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Fashion Week! Eyrda's Next Top Model

thenamesdominothenamesdomino Posts: 1,679 Arc User
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We, the members of Forsaken World’s Fashion Week board of esteemed directors would like to thank everyone for their well wishes and support for making our inaugural Fashion Week such a resounding success. It is with great pride we announce the fabulous return of Fashion Week to Eyrda! And this time we’re looking for beautiful people to headline this, the most lavish, the most luxurious, and most publicized of events.

Once again we will be holding a very special contest for all you lovely people out there. This time we add a twist… We want you to be Eyrda’s Next Top Model!

There are no categories for eligibility this time, and it’s open to all who seek fame, fortune, and fashion!

Here’s what you need to do:
  • Entries must submit one Main Glamour photo and several secondary photographs (no more than3) putting the beauty of their model on display for all to admire.
  • Entries must submit a brief blurb telling us why you feel you should be Eyrda’s Next Top Model.
  • Entries will be judged on how creative the outfit is (including handhelds)
  • Entries will be judged on creative use of the camera
  • Entries will be judged on overall quality of the photograph
  • Entries will be judged on the creativity of the poses
  • Entries submitted must list all pieces of their fashion ensemble(s)
  • Entries submitted must list the name of their model and the server in which the model resides.
  • Use of photo editing software (such as photoshop, Gimp, etc.) is encouraged but not required.

The Esteemed Board will then select from this pool 10 finalists per server and post those entries in the forums. Once the finalists have been announced, we will open the voting to you the community to pick you 5 favorite models per server!

The model with the most votes for each server will receive a very exclusive title and a complete fashion set of their choice for the gender of the model they submitted!

Our four runners up will each receive a complete fashion set of their choice for the gender of the models they submitted!

Model Submissions Begin: 8/10/16 @ 10am PDT
Model Submissions End: 8/25/16 @ 10:00am PDT

Community Voting Begins: 8/26/16 @ 10:00am PDT
Community Voting Ends 8/28/16 @ 11:59pm PDT

Good Luck! And may the odds be ever in your favor!

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  • aerynt2yeaaerynt2yea Posts: 1 Arc User
    My mage I brought back to life after a 2 year break. I love it! - Idol



  • fugukinsfugukins Posts: 26 Arc User
    edited August 2016
    Sooo here's my entry for the contest!

    My model is Kiirakins from Illyfue.

    She is a real beauty with a goddess like grace and I think she'll deserve to be Eyrda's Next Top Model!

    List of items:
    Ivory Laurel
    Chromafate Shirt
    Lunarfly Dress
    Exquisite Finery Boots
    Rose handheld
    Human Wings

    Items in the last picture:
    Phoenix Dance Crown
    Butterfly Dress
    Lunarfly Dress
    Frills Heels
    Elf Wings
    (not visible Rose Handheld)

    Do tell me if I have misunderstood any rules as I am not a native English speaker <3
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  • blackstabberblackstabber Posts: 3 Arc User
    edited August 2016
    Man of few words, and born to be wild, SethXDaemon of Lionheart server, the heart of the wilds are in his corner as the next top model, are you in his corner too? (Ignore the guild name weirdness, the first image is very old)

    Hopefully I at least place, I could use a win in my corner finally.
    Character name: SethXDaemon Server Lionheart.
    Fashion pieces: Destroyer Mask, Gambit Tunic, Sheriff Pants, Sheriff Boots, and Bloodshade Wings (chroma lvl 1).
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  • secretswsecretsw Posts: 46 Arc User
    edited August 2016
    This protector is not just for protecting his peeps and providing cookies! but he is also fluffy and a teddy bear! For this protector would love to become, Eyrda’s Next Top Model!!!

    Hair Fash: Scarlet Lolus Sweep
    Chest Fash: Night Thorn Coat
    Pants fash: Night Brier Trousers

    Hair Fash: Scarlet Lolus Sweep
    Chest Fash: Sunbath Towel
    Pants fash: FW Grand Commemorative Pants

    Hair Fash: Scarlet Lolus Sweep
    Chest Fash: Sunbath Towel
    Pants fash: FW Grand Commemorative Pants

    Hair Fash: Beastmaster King Style
    Chest Fash: Beastmaster King Jacket
    Pants fash: Bestmaster King Hides

    Toon Name: DeathXRage
    Level: 100
    Class: Protector
    Server: LionHeart
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  • alariaureaarnithalariaureaarnith Posts: 9 Arc User
    edited August 2016
    Name: Arlesha
    Race/Class: Lycan Priest
    Server: Lionheart

    Arlesha has lots of experience changing clothes - fashion is her passion! Not only is her wardrobe one of her top priorities in this Forsaken World, she has all the experience Eyrda's Next Top Model needs with various poses and skills to perfectly capture the mood of each and every shot! From regal to pop star, these pictures speak for themselves - this lycan should be Eyrda's Next Top Model!

