6th Anniversary Share a Memory Event! *UPDATED 6/28/17*



  • gvan
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    My favorite memory was when the couple dance skill came out. When everyone got it there were large dance parties in Freedom Harbor. They were so much fun! People just gathering together ingame and having a good time.

    I recorded one of those dance parties from long ago :P
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  • wunne
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    I remember running and kiting the dwarf in Arena of Souls back at lvl 35 to 40...
  • patbutcher
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    I started this game in CB like every PW game. I remember the old carnival daily or whatver it was. Like most games I play, I tend to return back here and then, to check how it is and relive the game's fun aspects.
  • theshadowz123
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    My favourite memory is back when it was first and second year anniversary of fw where there were a lot of people playing. I could easily found party to for GL, nightmare and many more which were fun. I also remembered when there was so much pvp in this game. The first guild I joined was Serenity and it was so much fun doing many things together. But, after the third year, more and more people left the game :(
  • sakuranekai#5344
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    The First Time I joined forsaken world I was shocked on the mmorpg to be honest I didn't expect much but when my friend Erisong_Cutie played the game I was like omg she plays it too the most amazing moment was marrying Erisong_Cutie on my first mage X_Twix_X Amazing <3 Could never change any moments could never want anything, and I share a lot of memories with her and I will always be here for her till the end. Even though we share an email together that's an amazing thing I could always ask for is being by her side in everything.
  • sie0rdie
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    i remember so much waiting for enter to instances.
  • k4a
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    Remember when there was Arena still working
  • jannij
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    1:fix arena (dont forget most of us playing this game cause of the pvp).this game started as a one of the best pvp based games people was spending days doing arena,guild wars etc.
    2.frostgale fjord why would someone change the look and make us all look the same we spend tons of money to egt cool mounts and cool outfits
    3.gem system ,wing charge system ,imposible to complete whith the curent amount of gems the game offers
    4.Souleafs we have a lot of souleafs collected and yet nothing good to spend it at(bring us a orb that we can buy whith souleaves,or gemboxes whith souleaves)
    5.inheritor was a good idea but since you trying people to reroll on a new class and make them have fun again whith a new class make them be able to use there bound rings ,necks items from main charackters

    most important is not to forget that this game is or atleast was a pvp game that became more a pve game .farming is a way to make your charackter stronger ,but only farming is boring.
  • divinityscarlet
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    My favourite memory from the game is the motivation I was given to reroll from an assassin main to a priest main through the Balerion Dragon instance. Back in the days when Balerion was a really hard boss to kill, I wanted to play healer, but I was just a level 1 winged priest alt. VelvetStrike was the raid leader and although he could have taken any main healer on the server instead of me, he told me to work on my priest a little and he will take me as his main healer. I was really happy to get to play my priest for a main raid. I did my best to improve her as much as I could, had some great memories of our failed attempts at slaying the dragon, and finally with level 2 wings and better gear I got my very first special title on her. Balerion Slayer.

    So here’s to the memory of that Balerion dragon in Forsaken World, you allowed me to play the class I always wanted. And of course VelvetStrike, who saw the potential in my priest when no one else did. You are my world in real life and ingame.

  • shadowcat1979
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    I remember each having their own started area and going to freedom harbor. I love each race but my heart lies with Kindred. I love the quests . I do miss having our own starter area though . I am so excited they added warden I cant wait to level a female kindred warden. I am a female who loves playing my own gender so its been an absolute pleaseure to see you give female kindreds an extra class. I love you all.

  • sailyonera
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    I have a lot of memories from this game, it's hard for me to choose one to share. I shall share a visual memory instead, a screenshot of llama mount meeting on freedom harbor square (taken before I figured out how to hide UI for screenshots, sadly)

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  • jespervestman12
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    hello.i been playing since FW closed beta so im very old player. who Have met many nice and bad poeple. oute off all this i made a wonderful Memorys that will sty with me as a gift from all people i meet i wish them best luck and happynes. to bad many quit loong time go so i wanted to make them come back alive one more time to share this wonderfull memory with you guys. enojy
  • shadrim
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    Its not so much the game but the players one may encounter here.
    I remember how two level 60ish (at the time of level 80 cap) fail skilled +6 shard armor (light blue) no wing divine priests tried and succeeded to keep two low level players and ourselves alive in gods trial one, after some snobby DP left because it "took too long".

