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Aegis War Aggro

jcoderajcodera Posts: 10 Arc User
edited March 2017 in Bug Reports
My aegis warrior has issues grabbing and holding aggro over a prot or another aegis warrior that would have only a fraction of her dps for some reason. I chalked it up to maybe someone in my talent tree being off, my rotations being wrong, or me just flat out missing something completely and just being a total nub.

I sent in a ticket, asking about more information about aggro generation in general and support brought up the possibility of my character catching an unknown bug or something. It's a shot in the dark though.

My warrior is Jidel on west lionheart. I don't know what kind of screen shots I can provide to prove this bug but I am willing to provide any if needed.

I'll also post my tree here. If there's something off about it, please by all means, let me know.



  • pimpdaddybpimpdaddyb Posts: 1 Arc User
    Tree is fine. As an aegis warrior, holding agro depends on certain skills used not just being spec'd into the tree. Best way to hold agro as aegis is to spam Evil Ward and Sword Cyclone. Each time it's used it generates 200% threat. If you are going up against another aegis war or a prot with the threat skill, then yes it will be difficult for you to hold agro.
  • d4bigm4nd4bigm4n Posts: 75 Arc User
    Pretty much this ^

    I was running lowbies through RCA and a lvl85 prot was stealing agro from me using it's threat skill, which was easily enough to take back. Also doing GOS with a friend that was aegis. I could steal agro from him despite him being aegis; because he wasn't generating enough threat and not spamming the skills that do so. Pretty much at the start of a fight, use crushing roar, spam sword cyclone as many times as your casting speed will allow then use evil ward. Simple.

    "BookerDewit: Blood Warrior"

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