3+ makes instance unable to begin.

    9)no patch notes, would like to see class changes to skills and stuff added to game.

    10) starfish mount item requirements missing from game yet can be gotten through fishing but lasts 15 days..

    11) twin star not giving legend points as it says in quest description it only gives champ points, new raids don't give any legend points just exp/soul power, would like to know where to get legend points to purchase r7 scrolls.
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  • steelf#8858 steelf Posts: 2 Arc User
    Advantages of the update:
    New systems for up characteristics: Astroplane, Horseshoe
    New daily tasks for up Relics + Relic Spirit Mark
    Improving the reward for dedication
    Improving the reward in the rci(Expert)
    Ugrade Relic, although it is not clear how this works
    Inheritor soul tree fixing

    Disadvantages of the update:

    No patchout with all changes
    Without warning, the legendary points were zeroed
    Still not working Arena
    Not fixed battleground FF : team + pop-up window
    No bug fixes with auto path
    Very seriously reduced the chance of drop in fishing
    RCI spend 2 times more energy
    A RCI (master) is not possible to pass to the average player.
    Some new items do not work. For example Astroplane Key- unknown error(154)tasked(4406)
  • deathwolfdragof8deathwolfdragof8 Posts: 17 Arc User
    the patch is okay but the khaos chests couldown time shoud be 2h insted of 24h; more chenses to catch the (tunder,fire,wind and ice) spirit pets; more upgred items for astroplene like the sturdy star esence; and a few more quest woudnd hurt.
  • thafujithafuji Posts: 300 Arc User
    On the one hand I'm happy with the new update and on the other hand I'm disappointed that we still can't play PVP arenas.
  • weeky3weeky3 Posts: 3 Arc User
    Protectors skills, related to Fury generating, are broken. Please take a look into this issue
  • Although I didn't like having to level again I do like the new areas that came with the new patch. I would like to request that a new feature be added to the game to make it more enjoyable. I would like to be able to build or buy a 'real' house. One where our toons can go into. Where furniture and decorations can be placed. The house can be upgraded to different levels with added features with each new level. This 'house' could be used to host parties for our toon friends. This would be a great new feature to the game and give a needed relief from boredom from doing 'quest's' all day. Please consider this as a new option for this game. I have played other games where the houses were awesome and this game could also have that feature. Thank You for your time.
  • sidzuka#2365 sidzuka Posts: 3 Arc User
    Hello all! I’m really grateful that FW still has active players and new expansions! What can I said about last one? It’s good, but how to say it properly? Too big? Too complex? Too hard for those who’s still building up their characters? For example those Extermination orders for Luck Quests (I don’t talk about Dragon Order where usually you call a party to do it fast and painless). They are too hard to do them alone for those who isn’t a member of top-players list. Also new Astro-system. It’s good, but when you have a lot of other things and systems to upgrade…just one more thing to make a huge gape between those who need level up only new system and other new players who need to try and upgrade all they can from masteries to gear’s trinkets. But it’s ok I think if we wouldn’t have another such global upgrade in just few month. But for me the most dreadful thing became the connection speed when you change servers or jump through realms or try to log in different instances. It’s just terrible! I’m not playing on the most powerful and newest computer. And that connection speed just kills all fun especially when it’s disconnect you in process (and yes I verified and reloaded game a few times in pitiful tries to solve this problem).
  • dudewithkooldudewithkool Posts: 23 Arc User
    I do like the new content however there is one feature added that I feel is not fair to all players and that is the 'contract' requirements for 3 players to be able to trade some bound items. The 'contract requires that all 3 players have level 4 VIP status. That is totally not fair nor is it right for non-cash players. Please take advicement and change this requirement of VIP status so non-cash players can also enjoy this feature of the game.
  • cheba70cheba70 Posts: 31 Arc User
    Since the patch the entire upper area of Nightfall, Aepelio Palace,Eternity Square and Twilight Hall is severe lag. Magic Airship too. When i enter these upper area's my ping spikes by at least 300ms+ and hard to move. It was not like that for me before the update. As soon as I drop down from the upper area it clears. Normal for me is around 120 ms, in those area's it is 450+.
  • kasumi19kasumi19 Posts: 5 Arc User
    Nice to see players on here a n surpiort as well as war of the immortal got so many problem now an last surport we got was 2014 so i mite try out the ranger class on here as i feed up with the thug Legions ..Where i am ..Maybe someof the 72 player in my faction will come here to play start fresh again ..As long as Thaigo rule the TW map then the game dead no point in gaining more power ...I be downloading forsaken ..Name is Kasumi ..I surport the games i play
  • teavalanoteavalano Posts: 4 Arc User
    I was pleasantly surprised to see that the new expansion wasn’t full of bugs. Only a couple glaring ones – once you reach 101 you can’t use the pet control training, it says your level is too low; and some characters cannot keep their pets out when they bot, the pet goes back in their bag automatically as soon as they start bot.

