A few questions on Illyfue server.

I'm a new player on the server and in general . I am currently running a Reaper as my main.

Concerning my questions.

1) What abbreviations do you use when referring to certain Instances?

2) What is the most active guild currently ( 11 March 2016) running daily quests and who are their guild leaders?

3) Who is respected players here and who are scammers. I've seen a lot of linking in World Chat.

4) Is everyone here just trade and questing the whole time or do you go out and mess around now again aswel. Like trying to solo a way over powered boss and try to see how long you can last or take low level players to a high level boss then just watch then work or run away?


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    Hey there, welcome to Illyfue.
    A: 1) Well there are many but most used:
    *Random Challenge Instances- RCI basic(for 30lvl+)/med(for 60lvl+)/adv(for75lvl+)/exp(for 100k hp+)
    *Raids-ES daily/normal/heroic( Elemental Spire lvl85+)
    ToD(normal)/ToD heroic (Temple of Disaster 85+)
    FHOF(normal)/FHOF heroic (Freedom Harbor on Fire 90+)
    MI (Molten Inferno 90+)
    TOD2(Temple of Disciples lvl 95+ )
    *AI exp/sp/items (Ancient invasion sorted by boxes you will get after completing instance 7 first times in a week)

    ...And there are many more, for more info feel free to ask in game...

    2) I belive there are many fairly active guilds, you can check up on world rankings>guild>Zeal atleast top 10 guilds there should be active daily basis.

    3) Who knows really ;P . I guess if you find nice guild, you can trust your guildies to some level.

    4) Depends on guild. Sometimes Raids can turn bad and then it can be every man for themselves. (PS. I will never forget SEPHMEISTER sending Neothunder to his death on Ivenia, whole raid chilling on side enjoying the show. Poor Neo hehee)

    Pick the guild by people and activity rate, it mathers for your stats and for how much fun you going to have :wink:

    Hope you enjoy Illyfue o/

    Illyfue:Beryll_ Berylynx


    Forever with Shishi_Gami/RoarStrand <3
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    Am I correct that this server is not automatically PVP? If that's true, why do I get notifications that I am leaving a safe zone and can be attacked by other players?