Happy Halloween!!!

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Did you already prepare for your Halloween Party? If not, you’ll have the chance to win some gorgeous Halloween items! How do you do that? That’s easy. Just follow the steps below and you’re signed up for our Halloween Party in Eyrda.

Event start: 28th October at 10am PDT

Event end: 31st October at 11:59pm PDT

Post a screenshot of the most scary

Fashion and/or
NPC and/or
Boss and/or
Location in Eyrda

on the Forum together with your character name and server. No Photoshop allowed!

Make sure to tell us what category you're entering, you may enter more than one, but may only win once.

After the event ends, our FW committee will meet and decide on the 3 best Halloween shots for each server.

So what’s in it for you? Here are the amazing items you can win!

1st place
Better than Nightmares Title

2nd place
Lord Candle Pet

3rd place
Pumpkin Nox Pet

To make things even better, there’ll be one lucky winner for each, EN and EU, who’ll receive our special prize:

[Extreme] Nightfall Pack

So what are you waiting for? Grab your camera, explore Eyrda and show us your Halloween shot!

*Prizes will not be delivered until 4th November 2016


  • pinkette1#7450
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    BalthazarFeu shylia

    Hebergeur d'image

    happy halloween ^^
    Hebergeur d'image
  • buffybomb
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    Scariest npc:

    Porudock Leukas the 8th
    Bloody evil clowns >_>

    Scariest location:

    Afterglow Cemetary, Dusk Town

    River of No Return, Sleeping Jungle
    ...Some kind of strange guillotine?

    Path of Betrayal, Sleeping Jungle
    I don't know what these strange things are for, and I don't think I want to, considering all the blood on them.

    Scariest fash:

    Turns out Red riding hood is actually the scary one in the story!

    Scariest boss:

    Larex the Evil Eye, Ancestral Catacomb
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  • dennenappel
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    Scary fashion/location in Eyrda, CREEPY PUMPKIN COMING FOR YOU FROM THE DEPTHS OF LAVA or something

    And scariest boss.. I think everyone agree, TOD95 last boss murders people so easily :sweat:

    Erzannah, Nyos server

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    Erzannah ~ lv100 divine priest (Nyos)
    member since 08/16/2011
  • gio#4911
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    That place you can sell your soul for evil stuff plots!


    Happy Halloween peeps!

    'I had a dream that I was one, that became two, that became one again.
    I looked through my dark half's eyes and knew, the hunt must end.
    Now we shall see...what lies at the dream's end.' UrVa, the Archer

  • bellasmurf
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    photo 2016-10-28 16-44-08_zpstu6rkfeq.png

    Everyone knows why this one is the scariest....

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Scariest Fashion (using alt Seirope)
    Coz rawr ima pumpkin head
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Scariest Location
    I don't think I need to explain this one......... :s
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Happy Halloween FW!!!!!!!
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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
  • isfolket80
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    Heads gonna roll....
    Happy Halloween >:)
    oOSheDevilOo illyfue

    Ghost Ship

    The skeleton thats hunts you in your dreams...

    Get ready to scream...
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    <3 Cuitepie <TyOhni's Wife> <3
    Illyfue- Fairytail

  • amarantos
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    Amantine - Eyrda

    Scary NPC:

    don't mess with time lords...

    Scary Fashion 1:

    the kind of fashion you'd like to unsee what you saw....

    Scary Fashion 2:

    Evil supreme pumpkin overlord practicing her summoning techniques...

    Scary Boss 1:

    Charlotte, Mistress of Malice - Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned....

    Scary Boss 2:

    Pacala, the Avatar of Plague - Imagine finding this in your basement...

    Scary Place:

    Out in the open world, minding your own business...never knowing who is watching, waiting to attack........
  • killerklark99
    killerklark99 Posts: 7 Arc User
    Halloween 2016 photo KK Halloween3_zps0p4ihaye.png

    KillerKlark - Eydra
    Pumpkin Head/Totemic Markings/Sharp Jeans/Duke's Leggings in Crucible @ Hellgate Fallout
    Spirit of Vengance
  • jcodera
    jcodera Posts: 10 Arc User
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    Jidel - West Lionheart

    The category I'm going for is creepy location... and I guess costume as well lol. Also made a little story to go with it too. Enjoy!


    A little girl was taking a stroll through the old town of Nightfall, hoping to find a dear friend of hers that disappeared a few nights ago. Until suddenly, she hears a whispering coming from one of the many alley's of old town.

