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Thor's Protect /Thor's Power skill?

Anyone around who can tell me where to find that skills from the patch notes? Nothing new in the talent tree and no new awakening skills.
Or does it simply mean what i tested that i can cast the skill while beeing and staying stunned or silenced,...
c) Lightning Mage-Thor's Protect /Thor's Power: After this skill is learnt, Flash Step can ignore controlling effects. In 3/6 sec. (Kindred 2/4/6 sec.) after Flash Step is cast, increase Move Speed by 100%.


  • dlhy1988dlhy1988 Posts: 139 Arc User
    added on error desc 2381
    between windblast and dispelling wind at the bottom

    seems to be the most right talent because human can go to 2/2 and kindred 3/3
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