Soul Power Quest?

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Now that I've got 3 chars past lvl 60, I really need to know how to get this quest. Can you believe, two of them hit 60 with most of the lvl 30-40 main quests still to do. (Why do all MMO's think that boosting Exp, will make up for the absurd amounts of Exp needed to level up at high levels. Just stop the logarithmic progression. Leveling too fast just means you don't learn the game.)

So, here's the problem. To complete the find the sword quest, you need to do the Virtue/Vice quest. To do the Virtue/Vice quest, you need to do the [60]Soul Power quest.... Also, to access the Soul Power tree, you need to do...

OK, press 'Q'. Click on 'Find Quest'. Scroll through... Nope. Not there..... Use the 'Encyclopedia'... Nada... Wiki?.... Nope.... Even did a search on this forum. No results.

T;Astonished Who gives this Quest? Is there another quest I have to do first? (FYI, I am trying to catch up on all the main & sub quests)

T;Angry While I thing this game has a lot to offer.... There is just too much that you cannot find out about. Update the wiki and the Encyclopedia. You can't rely on the gamers to do your job for you. Some, don't want others to know how to do what they can. And, even the ones that do help, get tired of saying it over & over.

How about a Manuel? A PDF file we can download & read at our leisure. T;Great
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    Talk to Ferrie
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    Thanks, Nyxa.

    I actually started that quest. Got to the Werewolf & my gear wasn't good enough. Kept getting killed. Guess I have to keep catching up on the Main & Sub Quests until I unlock the better gear.

    Gotta stop assuming that info is the logical places. (Game notes? Really?)
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    Use the 'Encyclopedia'... Nada...

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    Hello I also need help but my problem is a bit different :
    I already finished the soulpower quest but when I tried to choose the goddess the conversation window disappeared bc I clicked on it to reread something.
    So I stopped the quest and tried to redo it now I'm not even able to do that and my game won't abandon the velastus quest to also restart that and find out where I went wrong. Help if you can!? :*