Week of Thanks! What are you thankful for?



  • midnitecupcake
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    I am thankful this year that I had a healthy baby, and a strong relationship. This relationship has not faltered, once. So far. My husband and I have been married for three years and been dating for two years prior. We have not had a weak point yet. This is through working out our disapproval's. For games, I am thankful for my guild. I have been put into an amazing, fun guild that is practically family to me. I love them dearly. I don't know what I would have done without my guild. They have supported me in game, and in real life. They're true friends that I am grateful for.
  • mrjuu
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    i am thankful to DONALD TRUMP.

    Thank you TRUMP for making american politics interesting and entertaining again.

    Thank you TRUMP for making hilarious racist comments that no other politician would have the balls to.

    Thank you TRUMP for being the reason why thousands of entertaining memes have been created.

    Thank you TRUMP for exposing what a crapshoot the american voting system is.

    Thank you TRUMP for making America one-upping BREXIT, something not thought possible.

    Lets make America great again.
  • fabrosiva#8222
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    Thank you parents for the fact that I was born. Thank you ARC for all games. Thank you for what I live for what I have. With love from Russia.
  • binaryqueen#4116
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    This year I have a ton to be grateful for.

    This year I had become extremely sick and been hospitalized. A particulare loved one who sacrificed their own comfort and sleep to stay by me every minute they could whether I was awake or not. I cant say thank you enough. Its been hard especially with what happened, and still going on.

    When I get online it is great to be among friends :) It is great to escape for a few hours a day and socialize or to do events with the guild. For me it has been good not to have to think about reality for a while and just have fun. My guild have been amazing friends and great fun to raid with or to do random instances with. I feel my character has improved immensely since joining this wonderful guild.

    For the many friends I have made both on my own server and across the others while competing in 12s and arenas over the last 12 months.

    I dont think people really understand how truly grateful I am for spending time with me or including me in their activities. Some have had to put up with some of my frustrtations... embarrassingly xD But all this definitely gave me something to smile about almost everyday... which is far better than what reality could have actually been.

    The future is still unknown but I still get on to enjoy time with friends, to relaxe and socialize.

    I really am thankful for everyone and for their support, their friendship and concerns as I am going through this extremely difficult time, it means a lot.

    Thank You.

    Lots of love and gratitude,

    xluna_girlx of Eyrda
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    Fairy tales are more than true:
    Not because they tell us dragons exist,
    but because they tell us dragons can be beaten.
    ~G.K. Chesterton~
    Eyrdan Glacial Priest
  • kymiianne
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    Thanksgiving is my favorite Holiday.

    As fall sets in and the weather gets cooler, the leaves begin to change colors in beautiful hues of orange, yellow and red. They fall from the limbs of the trees that grew them so perfectly, each with its own identity. The grass turns greener and the flowers give one last burst of color before they hibernate through the cold and dark winter to come.

    The frosty mornings(wear your slippers!) and cool crisp blue-black nights. Putting on your favorite warm pajamas a little earlier than normal and making hot cocoa(maybe add a shot of peppermint liquor?) as you settle into a comfy warm spot to play your favorite game with the friends you have made.

    As the year comes closer to the end and the New Year is on its way, this is the perfect time to remember all of the things that we are thankful for. Our families and friends, Our pets and belongings. Our health and the health of others. It is also a time to reflect on the good times we have had and shared. It's time to remember the bad and be hopefully optimistic about the future.

    Thanksgiving is the best Holiday of all becasue it is not a greedy Holiday(unles you eat the last piece of pie!). It is the opposite, in fact. Sharing, and being thankful is all that is expected of us. Making a lovely meal and expressing our thanks and gratitude for the good in our lives.

    I am truely thankful for so much and I hope you are too.

  • halo2mfan
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    I am thankful for having friends and a guild that we call home. We have gained lots of friends over the years, and we have all joined in on the fun with each other, but the friends I hold close are some of the greatest people. Friends you make , is something you should aim to keep, till you're old and grey.

  • kaliflower
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    Oh my thanksgiving is just days away! I hope everyone has everything together. Unlike our friendly Chef Michell who found himself in a bit of trouble....

