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Can't get to Harbour Town

olddingoolddingo Posts: 13 Arc User
Ok if I can't get to Harbour Town then how do we do quests??
Been to all of the help pages and all are OUT OF DATE.
If anyone could tell me where all Updated quest hints are please.
Because a quest saying go find Timothy in Castle such and such means nothing to me.
Another is Boiling Blood, what drops this item.
There probably a page here but I have spent two days looking for stuff...so sick of looking.
Thanks for help in advance


  • chibiwolf6chibiwolf6 Posts: 197 Arc User
    Hmm Harbor Town being Freedom Harbor?

    And I believe boiling blood comes from the random fissures que, could be wrong though
  • dottoresdottores Posts: 2 Arc User
    edited September 2017
    There has been a change in meta of Forsaken world. Freedom Harbour is now 95+ map and it has been destroyed by Storm legion, the monsters there are high quite elite and they do massive damage or one hit to less than 100k hp players and badly geared. So levelup to 95 level and get good purple set of 95+, find a party or with guild Talk to Vengenace NPC in Nightfall citadel to start the Vengeance Freedom Harbour quest.

    The Quest appears random timings on some days, i am not sure when and how but you need to keep an eye on it.
  • chibiwolf6chibiwolf6 Posts: 197 Arc User
    To do the Freedom Harbor quests, you need to find a vFH (Vengeance Freedom Harbor) raid, which is a level 95+ instance. You will also need to hit the last boss. Once you do that, theres a vengeance promoter near Henry that should teleport you in.
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