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Unidentifiable Fashion?

Purchased the Red Riding Hood Fashion set on this current sale. Not able to get title for it, nor can i identify it to put it in the garderobe. Bought golden fleece, thinking it could make it identifiable, but the armorer will not use it either. Similarly, got the fashion (full set) from the Halloween Orb, also unidentifiable. Is this meant to be this way? Or is there something else to try to be able to put it in garderobe? TY for your help.


  • amarantosamarantos Posts: 3,063 Arc User
    you can send a ticket to support asking for the idable one that will give the title, they will ask you to delete the pieces you have and mail new ones. have had great success with this in the past
  • sailyonerasailyonera Posts: 39 Arc User
    some of the old fashion sets, like Destroyed or Red Riding Hood cannot be identified (nor upgraded to be identified). not sure how many others have this "issue", those two sets (and their counterparts of opposite gender) are the only two I recall atm
    Tamakuo ~ lv108 Glacial Priest ~ Lionheart
  • krykkyt2#3000 krykkyt2 Posts: 17 Arc User
    Can't hurt to submit a ticket and see if possible, thank you for the replies.
  • lillylealillylea Posts: 11 Arc User
    cant also have Giggles title from Jester fashion, and hey, cant upgrade (ID) it either.
    was it poisoned gift for purpose to say goodbye? ;)
  • krykkyt2#3000 krykkyt2 Posts: 17 Arc User
    WARNING none of those fashions you get from Halloween orb can be identified nor put in garderobe. Also if fashion does not contain title in description, cannot identify nor put in garderobe. Its a total waste of $$
    Support told me i should have researched the items before purchasing them. Seems like a bait and switch to me. Not fair to even put them in the Item Mall without warning the victims purchasing them!
  • lillylealillylea Posts: 11 Arc User
    GM give us some parts of when was taken from game 2 years + ago:
    fashion you can buy with soul gold.
    they sure NEVER kept any promis about to roll display CS fashion or keep it for soul gold.
    Now all fashion is boring and broken, even not worth soul gold anymore, only I have no clue what is other use of SG. :dizzy:
    anyway: glad I stopped to CS many years ago
  • dosenadosena Posts: 38 Arc User
    Same thing happened to me. I had to upgrade the fashion peaces at the blacksmith to ID it and put in the wardrobe
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