    Complete Lunarfly set
    Lycan Racial Wings

    Complete Nightingale Princess Set
    Demonspider Wings

    Complete Exalted Eminence Set
    Human Wings

    Complete Frost Disciple Set
    Lycan Racial Wings
    Eyrdan Beauty Handheld
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  • secretswsecretsw Posts: 46 Arc User

    Can anyone tell me why I cannot post the pics as the rest did?=( Iam having a long battle xD only can paste the links...someone help?

    Do you see the paper icon with the arrow drop next to it?, click that and place the url of the imaga there

  • isfolket80isfolket80 Posts: 222 Arc User
    edited August 2016

    @secretsw I did! but the images won't appear =( also I see that the smileys also do not appear =/ aish! what am I doing wrong? x.x

    quote read this post
    Can tell what i do
    First you can use a easy thing as tinypic uppload strait to get your img
    You use the direct link after you got the pic there

    first say in your post
    an exsample
    you can see in my post how i posted it hope some make sens
    and you just type in strait in dont need be on anything

    <3 Cuitepie <TyOhni's Wife> <3
    Illyfue- Fairytail

  • isfolket80isfolket80 Posts: 222 Arc User
    edited August 2016
    wrong place i posted :)

    <3 Cuitepie <TyOhni's Wife> <3
    Illyfue- Fairytail

  • feida88#6199 feida88 Posts: 247 Arc User
    edited August 2016
    Spviti - Illyfue. o:)

    Fashion is a whole world of elegance, beauty, fun...and dyes! I wish to win this contest and become Eyrda's Top Model, to honor the way I feel about fashion.

    My Glamour Photo:

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Fash Head: Exalted Eminence Circlet.(dyed)
    Fash Chest: Lady Of Night Dress.
    Fash Legs: Lady Of Night Stockings.
    Fash Feet: Lady Of Night Tight Boots.
    Off Hand: Suri.

    The Extra Photos:

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Fash Head: Merry Wings Circlet.
    Fash Chest: Dancing Queen's Skirt.( dyed)
    Fash Legs: Dancing Queen's Stockings.(dyed)
    Fash Feet: Frills Heels.
    Off Hand: Glacial Heart.
    Fashion Wings: Illusory Wings.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Fash Head: Merry Wings Circlet.
    Fash Chest: Frost Disciple's Holiday Shirt.(dyed)
    Fash Legs: Merry Wings Stockings.
    Fash Feet: White Charm Long Boots.
    Off Hand: Eyrdan Beauty.
    Fashion Wings: Skysward.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Fash Head: Exalted Eminence Circlet.(dyed)
    Fash Chest: White Charm Coat.
    Fash Legs: Lady Of Night Stocking.
    Fash Feet: Lady Of Night Tight Boots.
    Off Hand: Rose.

    *Special thanks to @isfolket80 & @secretsw for helping me post the picz!* <3

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    "You were just a figment of my overactive Imagination".
  • isfolket80isfolket80 Posts: 222 Arc User
    @muralasa89 yw dear <3

    <3 Cuitepie <TyOhni's Wife> <3
    Illyfue- Fairytail

  • secretswsecretsw Posts: 46 Arc User
    @muralasa89 Glad it worked! XD

  • kalabungalakalabungala Posts: 122 Arc User
    edited August 2016
    BogMunje - Eyrda. Mages are bringers of natrual disasters where they pass nothing is left.
    prep cut
    outland silver
    fresh suspenders
    summer sandals


    One that look from above
    prep cut
    luminary shirt
    luminary pants
    luminary shoes
    Even might spirits shall be afraid when mage is on their way

    perp cut
    breezy noble coat
    5th ann pants
    5th ann shoes
    Conquer of Hell
    Silvercat hat
    tontemic markings
    dynamic pants
    shoes burnt by lava
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  • sinthios#4736 sinthios Posts: 4 Arc User

    Charachter Name: KRshinthintl
    Server: Illyfue

    KRshinthintl wants to fight for the rights of the demons to be able to wear more fashion sets, and because, we can also look elegant in a delicate dress. (with tail and horns included) :p

    So he wishes to become the first Eyrda top model, cheers!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Fashion Used:
    Enthusiasm's Hat
    Enthusiasm's Coat
    Enthusiasm's Trousers
    Enthusiasm's Boots

