6th Anniversary Share a Memory Event! *UPDATED 6/28/17*



  • thedeepfall
    thedeepfall Posts: 5 Arc User
    I remember back in the day the leaf exchange sold them for 20 silve, good times
  • tomrhar
    tomrhar Posts: 3 Arc User
    I started playin Forsaken World in CB, when it went live I brought over my Guild members from PW and we all learned together. I also brought my son over to Forsaken World during CB. We formed our Guild and met new friends on here. Since then we have lost several members and very close dear friends but we kept playing. One of the loses was my son he passed away in 2012, he loved Forsaken World so I have stayed on playing. I want to thank Forsaken World for allowing me to enjoy spending time with my son on here I will continue playing.
  • shook7#8638
    shook7#8638 Posts: 7 Arc User
    i rememmber playing this game in beta, Henry was so weird and hated...
    oh w8, he still weird and hated D: nothing changed :D
  • thaumiel#6146
    thaumiel#6146 Posts: 2 Arc User
    I just love everything. Thankies, Arc <3
  • ironheal
    ironheal Posts: 1 Arc User
    I still remember when the lvl max was 90 and put in lvl max in 100 and all killing for being lvl 100 to be able to win the event XD. Happy Anniversary
  • tythanyus#3531
    tythanyus#3531 Posts: 7 Arc User
    I remember being just a little wind breeze from Envy when I was active to which they took me alone to rift because I could not stand the raid bosses, so my change to light and if they wanted to take me XD
    Happy Anniversary
  • amaracantha
    amaracantha Posts: 33 Arc User
    I remember the afk kick in FF working :P
  • lizzann2
    lizzann2 Posts: 4 Arc User
    I remember doing Trade Runs around Kalaries Plain, that's where i learned to Not die while on a trade run (Hi Eryda) >:)
    Remember turining into a werewolf after visiting Ironclaw wood :D Hello beasty!
    Oh and let's not forget killing all those bosses and collecting Footprints for Achievements :( Those were good times.
    :/ I miss the old map. I started playing Forsaken world on the old map, At that time Pulse Guild was in full bloom , sadly all of us left , I came back but it's not the same.

    Remember when arena use to be fun?
    When guilds did Sanctuary Ruins?
    WOTA was a weekly thing?
    When Shard gear was In?
    Remember doing 12's for the Gear set?
    Never missing 12's on a Sunday for wargod ? :D we killed so many, Never took a hostage
    Remember having popcorn ready for when Chucky raved in world chat?

    Sigh ....it would be nice to have it all back
    Now arena is busted and Trade runs are none existant
    Can we get a fix for this?

    Happy Anniversary Forsaken world
  • angs26
    angs26 Posts: 3 Arc User
    its been 3 years meeting new friends from all parts of the world. there's no borders, race or colour just fun times with good company as a great game should be. ty FW for this awesome game!!!
  • callisidrin
    callisidrin Posts: 16 Arc User
    I have many memories both good and bad from over 6 years playing, far too many to list, so instead I'll ask for one thing i'd love to see in the game... Can we get wing dye implemented?
  • celokas
    celokas Posts: 1 Arc User
    I remember the joy of discovery when my wife and I first started playing. Love finding new places.
  • kristy#5927
    kristy#5927 Posts: 4 Arc User
    I remember when I first started a month after the game went public. Level cap back then I believe was 60 and it was torturous to get to 60 LOL. Everything back then was about farming or Cash Shopping but you stayed because of the people you met. I have played a few games but I keep coming back to FW. Happy Birthday FW!!
  • romuloarantes
    romuloarantes Posts: 1 Arc User
    why blue agave is green?
  • renatoar82
    renatoar82 Posts: 1 New User
    i love play fw with my friends
  • erzsii
    erzsii Posts: 4 Arc User
    Hi evryone:) I remember i have met my now best friend while i farmed GL, we started to met up outside the game, evry now and then.
  • mhmitsme
    mhmitsme Posts: 83 Arc User
    Best memories i has from time when you could do arena on 45-60lvl when skills matter more then cs rank, when ppl could use blue gear because it still was good and we had more options to gear up and pvp build, hunting world bosses when you had to team up to kill it, trolling ppl in FH with "joy in the carnival" skill when you could dismont players and as a sin they cant even see you :D and best meeting my fiance and still rocking together :)
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  • catkeller
    catkeller Posts: 2 Arc User
    My best memory from this game is from the day I finally got my wings :)
  • galadhwen23
    galadhwen23 Posts: 190 Arc User
    edited June 2017
    Made so many good memories in this game, and even though nowadays there are more bugs than things working properly, people on it are the ones making me stay.
    I remember i started playing 5 years ago and met my first spanish ingame people (with whom i still talk to and meet in rl nowadays).
    My first arena match as a dark vamp, getting to 2.6k score at lv65 with fair and real fights with cs and non cs toons.
    Being a part of Sky, which will always be a family for me. Getting to know Rohans and the people on it, especially Aza and Frei, people who have helped and supported me in everything for the past 2 years.
    And well lets be a bit g4y and say thanks FW for giving me the chance to meet the noobs in the A-Team (they know who they are)

    Theres not really a particular memory i wanted to share but a bunch of things that made this game a bit better, despite of all the bugs flooding around.

