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Amazing Damage: Fire Mage

DivineSpirits - Storm LegionDivineSpirits - Storm Legion Posts: 122 Arc User
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I was goofing around the other day with my fire mage trying to see the maximum damage I could achieve in a single hit. The result was staggering to me.

400k+ crits on players and 1.3mil+ in PvE

This requires very special circumstances but its not altogether hard to achieve. I was in some 3s matches (YAY score reset!) and managed to 1 hit quite a few players (even tanky players take 100-180k crits on spark burst). It's not a spammable skill but I just wanted to point out that the reduced cast time, combined with the longer stun, shorter cooldown, and higher base attack value has made this skill quite formidable.

Hope this inspires other fire mages to experiment to see how much damage they can do (I won't be satisfied until I can hit 1 million on a player or 2million in PvE).

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