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East Coast Connectivity Issues


This morning players connecting to servers through our East Coast datacenter began experiencing connectivity issues. We are currently have no ETA on when connectivity will be restored, but we are working as fast as we can to fix the problem. We appreciate your patience in this matter and apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused.

- The Forsaken World Team


  • heinesenheinesen Posts: 209 Arc User
    Thanks for the update Domino
  • vyadhosblackvyadhosblack Posts: 156 Arc User
    Thank you Domino

  • chaosmailerchaosmailer Posts: 72 Arc User
    Guys u must be happy to have Dom :)

    Europe Servers = no info @all to such issues.
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  • thenamesdominothenamesdomino Posts: 1,679 Arc User
    I sent wording to EU for this issue as well but unfortunately they may be off work or asleep
  • thenamesdominothenamesdomino Posts: 1,679 Arc User
    Thanks for bearing with us you guys, we have restored connectivity. We'll be in game monitoring for the next few hours to make sure everything remains stable.
  • heinesenheinesen Posts: 209 Arc User
    Seems server unstabel atm i have DC tweice and Ping go mad sometime it Storm server
  • isfolket80isfolket80 Posts: 222 Arc User
    edited November 2016
    dc in realm 6 on Illyfue and cant logg back to it
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  • jadedragonessjadedragoness Posts: 54 Arc User
    DC'd on Storm Server and now it wont let me log back in. Says my acct is locked
    Storm Server
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