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where to find the manual patch update?

babyangelkobabyangelko Posts: 12 Arc User
can someone please post the patch update v622.0 cause its not letting me auto update it.. thanks and i have bad browser so cant really go to the site to manual patch it..


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  • ediraedira Posts: 479 Arc User
    edited December 2016
    This is the forum for the PC version of FW, try to get help in the FW Mobile Forums.​​
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  • chibizombie89chibizombie89 Posts: 159 Community Moderator
    As edira said, check the mobile forums. Also, this is the wrong section and post to ask that question. Please be sure you are in the right section when making a post. Lastly, You necro'd an over 1 year old thread, please check out the rules of conduct to ensure you aren't breaking any rules that would ultimately result in a forum ban.

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