6th Anniversary Share a Memory Event! *UPDATED 6/28/17*



  • smurffy4
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    I first started playing this game about 6 years ago. I remember when it was in its prime. When the game was actually fun and people actually enjoyed it. I remember when you'd log on and your friends list was full of people online, when your guild was full of people online. When world chat was full of constant recruiting to instances and guilds. I remember when it was actually populated and not a ghost town. Nowadays it's a struggle to even get an instance going. Most the time now even for RCE it's a manual of your friend, an alt, and yourself. I miss the good days when this game was fair and the staff actually cared about it and kept everything fair. I miss Domino and his events, his livestreams.... They were something to look forward to and had the community across the servers coming together. No offense to the new gms but the new events so far are laughable.
  • ladyxdivinity
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    I love this game because it led me to my husband. I also love the guild that I'm in because it's a lot of fun. The numerous fashions that you can mix and match to come up with your own look is cool too. The only thing I wish to change is the number of bugs the game keeps getting. But all in all I really do enjoy playing this game and look forward to continuing to play.
  • whitewolfpl
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    times when eyrda leafs cost 30s each and game economy was fixed
  • banaitjax
    banaitjax Posts: 9 Arc User
    When I first joined to this game, as a little warrior, joined a laid back guild, AO... I miss those nice guys who made me such slacker. Good old days.
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  • evilmessenger
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    I've been playing this game for 6 yrs and have watch alot of good and bad on this game like the game use to be player base game to where everyone had a chance to make money being able to farm. FH was the place to be to show what you could do and ppl you could meet. Now a days the game has failed in more ways then one it's still relaxing but more of a cash game anymore and alot of new players are turned away it's so sad that it has come to this. Have fun will be sitting back and watching lol.
  • onyxskies
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    I played Forsaken World way back in closed beta. I loved the game so much I begged and nagged my friends form Jade Dynasty to play with me once open beta started. No doubt humoring me, they jumped on to give the game a shot. I was so happy that they fell in love with the game like I did. We'd spend endless hours wondering the desert finding plants and making maps of their location, documenting the dungeons and bosses and sharing that info. I still have a stack of fish from back then, the very first craft item my in game SO from JD created.

    None of them stuck around forever, and I miss them all every day. But I've met so many new friends and had so many unique adventures since the early days that Forsaken World will always have a little place in my heart.
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  • crowkun2
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    Thank's a lot for the game! Keep good memories.
  • deathwolfdragof8
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  • adonmist
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    After my husband died I could not play PW anymore, but i still needed a good game to play so I found FW . Was so happy to find it. I have made good friends here. I do miss having all the map open, and would like to see it back. I would all so like to see a mid summers night theme.
  • endless013
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    @deathwolfdragof8 Lots of 404

    I originally had a massive post of memories good, bad and otherwise but as I began to edit down the rambling bits, the sad bits about people we've lost either by death or by quitting and also the rise and falls of some of the best guilds on Storm. Also the bits where I was wishing I had an extra external drive case I could slap some of my old HD's in and pull screens because I've been around since CB4 and have a lot of memories, some of which I had the forethought to screen grab... But also the salty bits and the super vague bits that I only partly remember from a long time ago I'm left with this.

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  • senrin
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    @deathwolfdragof8 Lots of 404
    Raise your hand if you 'member Sebestimated. I 'member Sebestimated

    Sebe.. Well, why not Noir, Karilla, calyx and co? Good old memos!
  • kuukami
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    I have lots of good memories but most of my favorites involve my guildmates; and of course, nothing can beat a certain guild leader saying, "RahRah...have you seen XXXXX video?!," which always leads to something that either gets stuck in my head forever or requires brain bleach to erase!
  • amysuper
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    I remember how hard it was to build up your guild base, but result was worth it!
  • disjointedheart
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    I remember doing PvP during Wester and Reeves in SoO on Nyos :)

