Scheduled Maintenance Tonight - 3/7/2017

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Maintenance will be occurring tonight at 23:00 PST.

The new RU server, Tytan, launches! An issue with the Celestial Chariot not appearing correctly for some characters has been corrected as well.

We expect the maintenance to last approximately 4 hours, the servers will be unavailable during this time.

Thanks for your patience and sorry for the inconvenience!
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  • smurffy4
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    *opens prayer for arena to be available safely after maint*
  • gutentag#8857
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    Fix Arena on EU aswell. We wanna have some pvp-fun, too! :(
  • amarantos
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    so....orb of marvels back in boutique...more sky resonance packs...when we gonna get the frickin feathers for the solid wings back in boutique??!?!?!?
  • gio#4911
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    ok tested tytan, leaving some points here:

    -server is really stable, lag free 0 spikes till now, compared to my toon on Illyfue.

    -exp multiplier isnt working, despite the fact the icons show up, i would guess its by design cause u should have a slow progression in a new start.

    -server time is GMT+1 aka eu time, for a russian that wants some later wb that would be at 3 am, but i guess its made like that to not create issues with cross, otherwise i could see hoping ppl non stop till maxing wings.

    -i dont see lot of ppl in starting zones yet, but its bit earlier to judge it.

    -Tytan is queued on eu for pvp.

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  • smurffy4
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    Soooo arena is broke again??...... lawl.....
  • develichious2
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    smurffy4 said:

    Soooo arena is broke again??...... lawl.....

    funnily enough, EU arena is working again.. seems they struggle to have both on at the same time :P last time it worked for us was at new year..