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Week of Thanks Winnars!

thenamesdominothenamesdomino Posts: 1,679 Arc User
Greetings Everyone,

So we have our winners for the Week of Thanks Contest. I know I say it with these types of events, but honestly, wow.

I have never, in all the years I've worked here, been given a harder contest to judge.

In fact, if I were to be honest about it, Each of these entries on their own could easily have scored first place on any other given contest.

But this is no other contest.

This is you opening up your hearts and sharing truths with yourself and a community of players that most normal people would quail from. You were open, you were raw, and you left it all out here to share with each of us. To the community and the participants, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. Thank you for making this contest one that I will never forget. Thank you for your honesty. Thank you for your beauty. Thank you each and every one of you for earning that Positive Energy title.

Next comes the hard part. I started with a group of 25 entries that stood out. Creative, Original, Raw, heartfelt. Over the past weeks, Ive been slowly narrowing it down and we finally made it to 6. Out of these 6 entries, only three can walk away with a little something extra. But I want to list all 6 here because out of all the submissions, for each of their own reasons, wow. Without further ado...

First Place
buffybomb said:

So.. As someone who lives in Sweden I don't really know much about Thanksgiving, except that I'm supposed to be thankful for stuff. I decided to ask around in Eyrda about what people are thankful for, to get ideas for my post...

Let's talk to Henry first, he's old, and probably wise.

Okay, maybe not. Maybe I could ask Charlie, he's always good for information!

Hmm, maybe Ayrshi knows something? Sure, she's a demon, but we shouldn't judge her for that.

Uhm, moving on... Oh I know, I'll ask Sloth and Katherie, they've been together for so long, they should have some inspiring words about appreciating eachother.

..Ugh, I guess not. Hey, there's Meid, I could always ask her!

....I give up. WAIT! How did I not realize? I should ask Hugh! He's a hero and everything, I'm sure he'll have something for me!

Nevermind. I guess none of these people know much about Thanksgiving. Huh, someone is calling my name. Maybe that person can help me!

Fine, I'll just figure out what to say in my own words then.

I'm thankful for a lot of things really. My family, my awesome cat, the friends I've made in this game.. The list goes on and on. But I guess what I'm most thankful for is that we all have things to be thankful for, and that we have a place to talk about those things. Not everyone has that. So I guess I'm thankful for being able to feel this thankful.

Oh yeah, happy thanksgiving!


Second Place

I want to thank two people.
First, it is I how hard I've worked, and patient and brave I have been.
I do not really know how I managed it, but what I know I am here today as a completely different person
and the next person I want to thanks, you will be told at the end of the story.
This year is the year I came out of the closet.
and that's when hell began.
my parents did not accept.

they tried everything that I would change,
it dident work so they tried to hurt me (badly) then I decided to run away from home.
during the time I was studying to be a nurse .same time that I worked in health care
it was my dream since littel kid to help and take care off people.
I felt hopeless, alone, my eyes dry out so much I cried every night.
but I did not give up, I did everything I could to succeed.
and become a better person than they were

while in hell. I met the person I felt in love for.
and I thought, finally. I began to feel happiness and hope but it dident last for long. that person trun up to be lier and just used me för sex.
So it ended. and i moved on even more broken.
my studies begin getting closer to end to be done ..
and I could not fucus, , because off evrything that keep happens .
day by day gose getting sader and dystoryd from inside but stronger and stronger same time.
i found joy and keept my self calm while playing forsaken world
and this because of the many friends that I got in the game.
some have stopped playing and some remain.
time passed and I chosed to follow it until today here i im far far away from all the hell and pain living in my own house and my study is done.
and workning as nurse.
but there is something that wont heal and wont stop follow me and its something inside off me that got broken in milion Peaces that will neve get fixed i cant even explaine what it is......!!
and i do love my parents as nothing happend and i miss them evryday but i know that i can only do that from distans and for my self . and i wish that one day i get a call there i could hear mother voice telling come back home we are sorry.

and and hope to evryone that going tru hard time dont give up keep youre head up and keep going its not worth it u liv once.

try make oute the best off it. those who hurt you turn them youre back and go youre away where u finde youre happines. and this is just a peace of cake
what i told you. one day i may write a book off my life when i feel ready for it to reach to as many as i can and help them be my book.