    So the witch went on her way to find out what the big deal was...it's just food right? How hard could it really be?

    With a bit more of an idea of what was served, the witch went on her search..

    Looks good enough to eat!

    After the task was complete, the witch returned to the Chef just in time. Much to his dismay..the ingredients weren't exactly what he was hoping for, but being the amazing and all knowing Chef he is, he managed to whip up a meal worthy of the Gods. As long as you have good friends and family with you, it really doesn't matter whats on the table. What really matters is the love you share between all of you. Friends come in all shapes and sizes. Be thankful for those who truly cherish you in your life.

    Many thanks to my friends for helping me make this. Thank you: Belgariad, Shap, 'Syrup', Euliria
    P.S. I am so very,very grateful and thankful these guys survived during the hostile take over by the storm legion! I love these little guys!

    On a more serious note I wanted to add that FW has always been a game I could just enjoy to get away from the outside world. In general PWE games I found this peace through. When I needed a break from FW I found another PWE game that I took comfort in. I, by complete accident met someone who would become special to me. Without, this person...I'd surely be lost. Even, helped me pull off a cool tourney.
    All in all, I'm happy that PWE has been around for me.
    I was reminded of a ballad that was written. Always and forever, and forever and always. Though the sands of time may change things, or as the winds blow, and the earth shakes...here I am and here I'll stay.

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  • saeven#8288
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    I am thankful for my family and friends.
  • luis#4876
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    My thanks to you!

    Thank you for reading this post, show that you are human and understand that life is not just a game, thank you for reminding you that today is a special day, not just me for all of us!
    Thank you for thinking of your neighbor and remember that the next one is also human and you are the same as all of us.

    We are not different we are equal with different language and even showing how difficult it is I tried to show that even though I am Brazilian I am just like you!

    My sincere thanks to all of you who have read! ♥
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  • granispice
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    I'm Thankful that my new hip is doing so well
  • drnase
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    im thankful for this game, which lets me fly away from hard real life, for many years now. It animated my wife and me to marry not only in game....just in real life (2013). thanks for it and thanks for the strong community, how i said in good and in bad times....real....and ingame :)

    Dont worry, be happy
  • drakitzx
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    This year i am thankful for one more year on this crazy place with the love of my wonderful wife and my amazing baby boy who will be 2 years old in january. there is nothing like family!!!
  • spykesbaby
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    I am thankful for many things every day of my life, the fact I wake up every morning is probably the foremost of those, the love of family and friends would be a close 2nd, and for the ability to be able to come online and be part of an awesome dynamic community as this one. I don't get on with everyone, but those of you who are in my circle of light, I am blessed by the gift of you, you accept me with all my health problems and you don't see the countless times i typo and do stupid things because my head will not behave itself thanks to being the victim of an assault a few years ago. My Furion family I am thankful for, my FW gamescape , I am thankful for, My bunny half , I'd be lost without you both in game and in my life.
    These are just some of the things I am thankful for today and every day of my life,
    Stormy <3
  • kindlyspirit
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    I want to thanks most that meant the world to me my grandmother. My angel on earth also now in heaven.Taught me there always good in others just need to believe have fate. I want thank her teaching me morals an love an respect an honor other also myself. Its very hard talk of her as tears fill my eye's " alway be her little girl, now a lady be proud of. She had such wisdom.

    Want to thanks making Forsaken world unpredictable frustrated an love like somewhat like a family unit. Wasn't for game I never experience such a journey . Anyways wanted our thought that we appreciate . Well here is mine.

    Want talk simple things not might notice in life sometime's take for granted. To be appreciated the air to breathe, the fresh water to drink, the food to eat a roof over my head a job to pay for things.Thankful to have feet to walk or run. also hear any sound. I am glad can hold someone dear to me say I love you. Eye's to see. Happiness to have mother earth to protect us . love to be compassion an empath to others that close to me. Also can be straight forward. I also true beleiver in karma " what do to others would come twice as hard. So I very thankful many things never take thing for granted . I am letting my friends and family Sky know how thankful having in my life as hopefully part of thier.

