Fix Arena !!

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The issue on the table:
Ok, you guys, this is becoming (a bit) ridiculous. We had arena for TWO DAYS only.
Now, I am not trying to insult GMs or provoke them in any way, but some of us waited far too long for arena to start working again. Most didn't even get the chance to break their soulgate cuz arena is broken... or bugged... AGAIN! And ofc it had to happen after maintenance...

With this discussion I want to draw GMs attention to poke game developers a bit and turn their attention to fixing arena as priority.... if any would read this at all.

Happy New Year to everyone.
(*Hopes for arena as our NY present*)


  • warenii#9131
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    Hello everyone, I would like to ask when it will be possible to attend arena, or warn that you need to pay to continue the game.
  • rattle99
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    Hi Fw, If Arena can't be fixed, Whats the chances of changing the 90-100 soul gate to help ppl to proceed with the quest , take out the Arena part & replace it with a different quest. :)