On Divine Wings, All Attribute Attack, PVE Intensity and Priests (damage and how it's calculated)

So with the new Divine Wing system, and the ability to simply flip things like All Attribute Attack, Attack, Mastery, PvE Intensity on and off again instantly, this gives a mechanism by which we can quickly test and analyse what each item does.

Further, and equally as important, is that Priests with their new Soul Eater/Light Eater skill, offers a 130% base damage skill that does not require a weapon equipped to cast. This is really important, because when we unequip a weapon, a character's attack score remains fixed and does not vary in damage (unless we crit of course) against monsters of the same type AND level.

In this way, we can measure the impact of what each damage boosting item does and from that, derive some of the mechanics of how damage is calculated.

The damage formula, after some testing (and assuming a not crit), appears to be the following:

damage = (SM * ATK + SB + EAT - D - ED) * LFF * (1 + (M-R)/1000) * (1 + PVIE/1000)


SM = Skill Damage Multiplier (eg. 130% = 1.3)
ATK = Character's Attack Score (or random within the attack score range with a weapon equipped)
SB = Skill Bonus Damage
EAT = Elemental Attack Damage (All Attribute Attack) for your character's mastery type that matches the skill mastery type (it is a flat unmultiplied damage bonus)
D = Target's Defense Score
ED = Target's Elemental Defense Score against the mastery type of your skill
LFF = Level Fudge Factor (still working on how this is calculated, but it is calculated on your level vs the target's level)
M = Your Mastery score for the Mastery type of the skill you're using
R = Target's Resistance Score against your skill's Mastery Type
PVIE = PvE Intensity Score (it really is a flat damage multiplier)

From this, you can all figure out what are the preferable things to focus on.


  • hurty08
    hurty08 Posts: 31 Arc User
    What do u mean with "Level Fudge Factor"? it's the only one that i don't understand xD
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  • unusualsuspect1
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    hurty08 said:

    What do u mean with "Level Fudge Factor"? it's the only one that i don't understand xD

    There's some formula within that which modifies the damage that we do dependent upon our level, and the target level.

    LFF is just some name that I ascribed to it. Call it a Level Multiplication Modifier or whatever if that sounds better.