    {To know happiness is see the dark an know it exist to appreciate the light}

    Quote:Happiness isn;t about what you want all time. Its about loving what you have an being grateful for it -;-{@

    Love by truely Rosey IIIfue server player
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  • rakdos2300
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    Well...where to start. First and for most im thankful for my wonderful boyfriend DeathXRage :3, for my wonderful friends that are as close as family, thankful that im still alive, and thankful im not clinically insane :D (might be generic but its all from the heart :3)
  • sodona
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    I'm thankful for my fiancee who doesn't grump or fuss when I've spent 16 hours straight in game, for my guildies who send get well messages when a touch of illness takes me out of game, for friends who never get tired of waking up earlier than usual to serial smash content over and over with me without complaining. I don't have much living family left, so I have come to adore and rely on the family I've met here. Thank you for being you, from the quirky trolls to the folks who do all the things all the time.
  • d3m0ncry
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    I am thankful for being healthy and having great moments with friends and family :D:D:D
  • infral0ve
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    Me, I'm thankful for every moment I was able to spend with my mom, who sadly passed away last December. I'm also thankful for every second I get to spend with my dad, it helps us both heal and take away some of the heartache. :)
  • folsom44#4626
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    whats not to be thankful for?we are still here!!!!(not trying to disrespect anyone cuz we have lost some awesome people over the years for sure)
  • I'm thankful it was him and not me. RIP JT
  • markhaugan
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    i am thankful for having such a great family. so much going on with nephews and nieces graduating, getting married, and just being able to see them getting older. i'm very thankful to my mother for always being by my side no matter how hard things have gotten. i'm thankful for all of the amazing friends i've made from joining a local competitive gaming community. i'm thankful to for fw for giving me the opportunity to find my awesome g/f! i'm also thankful for the great little community i've been apart of in fw. so i hope you all have a great thanksgiving and remember to stay safe and no drinking and driving!
  • isonny
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    If you have someone in your life that you are grateful for - someone to who you want to write another heartfelt, slanted, misspelled thank you note - do it. Tell them they made you feel loved and supported. That they made you feel like you belonged somewhere and that you were not a freak. Tell them all of that. Tell them today.
    Only her ;3
  • anyadpicsaja
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    Im thankful for my workplace i guess. Salary is eww but at least i can play FW non-stop there xD
  • laccer
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    I'm thankful for get married irl and my wife let me play FW :)
    Plus I have to say thanks for my guild, Immortals for weekly activities, events and all the fun moments :)
    Last, but not least, thank you Szip for being my ingame-wife :blush:
  • waterlie#7229
    waterlie#7229 Posts: 1 Arc User
    Im thankful to the "team PWI" for that they are ready to transfer the Ru server of Forsaken World. Because this game has become one of my favorite (I play 4+ years). I met so many amazing people and met my boyfriend.
    And I thankful to my family for help and support in getting a lawyer. I did it! xD
    Thankful Google translator for helping to translate all in English))))
  • jadedragoness
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    Im thankful to all the Veterans of the Armed forces that have served our great country! Many are disabled for one reason or another and FW gives them a way to focus on something, get a good laugh in, not have a care in the world while engaged in the game.
    We also have active duty members that pop in when they can!
    To all of you, Thank you for your service, both present and past!
    Storm Server
  • mazinger1
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    I am thankful for Domino not quitting on us even thoug people such as myself push him to the limit in Eyrda server whatever he gets paid is not enough.I am thankful for Varnania singlehandedly stopping people from being afk all day even thoug if its to pk him, you go Varn. And lastly thankful for forsaken world itself for being free and let me meet friends like Meredeath,douguie,reighn and alot more they deserve whatever reward i get for putting up with me even for a little bit every day it means alot to me.
  • scorpyboyz
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    The year has turned its circle,
    The seasons come and go.
    The harvest all is gathered in
    And chilly north winds blow.

    Orchards have shared their treasures,
    The fields, their yellow grain,
    So open wide the door way,
    Thanksgiving comes again!

    Once again, I'm so lucky to have such great friends and family. Also I'm thankful that I'm able to completed my study this year.
    Thank you.
  • cureautism2011
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    Happy Thanksgiving ALL!!! I am thankful that my disabled son is able to enjoy every day with his family and friends. LOVE and PEACE .
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