    Things I'd like to see in the future : make the game more healer friendly. Things like Fallen Day and HRD are practically impossible.
  • coleton621
    coleton621 Posts: 1 New User
    I remember back when I used to play the hell out of this game, my boy Stephan and I were grinding, and I created my own reaper style character. We went into this sand area (forgot the name) and we tried to kill this boss. There was danger EVERYWHERE. We could barely manage to survive against the basic enemy mobs in the area. But death after death, we finally met the boss of the area... This wasn't a good time. Him and I alone, somehow managed to get him down to about half-health, and got a tad overconfident. That's when he swung the almighty ban-hammer on us and we were almost immediately deleted. We tried about 5 times after, because we really wanted that special loot. But, in the end, we wasted a solid 3-4 hours, with nothing much to show for it. 10/10 would get slammed with the ban-hammer again.
  • zeroendings
    zeroendings Posts: 2 Arc User
    I remember grinding throughout every map in the game and watching for pvpers in places like Sea of Oblivion, who use to one shot me and now that I look back it's crazy the improvements I've made on this game in my many years. Starting out when the level cap was 60 and hitting the level cap was awesome, but also seeing the race to 60 was quite fun as well and having that same rush as each level cap came through. Then there was the time where I spent my first paycheck on a free-to-play game, just to buy one piece fashion which back then was not free, lol. Starting from one guild to another where I finally went up in ranks each time to even running a guild at one point. Going into new instances and seeing what it had to behold, living, dying, and conquering it with large group and reaping the rewards. Even being the first in the server to complete a raid was exhilarating. This game has had my ups and downs. Even at one point I took a long break, but came back, and still basking in it's never ending fun. Always on the tip of my toes for more updates to come and weeping whenever there is a nightly server maintenance. There have been nights where I don't even want to sleep where I would even wait for the maintenance to end and hop back on the game just to finish my dailies.This game was more than just somewhere to spend my time it was at one point in time my whole life from sunrise to sunset. Meeting incredible friends in game to where our friendships eventually extend to outside of the game. This game was more than impacting to my many years on here. I had friends, girlfriends, and even friends that became family to me in a way because of this game. Who knew one simple google search on a boring afternoon to look for a new game would open a whole new world for me, and for that I thank you.
  • viiart
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    It was nice to have lots of interesting sub-quests on all maps. Also it was more enjoyable to have many easy ways to farm dedication
  • ricasdo033
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    I remenber the first time i download and played this game back in 2011 , and doing the old Fort Rotulor Instance with a full party of friends and dying to the transformed Boss, and then finally beating it for a nice blue pants for my class warrior . Was a great moment.
  • thery74#2642
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    Who remember the fight with two guys, and u have to bet on one guys at the sea of oblivion i dont remember the name of both :(, like when we have the level 40 max at the early game
  • endless013
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    amysuper said:

    I remember how hard it was to build up your guild base, but result was worth it!

    Doing that burnt me out back then. I had to do 2x normal quests plus dailies, PLUS envelopes, PLUS construction because I was in both Damned and Forsaken on Storm. I survived the lvl60 cap just to quit shortly after the 80cap because I just couldn't keep up with that kind of demand. Looking back I should have stuck around because I missed Purple Bat mount Anni, and a sad series of events caused Damned to get murdered brutally by stabbings to the back of our GL.
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  • avihsnis
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    i miss anni orbs
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  • cnicht
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    been stuck here for some time so just one request can we have more sg quests
  • tixi5843674
    tixi5843674 Posts: 2 Arc User
    Been playing this game for 6 years , not accomplishing much but its the only thing that gets my mind off of my everyday life.
    Thank You for Forsaken World . I Tried playing many other MMO's but there is none like Forsaken World .
  • tentakli8
    tentakli8 Posts: 1 Arc User
    Remember when Arena came out for first time. It was so much fun. Almost no OPs, everyone could beat anyone
  • deddy78
    deddy78 Posts: 2 Arc User
    i came back to play FW after years is always a great game !!! i love this game and i still hate harry for send me me to take milk for him :P

  • jajasikone2001
    jajasikone2001 Posts: 1 New User
    i rly like this game i play it for years
  • sidzuka#2365
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    It was a love from first sight. I'm really thrilled about Wings system, fashion and variety of mount as well as different types of gear for every kind of battle. And I'm happy to play this game with my guildmates. There are so many interesting people in game and I have chance to know them all, to talk and joke, to laugh and rage, to win and loose. It's wonderful! Thank You!
  • yamiko#4494
    yamiko#4494 Posts: 2 Arc User
    I want to say Thank you to all players for not forgeting this game and GM and PWI-staff for not closing it and do permanent maintenances (even if they are not perfect usually ^_^). I really hope in future we'll have more funny and interesting quests, monsters and territories to fight. And dont forget about good old things as Anniversary, July 4th and NewYear's celebration : )))
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