Where are the daylight/everdark feathers?

amarantos Posts: 3,067 Arc User
They were removed from boutique even before the orb of marvels left, and now orb of marvels is back in a spend promo with sky resonance wing packs aplenty and we have no feathers to trade for the solid wings. why do these items even need to leave the boutique and be a rotated item? they server no purpose other than to trade in with the wing pack, why you make us suffer and not be able to get the wings we want until they show up in boutique again? people will cs to buy them, what's the hold up? :|


  • dennenappel
    dennenappel Posts: 133 Arc User
    Yes we want feathers back!
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  • xerosennin1989
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    Please bring them back, it makes no sense only selling half an item ;-)