    "Psst! Hey! Little one, over here!" A woman's voice beckoned her. The child turned towards the alleyway and found a sight she did not expect to see on this side of the citadel: a jester clad in bright colors and her clothes adorned with glinting stars. Her eyes barely visible under the large hat she donned but a warm, friendly smile chased away any suspicion the child may have had. The large ice cream that the jester held in front of her may have also helped.

    "Hello," the child greeted. "The carnival is up in the town square. Why are you down here miss?"

    The jester chuckled. "I am not apart of Porudock's troup. I have my own carnival," she announced, slowly lowering herself to the child's level and continuing in a soft tone. "It's a secret carnival."

    The Jester can see the curiosity spark in the child's eye and grinned. "It is hidden in a wonderful place and I have plenty animals that would be happy to play with children like you." The child's eyes grew wider with excitement and the Jester continued. "Would you like to see it? Before I open it to anyone else?"

    "YES!" The child practically shouted to the heavens. Now jumping with excitement. The Jester leaned forward, and whispered into the child's ear the location, then stood up and laughed kindly at the child as the joy from her eyes slowly turned to fear before her.

    "That's a scary place," the child muttered under her breath. "I can't go there."

    The Jester shook her head. "Nonsense!" she laughed off the statement. "I've been there many times with other children and they are fine!"

    The child still held the look of hesitation in her eyes, before the Jester asked her, "I promise it is safe." The child locked eyes with the Jester and can see nothing but kindness on her face. It should be fine, she'll be with an adult. What's the worst that can happen?

    Hours later, the child snuck away from home and used the teleporter crystal. In an instant, she stood in front of the Asylum of Dream. The sight took her breath away. There, on what appears to be a bridge of light, stood the Jester who greeted her.

    "Welcome my child!" The Jester beckoned the child onto the bridge and the child advanced with excitement. "Follow me and I'll show you where my carnival resides." The Jester turned and began to walk across the long bridge in long strides, the child quickly followed and still found herself way behind her.

    As the child continued across the bridge, she noticed the statues that decorated the bridge on both sides. They were malicious creatures, demons maybe, that bore sharp claws and large wings. They all appear to be staring at the child. She gazed ahead to the Jester who seems unphased by them, so she quickly hurried along.

    "We're almost there," the Jester announced. Not before long, the two stood in front a magnificent tower. Light that pierced the dark clouds above and shined down on the tower, almost like a spotlight. The child stood in awe, absolutely amazed that a place that exist in the abyss. "Beautiful, is it not?" The Jester asked, observing the child's wonder.

    "It's amazing!" the little girl piped. She could not tear her eyes off the wonder in front of her. She thought to herself just how much fun both she and her friend would have playing in such this carnival. "I wish my friends were here too."

    "Maybe in due time, I'll invite them to join you," the Jester said softly. The little girl hummed in agreement. "I'm so happy that you love it here..."

    "Miss? I have one question. You said that you have animals," the child began to turn to face the Jester. "Are they aslee..."


    That's my cheesy one shot to go with the creepy location.

    Happy Halloween folks!

  • tottiie
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    Character Name: Purfect
    Server: Illyfue

    Picture Shot taken in Cruicble area. (Scariest Location/Fashion)

    'Let the monsters come out and play'

    Happy Halloween all ~
  • harukonakajima
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    Character: HarukoNakajima
    Server: Illyfue

    Most scary locations:

    Most scary bosses:

  • nickvv
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    Character: VelvetStrike
    Sever: Illyfue

    Scary Location:
    Graveyards are said to be haunted when the bloodmoon is up...

    Scary mob:

    Scariest fashion:
    Last year i was locked up after timmy got scared while trick or treating.

    Scary NPC:
    Definately not trick or treating at their houses..

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  • xnavax
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    edited October 2016

    sry dont know how to upload the image best i could do

    Noru_Neiju LH
  • anyadpicsaja
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    Ayumichan - Storm Legion

    Crystal Valley - Dilapidated Ruins

    Scary Location

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  • iorrans
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    Scary fashion: Fire lord, Buuurrnnnn in Ruined Village - Dusk Town

    Scary location: Calamity Ruins - Dark abyss

    Scary NPC: Sagro - Griffin Garden in Land of Origination

    Scary Boss: BloodLetting beast x_X

    Happy Halloween

  • galadhwen23
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    Char name: Clyfar
    Server: Illyfue

    - Scariest fashion entry:

    - Scariest location entry:

    (Ruined village in Dusk Town)

    - Scariest boss (mob)

    Happy Halloween everyone.

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  • sirjir
    sirjir Posts: 114 Arc User
    Name: Iolar
    Server: Lionheart

    Happy Spoopy Halloweens Everyone!