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Fashion Used:
    Fallen Plume Circlet
    Fallen Plume Tabard
    Fallen Plume Troussers
    Fallen Plume Boots
  • siraelchansiraelchan Posts: 33 Arc User
    edited August 2016
    ~ Fashion is both passion and elegance but regardless of that come and take step to wild side of life with me - Eyrda's Next Top Model. Cieriel is both elegant and adventurous enough to go on photo shoots anywhere in Eyrda and will always bring the right clothes for the job with her. Definitely a full package in terms of modeling. ~

    Cieriel - Illyfue

    Glamour photo

    Phoenix Dance Crown
    Butterfly Dress
    Merry Wings Stocking
    Summer Brandy Ankle Boots
    Candelit Wings

    The extras

    One of the default hairs for elf
    Phoenix Dance Top
    Phoenix Dance Plume
    Princess' Heels
    Candelit Wings

    Lunarfly Headgear
    Floral Blossom
    Delicate Shorts
    Bride's Heels
    Candelit Wings

    Full Frost Discipline's set
    Candelit Wings
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    <| Light Bard | Illyfue | The right side of wrong |>
  • wolfenstormwolfenstorm Posts: 135 Arc User
    My name is Sorgina and I reside on the Lionheart server.

    There are two things people always comment on in relation to me, despite them always mistaking me for a light bard, and those two things happen to always be in relation to my fashion. Others are usually commenting on my choice of fashion and how I ensemble my pieces uniqely. Also, others are always asking where my pants went. I believe I am a great contender for the spot of the next top model due to these qualities I possess, which will be shown in my photos.

    Here is my glamour photo:

    The pieces in this set are:
    My normal, non-fashion, hair.
    Demonspider Wings
    Dragon Star Coat
    Sunbath Shorts
    Summer Sandals

    The following are my alternative photos;

    The pieces in this set are:
    Feast of Ice and Fire Headwear
    Bloodshade Wings
    Fallen Plume Tabard
    Destroyer Briefs
    Outlaw Boots

    The pieces in this set are:
    Luminary Hood
    Bloodshade Wings
    Luminary Shirt
    Destroyer Briefs
    Summer Sandals

    The pieces in this set are:
    Feast of Ice and Fire Headwear
    Wings of Nobility
    First Officer's Top
    Sunbath Shorts
    Ether Shoes

    Thank you!

  • angelheadangelhead Posts: 158 Arc User
    I would love to win Eyrda’s next top model because I adore mixing different fashions and getting inspiration from the diverse sceneries and maps of Forsaken World! This is what I tried to capture in my picture and with my models fashion.
    Stylish, whimsical and with a sprinkle of fairy dust B)

    Char/Model name: Freida
    Server: Illyfue

    Main Glamour photo:


    Head: Sky Dancer Coif
    Chest: Exquisite Finery Gown
    Legs: Expectation Stockings
    Feet: Chromafate Shoes
    Handhold: Suri

    Secondary photos:


    Head: Moon Scar Hat
    Chest: Rosecat Top
    Legs: Phantom's Pants
    Feet: Phantom's Boots
    Wings: lvl3 Skysward Wings


    Head: Bright Sun Hat
    Chest: Frost Disciple’s Holiday Shirt
    Legs: Bride’s Garters
    Feet: Bride’s Heels
    Handhold: Dandy Candy
    Wings: Human lvl3 Wings.

    Freida ~ Inferno Vampire ~ Rohans
  • blacklejablackleja Posts: 17 Arc User
    '' It's always important to look your best - cute, stylish or simply bad ****''

    Head : Feast of fire and ice Headwear
    Cheast : Breezy noble Coat
    Legs : Snow Sueve Pants
    Feet: Fallen plum Boots
    Wings: lvl 4 kindred

    Head : Sunbath Glasses
    Cheast : Dragon Star Coat
    Legs : Dragon Star Trousers
    Feet: Fallen plum Boots
  • navieennavieen Posts: 2 Arc User

    Model Name: xLadyMacabrex |Server: Storm

    She would love to become the next Top Model as an inspiration to all vampires that they can be as elegant and graceful as the elves. Lady spends her days collaborating new and old fashions to achieve the best result possible, matching them with her mounts and pets. Her dream goal is to acquire every fashion item in game.
    Pic #1 Head:Chromafate Circlet
    Moonscar Coat
    Moonscar Bud
    Moonscar Shoes
    Handheld:Eyrdan Beauty

    Pic#2 Head:Courtesan Hair
    Courtesan Bodice
    Idol Skirt
    Courtesan Stockings

