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I'm assuming this is a false positive, but wanted to double check before I released it. Malwarebytes just quarantined X:\Program Files (x86)\Forsaken World_en\patcher.exe during the update process, marking it as Malware.Ransom.Agent.Generic. Is this just a false positive, or has someone gotten at the files?


  • d4bigm4nd4bigm4n Posts: 75 Arc User
    Not sure if a sarcastic joke because of the game being P2W or you are legitimately being serious about this.

    "BookerDewit: Blood Warrior"

  • goombiegoombie Posts: 2 Arc User
    Wish it was a joke.

    Was just playing it a day or two ago, and then it updated today and was quarantined.
  • d4bigm4nd4bigm4n Posts: 75 Arc User
    That's very interesting. I've run a scan and haven't had this come up. Only thing I've had which is out of the ordinary is when I scan certain files they require a password and not the admin password, the dev password. Kinda sketchy

    "BookerDewit: Blood Warrior"

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