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Week of Thanks! What are you thankful for?



  • I'm thankful for
  • titori#9941 titori Posts: 4 Arc User
    edited November 2016
    I am thankful and it was desirable to say thank you all who was alongside this throughout the year.To my guild, to my native girls Ире and Лене.
    Many thanks to you PWI for everything, it is very pleasant to realize that for you the joined command, we will hope that track a year and transfer of our personages will bring yet more positive.And many thanks my native and near for support on life.All the good.
  • divinityscarletdivinityscarlet Posts: 63 Arc User
    To tell you what I am thankful for, I first have to tell you a story of how I grew up. When I was young, my mother fell very mentally ill and it spiralled into such a bad state that she was taken into special care at a facility dedicated to people who had severe mental problems. It wasn't her fault and it wasn't something that always existed in her life, so she had trouble understanding and adjusting to her situation. Every day when I came home from elementary school my dad would hand me a little box or bag. Inside it I would find something new each day, because as it turns out my mom was able to let out her creativity at the facility and they organized daily craft classes for the patients, and my mom would make something for me every time so that I would not miss her too much. I remember a little clay green duck she crafted for me, a tiny cat statue, a drawing of a blue parrot, and once a teddybear she had been gifted by the facility. She thought I needed the teddybear more than she did. There was something special about everything she made for me, like a heart carved on the tail feather of the duck, the words "I love you" underneath that cat statue and a sweet poem written on the back of the drawing of the blue parrot. I didn't see my mom at all except for weekends where she was allowed to come see me. I know to this day that my mom will probably never be the way she used to be, but I know that with everything she does she will always try to communicate her love to me in the best way that she can.

    This is something that has shaped me to be the way I am, and I am thankful for it. I developed my own creativity as an outlet of love, spending my time drawing or writing for my friends, my parents, and especially my boyfriend. I love drawing our characters in Forsaken World. I am so grateful to simply make a person smile, to change a sad frown into a genuine laugh. In this game which I play almost every day there is a person I can always depend on and that's Gabi. He has been my friend here for nearly 6 years and he will always have a special place in my heart because even if we are far apart in the real world we are always close in this game. We've been through so many hardships together and nothing makes me happier than knowing I've made his life just a little brighter by being there for him in the only way I know how. It's something that my mom taught me, too. No matter what the situation, love can always be felt even if you are limited in the way you can show it. I am so grateful to be a part of another person's happiness, to brighten their darker days because I know better than anyone that life is not always fair and things can change so easily but love always remains to keep you going strong.

    Thanksgiving, to me, is about unconditional love no matter the circumstances, and I am always thankful to have been blessed with it and to reciprocate it.

  • botzlombebotzlombe Posts: 210 Arc User
    edited November 2016
    Im thankfull to my wife. That she still have the patience and let me play FW since Beta kinda whenever i want. Due to that i met a lot of beautifull ppl and some new friends.
    I hope our baby which will come next year will have the same patience and still lemme play FW <3

  • nptl#9781 nptl Posts: 4 Arc User
    I have played a lot of games in my life but I did not meet forsaken just an internet page advertisement and I still keep playing Turkish server is closed yes it is a sad event but I did not even think about leaving the game because I got very good friends and some of them came up to my home Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to introduce you and we are all connected to each other like a brother now we continue to play on Shylia server Thank you very much to my new family, K rom family. I accept them as I am from another country and they are friends. I thank you everyone who passed.

    Who am I = NPTlPaine

  • zorn#8698 zorn Posts: 1 New User
    i am thankful for my family and friends...and my girlefriend.Im so happy
  • vyadhosblackvyadhosblack Posts: 156 Arc User
    edited November 2016
    I am thankful for having served this wonderful nation that I live in.

    I am thankful that we were finally able to move back to Texas with the opportunities the state has for native born veterans that I can now use and offer to my wife and daughters if they chose to take advantage of them.

    I am thankful for the wonder woman that I have for a wife who has agreed to be my life partner. I am also thankful for the three children we were able to adopt. Our son is currently serving in the Navy with his beautiful wife. We now have a handsome grandson to spoil like any good grandparents always do.

    My adopted daughters are now teenagers so we have the joy of two beautiful girls blossoming into womanhood. I am thankful that they are learning how to be feminist like their mom and dad.

    But most of all I am thankful that even with all my health issues that I am still here. That my doctors assure me that there is a light at the end of the tunnel for me. That they can help me with some permanent solutions to some of my health issues.

    I am thankful that my mom and dad are still with us and for my cousins that have offered me some advise that has been very helpful to me and my family.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  • unusualsuspect1unusualsuspect1 Posts: 694 Arc User
    I am thankful for both of my parents, who despite modest professions and resources, gave me a fantastic start in life, and brought me up with solid values, a loving heart, and an open mind. I am thankful for two beautiful, healthy and intelligent daughters who make me proud of their achievements every day. I am thankful for being just intelligent enough myself to obtain good work to provide adequately for those who depend on me. I am thankful for the people I've met in my life, without whom my life would be far less rich in experience than it is. I am thankful for FW because it enabled me to meet, by pure chance, a cheeky **** sheila with whom we have such a bond that moving to another country to be with her seemed a reasonable and natural thing to do, and I am thankful for those who supported me through such a decision and move, and for my employers who made that possible.