    Things I really liked about the new expansion:
    • The new class – so many people really wanted an archer!
    • Archers get all their skills offered on-board as they level and other classes don’t need corestones anymore.
    • New quests to get things that you need
    • The 88 gear giveaway to help people get caught up on gears – even if they aren’t like the champ gear, it still helps
    • Extra skill points
    • We can now get titles from fashion matched up after it is put in the garderobe!! Now I don’t have to wait to put my fashion in!
    • The extra ways to get stats – astroplane, horseshoe
    • Extra king’s gifts and that we don’t have to be maxed level to get them!
    • New rewards: odyssey, garden, arena, hr all have new rewards
    • The T menu queuing system is fixed! We can pug again!!
    • Pet soul spirits can be exchanged for any blue pet at Hicks – and we can actually get the spirits
    Things that made me grumpy about the expansion:
    • You took our legendary points away -.- Pretty darn grumpy. You could have at least converted them to champ points… I made sacrifices and special arrangements in game and irl to be sure I could make those raids to get those points and it was all for nothing in the end. Months of saving up points – pooof! T.T
    • The trade gold is gone from the silver and gold rolls -.- Very grumpy. With everything costing more and more trade gold and hardly anything selling in ah, how can players who cannot cs afford to do things in the game? Suggestion: change more of these things to soul gold options or give us more ways to earn trade gold in game besides relying on AH.
    • Harder to get the ded you need for quests and items when you keep reducing the dedication things give. Forecast: next expansion, exo will give no ded ...
    • I was very much hoping that it might be easier for us non-super ops to get some of the instances needed for upgrading done, but they are still way too hard. Challenging is good and makes things fun; pretty much impossible is not only not fun, it can make people so frustrated they quit :(
    • All the new extra stuff we have to hang onto until we can do something with it when many of us are still hanging onto a bunch of stuff for all the previous systems we’re still finishing. AND the multiple descriptions for the same things so that they don’t stack together…my poor bag space. It’s hard to play the game when I don’t have any bag space.
    And some things I just didn’t like:
    • Khaos chest cd is horrible
    • Moving the god reps to Freedom Harbor - they are all hanging out on the front steps, not very godly and it’s very cramped.
    • The times for events are still too restricted - we all don’t work 9-5 jobs :(
    • New gear seems to be a step back rather than a step forward.
  • sirbubbamansirbubbaman Posts: 7 Arc User
    The only thing urking me atm is the nerfing of my nyos mass taunt. 20 meters it's suppose to reach out not 20 centimeters. other than that just another yawn expansion
  • stew675stew675 Posts: 250 Arc User
    Things I like:

    More to do
    Forsaken World has kind of evolved with its end game stuff beyond the lazy tank and spank that a fair bit of it has been
    The ranger class
    The fixing of various bugs
    The astroplane and horseshoe system
    Identifiable combat licenses
    More skill points to allow for some funky build combos, or just to simply round out characters without being so heavily rune reliant
    The orb of legends (after it got fixed)
    The Advanced Bright Gem boxes

    Things I don't like:
    Rolling together two expansions at once, creating a scenario where the vast majority cannot achieve anything at the 105 content level
    Wiping our legendary points with no compensation nor warning. That was a seriously, seriously, SERIOUSLY sucky thing to do
    The lack of ways to farm gold
    The lack of ways to farm legendary points
    The 105 Champ 7 gear being a downgrade from Champ 6 gear in almost every conceivable way (which I suppose makes the unforgivable loss of legendary points easier to bear)
    The nerfing of precision MMs. Like MMs needed to be nerfed further for PvE stuff

    Oh, and one more thing:


    There's a whole bunch of stuff that no one has a clue on

  • nyxchuck001nyxchuck001 Posts: 13 Arc User
    edited December 2017
    Twin cities raid supposed to give legendary points and gear champ7, but it doesn't, i quote "Twin Cities! It can be entered by speaking with Adams at Bitter Falls. Upon completing the instance, players can obtain Legendary Points and equipment as their reward!", same as RDA supposed to give legendary points too, fix it please :thinking:
  • cheba70cheba70 Posts: 31 Arc User
    Not sure if this was mentioned, not going to read all that lol. I just started the Mentor/Apprentice quests and there is one, the Knowledge quest. It asks several questions and you choose answer from list. It is all in Chinese so guess I don't have the knowledge to understand it. Tried guessing the answers and failed most. I don't know if it was like that before the update, but needs to be fixed or it is useless....unless you understand Chinese of course.
  • elisha2elisha2 Posts: 364 Arc User
    so .... I'm looking forward to the update and now I can not play. I stay hanging in the port ( porting in fissure) and wait for the repair. Passing a lot of DC to my char and still bug PM chat settings from the previous update. I will be hoping, there is so much reminders, that to follow some fix that will fix my problem.

    Illyfue / NewOrder /3/2011 to date
    _Lucinka_ light bard
    ElinaMais sleet (ice) dragoon
  • anyadpicsajaanyadpicsaja Posts: 226 Arc User
    edited December 2017
    Sooooo....whats the conclusion? What steps you guys gonna take? (Within reasonable time) @anole300#5837
  • silnecsilnec Posts: 248 Arc User
    I get the feeling this is going to be another pointless exercise, as it was in the feedback to developers mega-thread that was created a while back. Nothing came out of it except a gross waste of time and effort by players who put together so many good points/suggestions/unfixed broken stuff. Hopes were hyped up and crushed. PWE at its best in a nutshell.. sadly.
    ⋆⋆⋆ SEPHMEISTER ⋆ Illyfue ⋆⋆⋆

    "this game is dying on all servers, wake the fk up" - Amarantos

    This is the truth. PWE does not care.

  • anole300#5837 anole300 Posts: 903 Perfect World Employee

    ******************** RESULTS ********************

    Thanks so much for all of your insight and commentary on the Exordium expansion! We'll be compiling everything contributed to create an overall breakdown we will share with the dev team.

    As for the unlockable community rewards... between EN and EU, the total number of responses and comments was.. 241! Nicely done everyone! All tiers have been unlocked!

    The following is your reward code:


    It contains:
    • God's Favor: Miracle x6
    • Gem Grand Pack (Deluxe)
    • Astroplane Dust x15
    • Sturdy Star Essence x15
    It expires on 12/16/17, is redeemable once per account and is bound.
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