Dim Wars still broken!!

After 1 year you arent able to fix that, realy? Everyone waited for the patch to get it fixed but nope its not...
So disappointing and without words...


  • fwooshe
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    Domino, I don't understand you people sometimes. Like people who know me, know how positive I try to think and react to everything you guys throw at us , even if it's super bad and negative. But this is really getting out of control.
    You guys are killing our game and we are losing friends and people we play with for a long time, cause of all these bugs, all this slowness. No events, no fixes, no good promos, no explainations, no clarity. Honestly, sometime we wonder if you guys even KNOW what you get in your game, if you are even aware. Now, I know that your team probably has no power of development and you have to wait for China, but it honestly gets to a point, where it's just hilarious. One whole year you cant fix one event... More than that... you havent fixed AFKing in battlefields. Arena NPCs gone, Rifts hilariously outdated. Really, fix your game, cause we love it, we enjoy it, but it's getting a biiiit too much lately.
  • fwooshe
    fwooshe Posts: 72 Arc User
    Ooooh yea. You havent balanced zodiac bosses accordign to server size, you havent fixed elemental bosses locking up. New bugs came back. No names in FF , chat is horribly bugged. And the list goes on and on. And all of this isnt just small random bugs. This is quality of gameplay bugs. Bugs that other games fix within HOURS. And we wait for them for years...
  • allisonfelice
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    edited September 2016
    Dim wars not working, names completely erased in battlefields, arena npc gone. More bugs and broken things are being added to the list, and the more add up, the less things get fixed. Aside from Dim Wars, the bug megathread has the same things in it as the last time there was one, which was how long ago again? I lost count. I get it, you gotta get things from China first before they come our way, but it's getting pretty terrible, honestly.
  • solin6
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    i think its more fun without having names in the battlefield
  • fwooshe
    fwooshe Posts: 72 Arc User
    How is it more fun , when you barely know who you meet. You don't know when and if you should use cooldowns. If you are a healer, you dont know who to heal. People with weaker pc's who need to play with graphics off, are royally screwed.
  • loreaindarain
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    this game would be so much more active if all these pvp instances were fixed
  • jonnyisland1
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    amazing how long it takes to fix stuff here........... 1!!!! year and still its buged
    So much excitement just got shattered again and again and again...