    It hasn't all been smooth sailing. There's been some very dark moments where the flickering flame of life was oh so faintly continuing to burn, but I am thankful that I survived the night to a better day today.
  • mrz#7646 mrz Posts: 1 Arc User
    I am thankful to all people above-ground on this planet for their kindness and existence.And let there will be in the whole world the world and harmony. <3
  • bridgetmidgetbridgetmidget Posts: 3 Arc User
    I am thankful for each day that I am given to learn, grow, love , and share this journey with some of the coolest people ever.
  • blissssblissss Posts: 6 Arc User
    I am thankful for the people that have come into my life. The ones that touched it and walked away as well as the ones that stayed. I am grateful for the life that I was given. It is rich and full. I am thankful for the kindness of strangers and their ability to bring the world into focus.
  • sailyonerasailyonera Posts: 39 Arc User
    I'm thankful for how is this year turning out. It didn't start anyhow great for me, and continued even worse, and even though the situation by itself didn't get any better there indeed are people that make me realize that the world is still fun, still worth living in - I dare say they make me happy. That, I'm eternally grateful for.
    Tamakuo ~ lv108 Glacial Priest ~ Lionheart
  • bboymigobboymigo Posts: 100 Arc User
    I'm thankful to the USAF for letting me play Airman for 6 years. Nowhere else will you learn discipline, clip strings from ABUs, eat at the speed of light every meal of the day and getting to see the world to make a difference in it than in uniformed service. I'd even like to say small thanks to ya'll at PWE.

    Can i have a better chance at crit dmg IDs? Like, just me, no one else. Kthx!
  • thedeepfallthedeepfall Posts: 5 Arc User
    I am thankful to have friends,that stood by me in hard times.
  • sedativexsedativex Posts: 148 Arc User
    I would like to thanks to my family, and my great friends. And the friends i meet in game in this Forsaken World.
    I would like to thanks to the old good Forsaken World team ( Loki and CrabClaw) and the new also good team with Domino, who makes cool events and live shows for us.
    If there was no Domino , i never know how to eat a fish alive, or how to eat nutella mixed with some stuff to an awful thing and eat from it.

    So keep up the good work everyone.

    Happy Thanksgiving all.

    SEDATIVE_Mage | Soul_Savior | Hunicum | Illyfue
  • faster49faster49 Posts: 20 Arc User
    edited November 2016
    I'm thankful for every beautiful day I wake up and that I have everything I need. I am thankful for my Mother being at the end of her 3rd battle with cancer (breast, esophageal, and lung). I am in awe of her strength sometimes and am beyond thankful for her unending positive outlook on life. I am thankful for my husband for being my rock through these difficult battles and making my mothers laughter a priority. I am thankful he puts up with my hours of gaming and after 5+ years has also gotten to know my in-game family well enough to tease and laugh with them :) I am thankful for those who make the freedom I have that many don't possible everyday.

    The in-game things I am thankful for are too many to list after so many years so I will just touch on a few. So many that have helped along the way are gone to other endeavors, but I would not be where I am today without them. I am thankful for my guild, I had never joined a guild before I preferred to go it alone. Starlight has become my home away from home, though we have changed some here and there, we have stayed true to ourselves no matter how big or small. I am thankful to my in-game hubby for putting up with me all these years. Through all the up, downs, the round and rounds you have had the patience and understanding to be there when needed most. Only one of my original group is left now and though we have grown apart some I am still thankful for him and the joy and help he has brought me for so long. I am beyond thankful for my best friend and sister of the heart. Through all these years and all we've been through I am so glad to have met you and have you in my life. You have become family to me and not just in game. There are so many things I can say here but just can't find the words, you know what I mean though <3 I know that whatever happens with FW our friendship will continue. To my other best friend from the other side of the world I simply say Thank You. I am thankful for all the years of your friendship and support. You may disappear from game from time to time, but you still keep in touch. Thank you for being my shoulder to lean on when it was needed. I am glad we can have almost entire conversations just by sharing music lol, and that sometimes I don't have to explain to be understood.

    I am thankful for Domino, though so many people harass and hound you, you are the first who has actually tried so hard to get things done for us. I am also thankful for a million other things large and small, but I won't take up anymore time. lol

    Happy Thanksgiving all :)
  • abcdefghijaaabcdefghijaa Posts: 9 Arc User
    I'm thankful for everything i have and everyone i have in my life.
  • tottiietottiie Posts: 115 Arc User
    edited November 2016
    I am so thankful for many things in and out of game.
    This year has been a very tough year for me since my mothers passing,she died such a young age of 48.
    She has been ill most of her life so i was pretty much her carer towards the final years of her life though i didnt mind; i loved her so much and still do. Since her passing there has been issues which nearly lead me into being homeless,which luckily i am not now. Which only recently has only stopped; so had like nearly a year of hell and stress. I am thankful that i have a supporting sister which took me under her wing when i needed her the most, she is older than me and through my darkest times she also has been a mother figure to me.

