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Contracting system is broken?

amadelloamadello Posts: 4 Arc User
After succesfully making a contract between 3 plays, myself included, we found ourself unable to trade anything what so ever. Since there is no list or hints to whatever can be traded, did we pretty much try to trade everything we could, with no result of being tradeable.
Have anybody els have had this problem?
I send in a ticket and got the respons of the problem being sent to the QA team.


  • magikarp851magikarp851 Posts: 30 Arc User
    kingsofx said:

    You should check the forum for posts related to your topic before you double post since there was already another thread that has answered what can be traded with this system. Also anything related to old maps or old ways of getting items are not tradeable ... Also check your entire dedication tab

    People get annoyed at others for not searching for relating forum posts for answers. Personally I get annoyed at the people who get annoyed at others for putting little effort in. This place isnt exactly wikipedia. Does anyone get annoyed at the people who get annoyed at people criticizing laziness?

    I'd rather just say...
    This should help

    Rather than chewing someone out for not spending 15-30min to research a problem.
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