    PS: fix arena.
  • drugdealer13#5661
    drugdealer13#5661 Posts: 1 New User
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    i remember when i first played this, i picked out my avatar and i got a wolf as a pet and i thought to myself: " ah, he looks tall, strong and fierce"....then i met a dwarf with a bunny as a pet and he killed me with one strike...yeap good times
  • oksana#4824
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    I remember time then afks kicks from ff... Best time is ever! :'(
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  • left4war
    left4war Posts: 160 Arc User
    I remember the Year and a half spent just fishing in the elf starting area, fishing up rare Glacier Essence, to get one of the most unique titles in the server. -Captain of the High Seas- All the while mailing all the Sea Mussels (See Muscles :wink: ) from the dwarf/human starter area to Iolar every few days, giving him thousands and thousands of useless stuff to throw away. :smiley:
  • raptax231#4526
    raptax231#4526 Posts: 1 New User
    I'm pretty new to the game but I still have some good memories I think. The first time I went to Creekbank valley. I'm just really into collecting pets and the fact that there are chances that pets can be born in a better quality makes me just want to keep trying for the best. Training pets is definitely my favorite thing. I would love to see the ability for users to battle their pets against eachother put into the game though. I think that would be amazing. For me that would add to them having better qualities. It doesn't need to be this complicated Pokemon type battle system. I just want to see pet battling is some form come up. And if it is actually in the game I apologize. Thank you people of Forsaken world. You've all been great!!
  • keakua808
    keakua808 Posts: 222 Arc User
    I remeber expecting a great amazing 6th anniversary event.... only to be crushed with utter disappointment. The new gm's are so out of touch with the game its crazy. Just look at the prizes of this event 15 orbs.... the only thing that can save this anniversary is to bring domino back. These gm's have no clue about the forsaken world community.

    You new gm's need to play the game. Get to know the community. So far the event prizes have been out of date. Giving away a bloodstone 2 that would of been relevant 5 years ago. today its joke.
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  • leety26#6183
    leety26#6183 Posts: 1 New User
    I played the Brazilian version. After that closed I started to play forsaken ARC, what I can say is: great game, lots of new things, I made many new friends, the gms are cute, the best thing in the world was to have come to ARC
  • evl0n
    evl0n Posts: 21 Arc User
    I remember playing this game in beta for a while and having to stop due to lack of free time (thanks college!) and what is probably one of the best things is when I had come back after graduating is just all the friendly people willing to take time out of their game play to help me learn all the changes that had happened and gear my bard up. Despite all the bugs, economy & balance issues the wonderful players make this a game worth wasting time on :>
  • xerosennin1989
    xerosennin1989 Posts: 214 Arc User
    One thing that would be nice is a better GvG system, not like the current one where it only takes one big guild to dominate the map. This is also the reason why hardly anyone plays GvG on Illyfue
  • siggeliten
    siggeliten Posts: 8 Arc User
    Back when I was new to the game I was a very shy lil gal and asking for help was very hard for me to do.
    I prefered to stay to myself and avoid conversations, like many others I was worried that I would be made fun of since I had no knowledge of the game.
    One day while I was killing bats up in Sundown Hights I suddenly got kicked from the guild I was in and about the same time my mailbox started to blink.
    Since I was a loner it was rare for me to recieve mails.
    So I used my townportal (even tho I was not too far away from a trackstone. I was a noob, okay!?!?! xD ) and ran to the mailbox.
    The mail was from my now, at that point, former Guildleader, MrKeebler.
    He had sent the mail to inform me that the reason I was kicked was because of inactivity and that I was welcome to rejoin as soon as I was active again.
    I had been in the guild about a month or so and had recently lvld to lvl70, which I was very proud of, but I was completely clueless to the existence of guild contribution.
    During my time in the game I had simply just followed the main quest line and done those side quests that I found on the way.
    I replied to the mail and in an angry tone I told him that I had indeed been active every day since joining the guild.
    I was upset and surprised that he thought that I was inactive when I had been online so much.
    Not much later he pmed me and said that since I had no contribution he had assumed that I was inactive.
    I told him that I was new and had no clue how to get that and he promised that he would help me.
    He invited me back to BraveHeart and every day after that he made sure to pm me and see how I was doing, he helped me to overcome some of my shyness.

    And that's how me and my fiance met in Forsaken World

    Elvitha ♥ MrKeebler

  • moonbeam777
    moonbeam777 Posts: 91 Arc User
    I Loved FW ever since i started playing although there were times in the game i wanted to kill fw or the other people, but it helped me learn patience over the years and have met alot of new people , some i like some i dont lol , but im still here ,also i like helping people that are new to the game or dont know things, what can i say fw is my hobby lol. im not great but i have fun and thats all that matters HAPPY ANNV
  • boustanforum
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    Happy Birthday to a great game with a great community :)

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