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Possible workaround for those of you with disconnections.



  • heinesenheinesen Posts: 209 Arc User
    Its have work for me thanks Domino now my main and alt stay online with np :)
  • mrspadaleckimrspadalecki Posts: 22 Arc User
    Do we do step#2 to both arc launcher AND the forsaken world shortcut? Just curious in advance before I attempt this. Thanks!

    Here's a possible workaround for those of you experiencing Disconnections. Try this:

    1. Right click the launcher, select properties, and then the compatibility tab.

    2. Make sure 'run this in compatibility mode for: Windows XP (service pack 3)' is selected and 'Run as Administrator' is selected.

    3. Select the Shortcut Tab, then select Advanced. Make sure it's set to 'Run as Administrator' then hit Ok.

    4. Once you've done that, verify your client, then try running it again.

    This has helped a few people with disconnection issues. It may help you too.

  • djkorndjkorn Posts: 25 Arc User
    So ive been having issues with the following things:

    Logging into the Lionheart training ground - staying logged in trying to do the dailies
    SoO and other rep areas - game disconnects me shortly after logging in
    General questing/daily work - logging in can last from 5 minutes to 2 hours
    General DC'ing when trying to run instances/dungeons/raids

    I have done the steps in the first post. I have also set the comp. issues within windows to windows 7 and found some relief. I am running windows 10 64 bit. I used to play this way back when and had some issues, but nothing like this now. I cant even seem to really be able to play this, and am slightly frustrated like most people.

    Anyone found bugs with previous characters? I havent tried with any of the other characters i have, but am open to suggestions at this point.
  • phad#2241 phad Posts: 1 Arc User
    Solution please:
  • zeneca17zeneca17 Posts: 4 Arc User
    Today i started having Timeout bugs, and whenever i tried to go to X-server the game would crash and the Reportbugs window would appear.

    Is there anything i can do?
    Thank you.
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