    Right then, I like to subscribe to a few kinds of horror and what I define as scary usually is less jump scare and more on the bone-chilling style, the kind of stuff that just feels so out of the ordinary realm of what should or shouldn't be in our reality. So kind of went for that kind of stuff here:

    Scary Fashion:

    Got to go with the old-school Destroyer kit with Demon wings, set perfectly in where else but the Nightmare Prison's temple, complete with hanging heart decor, floating gravity defying rocks, and those haunting statues.

    Scary NPC:

    Okay so...I know, I know...not exactly scary on the outside but have you READ the quests to this woman?! Black market overlord, a secret network of spies doubling as waitresses and bartenders, controlling the Tavern networks, oh and let's not forget - she was killing people for her kindred relatives to feed on! Don't let the innocent veneer fool you...she's got a darkness as deep, if not more so, than Henry or Dysil themselves.

    Scary Boss:

    Okay I am honestly surprised this has not been used yet - when I thought of scary, of disturbing and bone-chilling this boss came right to mind - Hell Road Room 40's Boss. Just look at it! Gaunt face, those eerie attacks, the trapped souls it's walking with, just...everything about it screams that you should well...scream. First time I saw it in Hell's Road the instance's name really fit for me. All the bosses until now didn't set my mind at ill-ease as much as this...thing. Sure it's now just one more step for some in the Hell Road weekly grind but every time I get to this room it just...unsettles me. FW artists why must you haunt my thoughts with beasts like this?

    Scary Area:

    Going to have to go with two here. The first is a bit more by appearance, the other has a more personal story to it.

    The first has to be Vyda's Tear ritual site in Sea of Oblivion.

    I spent a ton of time in this area in the early days of FW for me and the ancient statues surrounded by the flying dark souls, lightning chaining into the statue in the center that had the burning blue eyes...it all just was creepy, an ominous sort of foreboding atmosphere and all.

    The second though?

    I rather enjoy taking screenshots of areas I like and having always mained a Kindred, the Kindred starter area was incredible to me, full of nostalgia. One day while lagging on entry, I fell through the floor. Happens sometimes, right? Guild base floors, falling under Freedom Harbor, the like. Well this was a bit of an eerie discovery for me though. I fell under the floor and landed next to...a pile of bones and a gravestone. There under the map for seemingly no reason. And I was stuck under there while waiting on my town portal. Fun times right? I still don't quite get why this exists but it's a nice creepy addition to an already very ghoulish map.
    Iolar - Level 100 Assassin of Lionheart's Avatar

  • hurty08
    hurty08 Posts: 31 Arc User
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    Gwarem, Shylia
    Hebergeur d'image
  • divinityscarlet
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    "The Ghost of Halloween"

    There was once an elf who loved Halloween,
    And on candy she was ever so keen.
    Though she was a priest who could do no harm,
    Her outfit surely had a frightening charm.

    Sadly it was not as intended,
    For disappointing is how it ended.
    Quickly becoming a source of laughter,
    No one took her seriously from thereafter.

    Although unaware if it was out of intrigue or pity,
    There was a ghost drawn to her in this haunted city.
    "On Halloween Eve there should not be one so sad,"
    "After all, there is too much candy to be had."


    "Upon you I place a curse,"
    "So that you may cause all to scream and disperse."
    "Only when you look in the mirror shall the curse be lifted,"
    "But until then you shall remain scarily gifted."

    And so it came to her surprise,
    Her little pumpkin bag soon became a heavy prize.
    All who saw her were genuinely horrified,
    Some even ran to hide!


    Through lands dark and light the elf did wander,
    "Had she figured it out?" the ghost would ponder.
    But the elf was unaware of the ghost so near,
    For she had finally seen a man frozen in fear!


    Even if she never did find out why,
    The many looks of fear were enough to satisfy.
    Had she perhaps given it some thought,
    She may have realized the ghost had a soft spot.


    For even if you are monster or ghost,
    Halloween should be a myriad of fun for most.
    Whether for better or for worse,
    There is no such thing as a ghost who can cast a curse!

    Happy Halloween, may you find some scary ghost to help you in your Trick-or-Treating adventures!

    By Divillae, from Illyfue server.
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  • siraelchan
    siraelchan Posts: 33 Arc User
    ~Scariest Fashion Entry~

    ~Sometimes you need to go to the dark side to revive Halloween Spirits~

    Cieriel, Illyfue

    <| Light Bard | Illyfue | The right side of wrong |>
  • kuukami
    kuukami Posts: 166 Arc User
    edited October 2016
    Scariest Boss (our guild leader):
    When he mentions YouTube, we all scream and run!