    I am thankful that i have fantastic friends here and outside of game. I love you all dearly<3

    Larelas in game has been my rock and stuck by me every single moment and has helped me so much. And im so thankful i have him in my life and someone who i can fully trust with everything. When everything was happening about me soon going to be 'homeless' he was there for me always someone who i can depend on. - I came online for an escape and my friends here in game were there for me and just made me forget things; even for a moment. - they told me to have hope and carry on because i started becoming very depressed about this and even started to go to counciling. (But don't worry everything it totally fine now) and im onwards and upwards from here! - Im just so happy that i have great friends here (I really wouldnt know what i would do without them). Overall i love this game to bits because of the comunity it has and everyone is so kind and willing to be there for another no matter how messed your life is they wont judge they will give you and lending hand.

    - I would also like to say thanks to Hycis for keeping GrimReapers guild alive after Vinchent left the game and she held up Grims and carried on the Grim family. <3
    - Also i would like to thank Domino always being there to help and support everyone with his hardest efforts and making fun events for us all.

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  • shirayukihimeshirayukihime Posts: 90 Arc User
    I am thankful for my friend, shes the best friend anyone could ever wish, a better sister then my own sister. She brought me in UK and took care of me untill i was able to that on my own, i love her and i wish evryone can have at least one friend like her.
  • siglosiglo Posts: 4 Arc User
    i simply want to thank my family for always being there for me. Also i wanna thank Forsaken World for being my stress reliever for the past few years and i hope that you all have a happy thanks giving. Be safe everyone
  • jojododoalfajojododoalfa Posts: 6 Arc User
    edited November 2016
    to put what i am thankful for into words is a very hard thing coz its like milions of things but mostly thankful to my kids they r my heart and soul and the greatest gift that i could dream of seeing them grow in health and prosperity is such joy that i cant discribe hope evryone get to feel this plesure
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  • ebonywolfcubebonywolfcub Posts: 25 Arc User
    edited November 2016
    I'm thankful to the people in-game and out who have been there for me in this world. I give special thanks to Dilectissimo, my husband and best friend. You never let me quit when things get rough. I'm thankful to be with you the rest of my life.

    It's tough rebuilding an old guild up again and I'm thankful for every guild member who selflessly gives their time to get the guild back. There's not enough I can do to show how much I appreciate you all.

    I'm also thankful to friends for being patient with us. I know we can be a handful sometimes.
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    "Sickness and healing are in every heart; Death and deliverance in every hand."
    ~Orsen Scott Card
  • azurilectazurilect Posts: 1 Arc User
    Im thankful for all the nice people I've met on here who haven't completely lost their minds yet.
  • azure#1398 azure Posts: 1 Arc User
    I'm thankful for the few guilds/ people left doing raids. Its what keeps the lowbies going and getting stronger. Thank you for your time and please continue to help. When we get stronger gear, we can help you out too.
  • demonias1234demonias1234 Posts: 59 Arc User
    edited November 2016
    Orange pumpkins fallen leaves friendships and families wat kindness brings can be treasured in magnificent intentions. I'm thankful for the guidance that surrounds me the air I breathe what soft touching breeze, the laughter and joy how did I forget what this once felt like to see. I'm thankful for the sweet scent of food that lingers across the house, I'm thankful for a kind loving husband supporting me through ease emotionally and physically I feel pleased. I'm Thankful for hope this new year comes to bring.
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    Storm Server Nemesis Guild
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  • chiffoncakechiffoncake Posts: 359 Arc User
    Thank you!!!
  • skylia2skylia2 Posts: 2 Arc User
    I am thankful for being alive. For all the surgeons who I've associated with that helped me with my past. One in particular took in a little girl with a tumor in an area that was declared inoperable. But he didn't send her home like the other doctor's we've came in contact with. He devised a plan, a successful plan. And for that I am a thankful human being.

    I'm also thankful for my dad. He sat countless amount of hours in numerous hospital. He had doctors telling him it was a lost cause for someone to help me, but still he didn't give up. And I love him dearly for it.

    These two didn't listen to what other people were telling them, and so this is who I am today. I've been taught to devise your own set of plans if an original won't work, and to not give up especially if people are telling you it's a lost cause.
  • piggyshokupiggyshoku Posts: 12 Arc User
    I am thankful to wake up everyday, to be able to kiss the people I love and be loved for being who I am.
  • dakota79dakota79 Posts: 11 Arc User
    edited November 2016
    im thankful forsaken world,yes THIS game for this moment:
    You think its not a big thing but there's more!!!The most important thing not only this year but in my life,on 2016,may 28 there is why im thankful for forsaken world: Me and my girlfriend officialy marriaged in real life too so if this game not exist we never met.This is why im and my wife thankful for forsaken world.

    Hasish & AyaneHime from Illyfue

    PS: sry for my bad english
  • marymoriartymarymoriarty Posts: 1 New User
    I'm thankful for my family and friends for being nice to me. I know that I am not a person they want me to be, but they continue to love me. That's awesome.
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