i was alone and workd my self up but dosent mean all have to be like that i dont eve never want anyone go through this.

or any thing else that hurt them from the inside oute. finely the Other person i wannted to thanks is Divillae that girl is angel shes the only person who helpt me through this
all this what she did anyone can do but not many care or want to do.
what Divillae did is write to me when i felt bad, was always there for me asked me how i felt easy things that anyone can do, yet none did not even my friends in real life.
that girl is the girl who gave me strength, hope,happines all this hard thing i could not feel or get in real life i got it from her through a online game Forsken world.
and that the person i want to thanks for being there for me with simpel word, care that maked me smile. and im happy that shes my friend , i realy wish you alll luck and good in life sweety.
you are very rare person i can neve thank you enough <333</p>

Third Place

Oh my thanksgiving is just days away! I hope everyone has everything together. Unlike our friendly Chef Michell who found himself in a bit of trouble....

So the witch went on her way to find out what the big deal was...it's just food right? How hard could it really be?

With a bit more of an idea of what was served, the witch went on her search..

Looks good enough to eat!

After the task was complete, the witch returned to the Chef just in time. Much to his dismay..the ingredients weren't exactly what he was hoping for, but being the amazing and all knowing Chef he is, he managed to whip up a meal worthy of the Gods. As long as you have good friends and family with you, it really doesn't matter whats on the table. What really matters is the love you share between all of you. Friends come in all shapes and sizes. Be thankful for those who truly cherish you in your life.

Many thanks to my friends for helping me make this. Thank you: Belgariad, Shap, 'Syrup', Euliria
P.S. I am so very,very grateful and thankful these guys survived during the hostile take over by the storm legion! I love these little guys!

On a more serious note I wanted to add that FW has always been a game I could just enjoy to get away from the outside world. In general PWE games I found this peace through. When I needed a break from FW I found another PWE game that I took comfort in. I, by complete accident met someone who would become special to me. Without, this person...I'd surely be lost. Even, helped me pull off a cool tourney.
All in all, I'm happy that PWE has been around for me.
I was reminded of a ballad that was written. Always and forever, and forever and always. Though the sands of time may change things, or as the winds blow, and the earth shakes...here I am and here I'll stay.

Honorable Mention
dakota79 said:

im thankful forsaken world,yes THIS game for this moment:
You think its not a big thing but there's more!!!The most important thing not only this year but in my life,on 2016,may 28 there is why im thankful for forsaken world: Me and my girlfriend officialy marriaged in real life too so if this game not exist we never met.This is why im and my wife thankful for forsaken world.

Hasish & AyaneHime from Illyfue

PS: sry for my bad english

Honorable Mention
sirjir said:

What am I thankful for? Honestly, words usually are my strong suit but when I think about the people I am thankful for having in my life, my family and friends, the people I've met in this game and grown close with it really does become difficult to write anything that doesn't seem trite.

Honestly, the one thing I'm thankful for in this situation is I have a talent for something besides writing - and that's editing. Do enjoy the video full of sappiness and sincere thankfulness. To those of you I'm referring to, to those I've interacted with, to those friends I've stuck with, people I've met and interacted with...thank you for being you. For existing. For challenging me. For supporting me. Everything. Enjoy my work and editing - I did what I could to put my feelings to something visual.

Honorable Mention
iorrans said:

West - LionHeart

Congratulations everyone. Give all these guys a hug when you see them.


  • iorransiorrans Posts: 66 Arc User
    I would like to congratulate the participants, they make beautiful tributes and they certainly stayed in the memory.

    Congratulations Euliria i happy because u won it sweetie <3

    another friends, ty for participation. <3

  • sirjirsirjir Posts: 114 Arc User
    Worked hard on the video, glad it got a mention :) put a lot of heart into it. Grats to the winners!
    Iolar - Level 100 Assassin of Lionheart's Avatar

  • isfolket80isfolket80 Posts: 222 Arc User
    gz all winners <3
    <3 Cuitepie <TyOhni's Wife> <3
    Illyfue- Fairytail

  • botzlombebotzlombe Posts: 206 Arc User
    iorrans said:

    I would like to congratulate the participants, they make beautiful tributes and they certainly stayed in the memory.

    Congratulations Euliria i happy because u won it sweetie <3

    another friends, ty for participation. <3</p>

    definetly must have been under the top 3! Awesome video.

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