    Vepigi, Illfyue
  • kotarofuuma
    kotarofuuma Posts: 28 Arc User
    edited October 2016

    sasaki_kojiro - Lionheart
    scariest location. the abyss beside the Tomb of Kings gate npc.
    "He who fights with monsters should be careful lest he thereby become a monster.
    And if thou gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee."

    ~F. Nietzsche
  • angelhead
    angelhead Posts: 163 Arc User
    Character: Freida
    Server: Illyfue

    Scary fashion:

    I have turned, it appears, his day to night.

    Scary NPC:

    Andros - Styx Manager.

    Scary boss:

    Jabba the...ehm...I mean Blubbard, the superscary boss from Outer Ancestral Catacombs!

    Scary location:

    Cursed Dungeon in Ever Abyss.

    Happy Halloween <3
    Freida ~ Inferno Vampire ~ Rohans
  • binaryqueen#4116
    binaryqueen#4116 Posts: 553 Arc User
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    Greetings From Eyrda and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!

    Fashion is: Fearless Warrioress Suit, Twilight Grace Pants and Raider Stockings complete with lv 4 Bloodshade Wings :3

    Always loved this area...

    The Bridge at Aslyum of Dreams

    And lastly, my most favorite place in this world...

    The Amazing Structure glimmering with eery beauty from the gloom at Wailing Wood

    I hope you enjoyed this collection from,

    xluna_girlx of Eyrda <3

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    Fairy tales are more than true:
    Not because they tell us dragons exist,
    but because they tell us dragons can be beaten.
    ~G.K. Chesterton~
    Eyrdan Glacial Priest
  • halo2mfan
    halo2mfan Posts: 10 Arc User
    Alright, my favorite holiday, time to make some good choices

    KageSenko - Lionheart
    Lover of Halloween and Spooky Scary Skeletons on repeat

    Fashion - Horrible Pumpkin Head, Big Bad Wolf Claws, Twilight Raid Pants, Bunny Feet, and Demonspider Wings

    NPC - TM Entrance NPC, No one likes TM...

    Ugly/Horrifying Boss - Hermit Master Cyclops

    Location in Eyrda - Asylum of Dream , its very ghostly.

    If you play Overwatch, my Marksman is a mini Reaper in the making.

  • tinasloba
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    character:Tinasloba Server:Lionheart

    Fashion:chest :Red reddging dress,pinkfox boots, baronnes bottons and bad kitty, pet gargole. With npc Humar and localitation chambers of embrace
    imagephoto para concurso hallowen fw_zpsgffauo0b.jpg" alt="" />

    Boss Wraith first mate free island and mount hallowen
    imagephoto concurso halloween wraith firts mate boss_zpsulm5g6rf.jpg" alt="" />

    imagephoto wb level 100_zpsfh3ujr6i.jpg" alt="" />


    imagephoto boss erc_zpswbiemoku.jpg" alt="" />

    imagephoto bossde erc 1_zpsm7mzvoaw.jpg" alt="" />

    Location in Eyrda

    imagephoto concurso hallowen localizacion_zpsmwdsfokr.jpg" alt="" />

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  • vitserai2
    vitserai2 Posts: 4 Arc User




    Head: Horrible Pumpkin Head
    Chest: Shadoww Suit
    Legs: Devil Acolyte Pants
    Feet: Twilight Raid Boots
    Mount: Hell Blazer



    God of Brimstone Envoy


    God of Luck Envoy



    Elite Gosth of Flame


    Location in Eyrda:

    The Serpent Pit

  • essabee93
    essabee93 Posts: 42 Arc User
    edited October 2016
    Character Name: (Main) Jazllynn. (Toon Used) Jazzaria
    Server: Lionheart

    Fashion: Mad scientist, anyone?

    NPC: Achedemon in a.... what is that?

    Creepy, spooky location? Look no further than the Wailing Woods. Just look at how the mist rolls in... Haunting but yet, serene.

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  • nickvv
    nickvv Posts: 340 Arc User
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    Round 2 for scariest locations: HRD aka Halloween road deluxe. (VelvetStrike - Illyfue)

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  • feida88#6199
    feida88#6199 Posts: 247 Arc User
    Entry for the Scariest location:

    The Twilight Castle: those ghost are scarier and deadlier than the Dementors from Harry Potter, they fly around, protecting their home, they where once powerful Vampire Lords but now they are bound to remain near the castle, but they're just a warning for any visitors... who wish to enter their castle.-

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Entry for the Scariest Fashion (outfit):

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Entry for the Scariest NPC:

    Child of Dark NPC: this little child gives me creeps,so little he is... but so evil and dark inside.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Spviti-Illyfue .

    I wish a Happy halloween to everyone! <3>:)

    "You were just a figment of my overactive Imagination".
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