    I remember a group of players who have never met before trying the omelette bay disaster (naga eggs) and failing miserably, still noone would leave or give up until all our equipment was completely wrecked.

    I remember running those utterly silly, boring and annoying "daily events" together with other players, to never see one of those skill rolls dropping for years until the hell road finally solved this issue.

    Most of the good memories are about players helping each other and going on despite every design fail, "customer service" issues, destruction of not too few achievements we played and worked hard for, everlasting bugs and documentation so poor that oxfam has already asked for its address.

    All in all, we are quite a resilient bunch and even today, despite many cynical or outright unfriendly world chat or forum comments, if a new or badly equipped player calls for help, there is always someone to come to the rescue. Likewise for information flow regarding new content, new bugs, new workarounds and solutions, how to resolve issues caused by arc or how to avoid that frontend bloatware altogether when its messing up again.

    Players step in and take the load here, always have done and as i believe always will do until shutdown.

    So what would i like to see ?

    - Giving back gods trial one,
    - giving back zeal and dedication points,
    - removing or easing up those ridiculous time windows for fissure, fate and whatnot,
    - make priests as well as other copy skill affected classes something unique and worth to play again,
    - priests reviving and what the game believes as "combat situation" needs a defty rework,
    - something totally irreal: closing the powergap,
    - something equally not happening: debugging, including finally fixing arena so that it wont break every patch after repair.
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  • siraelchan
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    For me the fondest memories are with my friends, especially the ones I've gotten close to again even though it once felt like I had lost them for good. They are the ones who have dragged me into PvP and helped me improve in it and also supported me through tough times. Even though I swear they are greater risk to my sanity than anything I can face in FW!

    So thank you for being around Divi, Vivi and Guns!

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  • angelhead
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    My best memory of Forsaken World is without a doubt joining my guild Rohans. When I started in beta I was mostly doing quests on my own and applied for an occasional instance. When I joined Rohans I met people who actually saw me and made me want to log every day. Here I met the most wonderful and lovable people, special shout out to Aza, Cly, Toku and Nuls, thank you for being such great friends to me and always picking me up when I’m down. I can talk to you about everything and nothing o:) We support each other and can goof around for hours. I made so many strong memories in Rohans and all of them are special. You are my virtual family in good and bad, and truly nothing compares to you all. <3

    What I mostly would like to see in the future is events that everyone can be a part of, I truly miss the login events, it was something to look forward to every month. Still hoping for more things for soul leaves and for things actually being available in the cash shop, like new fashion, mounts, pets etc.

