Scheduled server maintenance [9/21/16 11pm PDT]

Hey everyone,
We will be having our regular server maintenance tonight at 11pm PDT. There will be a patch to fix the FR and DE servers not being able to access the new content as well as a fix for the profanity filter. Maintenance is expected to last about 6 hours so during that time you will not be able to access the live servers.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

- The Forsaken World Team


  • satsau#9104
    satsau#9104 Posts: 17 Arc User
    Hey Domino, Guild AH didnt refresh on monday at 19:00 as usual, Financial points are also at 0 on LH. Heavenly coin exchange also missing at the npc on LH server : ) Please fix if you guys have time thank you.
  • dennenappel
    dennenappel Posts: 133 Arc User
    Were we supposed to get our fashion prizes from the contests with this maintenance?
    I'm from Nyos server and received nothing yet :open_mouth:
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  • thenamesdomino
    thenamesdomino Posts: 1,679 Arc User
    I got a few messages like that. I'm checking to see what happened...
  • tehpeach
    tehpeach Posts: 66 Arc User
    I logged in this morning all happy thinking ok maint happened when I get to Peachy I should have mail...excited...excited..and...nothing...*sighface*
  • neihi
    neihi Posts: 97 Arc User
    Me too :P
  • isfolket80
    isfolket80 Posts: 222 Arc User
    same here want my fashion :)
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  • misstressraevin
    misstressraevin Posts: 20 Arc User
    Well if you see it was only two servers I still cant get my challenge,the pets and toons still can not go to GT2 and EI and among other things Storm is still f'd up atm.. Spend rewards is up for us but who would want to spend money on something that we cant barely even play at the moment???
  • neihi
    neihi Posts: 97 Arc User
    edited September 2016
    ''Houston we got a problem''