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guilds and dual clients (single user)

I have a solo guild for all my toons. I just created 2 new toons after 4 years of absence. All my toons are in the JLBSolo guild except the 2 new ones. How can I recruit them if I cant run 2 clients at the same time? (It would be better if invites didnt require simultaneous presence). Thanks Jim


  • gvangvan Posts: 97 Community Moderator
    After a certain number zeal (unsure what the number is) the alts can simply apply to the guild while you're offline.
    The alts can press the i button on keyboard, Guild tab, Zeal tab and search for your guild among the active guilds to apply. Then you can jump on the leader, go to View Application and accept them. (Press G, Member List, and the View Application button is near the bottom left).

    If the guild's zeal is too low the alts will get an error saying they cannot apply to this guild at this time. That's your que to do guild affairs with the current alts to raise the zeal. If the zeal is alright, their application will go through.

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  • idontneedanickidontneedanick Posts: 46 Arc User
    Thank you.
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