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Ban Hammer is coming down xD

sergei525sergei525 Posts: 9 Arc User
Yes it might be against ToS to exploit a glitch, but lets be honest... this one is known and happens after every major patch/expansion... you'd think they would figure it out by now... but noo... Not here to say what is fair or not, just... food for thought. They mess up, hundreds of times. But the community exploits it and they ban... Who is at fault?

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  • nickvvnickvv Posts: 340 Arc User
    is the xserver time off again @ us servers?
    If so enjoy your 1 week ban for 100000 gems. I'd exploit that too..
  • d4bigm4nd4bigm4n Posts: 75 Arc User
    Well we either get a ban hammer or another rollback that'll push more people away from the game. At this point should be questioned whether it's even worth it.

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  • utahaltutahalt Posts: 404 Arc User
    edited April 2017

    As far as I know, the only people who can currently fly on live are those who had to test the system. Trust me, Ive been keeping an eye open looking for the telltale orange Aura. The ability to fly is certainly no easy task even when trying to do it via more "nefarious" means.

    We've been trying to inject more gems into the economy in our promotions and that's something we're going to be keeping up with this year too.

    lv1-7: 910/10 = 91 lv2 (or Azurex91)
    lv8-17: 1450/10 = 145 lv3 (or Azurex1450)
    lv18-32: 2550/10 = 255 lv4 (or Azurex2550)
    lv44-50: 3330/10 = 333 lv5 (or Azurex3330)

    It seems prayers finally got answered! This is suppose to be a "special promo" if we do not have alternative way to get gems, it only let ppl spending more gold on fusion agent to combine gems, cash shop more for SG/SL orbs to refine and fortify gears, more spending on FW!!! If you count the gems that Wings Charge needed, 3330 Azure lv5 = 16650 lv4 = 83250 lv3, which mean if you can get 60 lv3 gems per day, you still need 1387 days (3 years) to finish it up. So, no one will get huge benefit and only small step to keep you playing in next 3 years!!!
  • binaryqueen#1815 binaryqueen Posts: 11 Arc User
    edited April 2017
    They really don't care that they break the game. I wish they could be accountable for the pathetic maintenance of this game. The gem glitch is their problem... It is not the first time it happened... and I am confident in saying it wont be the last. I just find it funny that its the third or fourth time this glitch has surfaced and they feel the need to ban people. I get its a violation of the agreements but common... This has happened many times, you'd think they'd get their "stuff" together and fix the damn game, that way there wouldn't be issues like this xD The word "incompetence" comes to mind... js ~shrugs~

  • gio#4911 gio Posts: 790 Arc User
    Dear pwe when will you do special promo where we can get azure/blood/myst lvl III x250 package for spending 750 leaves i would pay for that, the way it is atm no thx,its an idea for anniversary so since you allow exploiting and US will be flying soon, can we the poor underdogs from EU that cant exploit cs their wings? Thx you.

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  • rsydakotarsydakota Posts: 553 Arc User
    The last time they "cracked down" on exploiters, yeah, the ones participating in "glytch hop" got to keep gems, many of them got lv 4 wings that way xD Temp Bans are coming probably, but people being perma banned or as mentioned before... a rollback, yes FW's already low population will drop dramatically. Again.
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  • senrinsenrin Posts: 824 Arc User
    Fact is simple: ban everyone or noone, let glitch run for every server or remove it already.

    The "if everyone is special, noone is special in the end" works great with this issue, imo.

    Atm it's so disrespectful...
  • sintuarysintuary Posts: 11 Arc User
    edited April 2017
    People crying about getting banned for exploiting a glitch when glitch exploitation is both lazy and against ToS....idiocy at it's best. Glitches will always exist, especially across a dodgy platform trying to run a cut-up, neglected version of its more thoughtfully constructed self. Unfortunately the punishments for exploiting glitches are laughably light and the people who exploited get to keep their goods. It's why so many people exploited it last time, and the non rule breaking crowd feel shafted (They are! No reward for following the rules, but you can keep your spoils for breaking them!)....And last time, not even everyone who exploited got a ban. A+ Job, admin. You reap what you sow.
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