Thanks Forsaken World for the 5+ years of Joy giving away everything now

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Logged in today to see many things in the AH that didnt sell months ago. Been working 2 jobs and don't have time to play, so going to be giving out so much including lv 90 Gold Feet and lots of lv 3+lv 4 adv runes including a 10 energy nature MM rune, cost me an arm and a leg to get long ago. Either way will be giving away whatever I have in my bag that is tradable, I have 72 slots, first post gets item 1 and second post gets second item and so on. Thanks again for everything you guys, will come to give away things tomorrow early morning, if not all 72 comments have been filled with ingame name (lionheart only) will be giving it away through world chat...will miss you all (insert sad tiger smiley)
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anonymous west lionheart player

Mini Mart


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    Name: Neihi

    That's so sad Mini, i know you since 2013, been 4 years :(

    Edit: Oh Man that's 1st April
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    protip: check your calendar
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    MiniMart don't leave even though i don't know you but im sure most of us will miss you <3:(
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    I think you could wait for a better moment to play, not necesary quit, anyway is your choice, i wish you good luck always, dont forget your guildies and friends, we ll miss you.
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    he does it every year as an april joke :p
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    April fool's day + internet forum post= "troll with an excuse"
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    haha i see this every year so funny hehe ^^
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