    Happy Anniversary \o/
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  • csasmoke
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    So much to talk about. But, keeping it simple. Best thing to happen to me, in 2012 started playing and a guildie needed help. New player,stuck in Sea of Oblibion. We continued to play daily together. Started voice chatting. Long story short, she and I have been together in real life now for almost 4 years. Who says gaming is for kids, we are around the age 50 area lol. As far as things I'd like to see different in game, how bout some new pets to tame. Level 5 tamer is a waste anyways. Nothing to catch at that level. And incubating a blue pet for more than an hour turning purple elite would be nice as well. Help keep the game economy up :). Endless quest line would be nice. I know there are dailies to do, but just a never ending quest line would always give players something to do when all else fails. Leveling up way to fast for new toons. They don't have time to learn the game as well as they need to. That is actually a big problem. More solo dungeons. Posting ideas in here from guildies as well lol. We all love the stash/bank thing, it's great. But how about account bound items as well. So many different games do account bound verses just character bound. I know Eryda reward items are account bound, but some in game items should be as well.
    Thanks for listening, hope this helps :)
  • markhaugan
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    i remember when a tank was super needed for welkins. GET TO THE CORNER EVERYONE! and if people died everyone would freak out "WHO DIDN'T GET INTO THE CORNER ALL THE WAY?!". lol i also remember when you needed AT LEAST 19k to run fp. what i don't miss is having to run GL 3 times a day to get lvl 1 gems. i don't like that flying needs energy. i used to hate any pvp because i hated the wrath system. i think i'd still like to try this game without a wrath system but it doesn't bother me anymore since i got strong enough to hold my own a bit
  • thafuji
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    I remember the maximum level was eighty and I've experienced many changes in Forsaken World and I'm curious how it will continue to change. I would like to see more people playing this game and less bugged things like arena for example. Happy sixth anniversary.
  • botzlombe
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    I remember how proud my party and me was when we could complete FP BEFORE it got nerfed. It was really challenging and getting good gear wasnt that easy as it is nowadays.
  • katalen
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    mt memory was the first day i started playing
  • blukittie
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    I think one of the best memories I have about this game is meeting one of my friends ingame, Highfiver <3. A long and awesome friendship that lasted despite all the rough times both ingame and irl. Actually met him in invas (Sp invas if i remember right >.>) and we had a good time from the very beginning - Petey (dat op penguin mount) helped! xD Of course, like in all friendships there's been some difficult times and arguments (not many, I only remember one actual argument), but one of the things I love about him is that he has that will to make things right; so no matter how bad it was, we talked it through and solved the problem, and not just in my case - I offered my full support also when he needed help. So I want to thank him for being my friend all this time and being there for me whenever I needed someone. It's been over three years now, aaaand we're together after a long long way we've come:3 I'm really thankful I got to meet him with the help of this game. So FW thankies!
    And Happy Anni everyone!~
  • overwt
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    I started playing Forsaken World last year around this time. My first memory was logging in the first time on Nyos server and seeing the beautiful graphics. I've made a lot of friends on Nyos and I love Forsaken World.
  • kkaami
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    i remember when me and misaly played so much ff together we always enjoyed it. :)
  • corneliayyah#2534
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    I remember my first days on Forsaken World 4 years ago when I couldn't stop playing until I finished my main quests. I loved to explore every map, every city, I was amazed by the beauty of Sea of Oblivion and Lunagrant Woodland; I miss those quests so much, the mobs, the NPCs, everything. I meet one of my best friends here which I still keep in touch and meet ocassionaly when we have time. I miss the old Forsaken World, the old quests, the old journeys I loved to do over and over again on every character I created :smiley: I wish I could have more time to play but it will always stay in my heart as the most beautiful and amazing game I have ever played because you guys did a great job in creating this game and I think every player thinks the same. I love you Forsaken World <3
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  • araunah#5735
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    The best thing I've gotten from this game is meeting my husband. I've also met plenty of other great people I enjoy talking to.

    The biggest downside however is the number of people I've known that have since stopped playing and numerous bugs that keep coming up.
  • lorignho
    lorignho Posts: 1 Arc User
    Since I started there were highs and lows moments, but after the guilds it was so much fun. The drop system does not go great, but all in all, the fun is assured
  • wardog66
    wardog66 Posts: 23 Arc User
    getting to spend time with the crazy guild im in and helping it grow to be strong. and would like to see a smiley bag and a better way to get divine token
  • kaliflower
    kaliflower Posts: 53 Arc User
    I remember when FW was super active, but over the years the population has dwindled. I miss my old guildmates.
  • socioflux
    socioflux Posts: 12 Arc User
    Hi everybody,

    Here since the year 2011, I have many things happening on Forsaken World, good and bad, but what had especially marked me, is of course the area of Freedom Harbor, with its innumerable NPCs and really beautiful decors for the era ! In addition, the wild PvP of Barkhane was so enjoyable for many of us ! What was lost afterwards unfortunately :(

    Otherwise to finish, I have really great encounters with great people ! Whether IG or even IRI meetings, it is always fun and it enriches the community by our experiences !

    On this, see you soon and again a happy birthday FW !
    Issysh ~ Fire Mage
  • badadder
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    My best friends are in Forsaken World and Brattie is the best. I miss them when Real life interupts my virtual one. i wish i knew how to post images so i could show you all my memories from 5 years of playing Kaley
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