    Pic#3 Head: Exquisite Finery Crown
    Exquisite Finery Gown
    Exquisite Finery Pants
    Exquisite Finery Boots

    Pic #4 Head:Bunny Maids Clothes
    Bunny Maid Top
    Saloon Garter
    Debutante Heels
    Handheld: Sunflower

  • sharkybitessharkybites Posts: 3 Arc User
    edited August 2016
    My Model varilina - Storm

    Glamour photo

    Head: German Team hairstyle
    Chest: Lady of the night dress
    Legs: lady of the night stockings
    Feet: Lady of the night thigh boots
    Wings: Demon Level 3


    Head: German team hairstyle
    Chest: Summer Brandy long skirt
    Legs: Summer Brandy pants
    Feet: Summer Brandy ankle boots
    Held: I Am Lord Of Song
    Wings: Human level 3

    varilina has always been about fashion since her first day in forsaken world. Always coming up with news ways of mix matchin and dying fashion, or just being elegant as well as always wanting the new fashions that comes her way. varilina would love to become Eyrda's Next Top Model
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  • ninjajo2ninjajo2 Posts: 3 Arc User
    edited August 2016
    My model SoulDelta from Storm Legion should be next top model because she's got the brawn of a warrior and the beauty and style of the elf.

    Head: Summer Brandy Circlet
    Chest: Jockey Top
    Legs: Idol Skirt
    Feet: Courtesan Stockings
    Handheld: Eyrdan Beauty

    Extra Shots:

    Head: Raider's Cap
    Chest: Calamity Corset
    Legs: Idol Skrit

    Head: Summer Brandy Circlet
    Chest: Stormchaser Suit
    Legs: Stormchaser Legs
    Feet: Stormchaser Boots
    Kindred Wings Lv2
  • buffybombbuffybomb Posts: 182 Arc User
    edited August 2016
    Toon name: Euliria
    Server: Lionheart

    To be a top model, not only do you need the right fashion, poses and location

    Head: Sunbath Hairstyle
    Chest: Beach Top
    Legs: Bright Wrap
    Feet: Sunflare heels
    Wings: Elf

    You also need the right pet

    Head: Chromafate Circlet
    Chest: Chromafate Shirt
    Legs: Phoenix Dance Plume
    Feet: Moon Scar Shoes
    Wings: Dwarf

    The right mount

    Head: Fallen Quill Circlet
    Chest: Paradise Top
    Legs: Paradise Panties
    Feet: Ivory Heels
    Wings: Elf
    Handheld: Prismatic Wand

    And most importantly... You need the right attitude

    (Glamour Photo)
    Head: Merry Wings Circlet
    Chest: Snow Sprite jacket
    Legs: White Charm Shorts
    Feet: Merry Wings Boots
    Wings: Skysward

    And Euli? She has it all, and more...
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  • amarantosamarantos Posts: 3,063 Arc User
    edited August 2016
    Amantine, Eyrda server

    A great model must be willing to go wherever the spotlight takes her, no matter how dangerous...even to the dark and fiery depths of the abyss, if only to pierce it with her shining beauty, to stand out among all the rubbish rubble....

    fashion used:
    exquisite finery crown
    frost disciple's holiday shirt
    frost disciple's holiday shorts
    frost disciple's holiday hose
    skysward wings
    no handheld

    For her, fashion is like Pokemon...she must collect every piece so that she can try on every outfit and combination...She will always look her best, whether in battle or lazing around town...

    A great model only needs one shot to get the job done, as her beauty radiates from every angle....

    EDIT: here's a secondary photo in case of tie....

    fashion used:
    exquisite finery crown
    summer brandy long skirt
    summer brandy pants (not seen)
    bride's heels (not seen)
    titan's wings
    no handheld

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  • kaliflowerkaliflower Posts: 53 Arc User
    edited August 2016

    To be considered for Eryda's Next Top Model it takes work, effort, and I consider it to be a honor if awarded such a title.
    To be the next Top Model you must be caring, love nature, fearless in fashions, and dare to be a leader.

    Art's Glamour Shot

    Head:Oriental Hood
    Chest: Oriental Dress
    Handheld: Glacial Heart
    Wings: Bloodshade Wings

    Art feeding her "Po" some bamboo near the waterside under some cherry blossom trees.

    Head: Oriental Hood
    Chest: Oriental Dress
    Legs: Oriental Bottoms
    Feet: Oriental Slippers
    Wings: Lycan
    Handheld: Inferno Kourbash
    Pet: Pandy named Po


    Head:Phoenix Dance Crown
    Chest: Phoenix Dance Top
    Pants: Phoeniix Dance Plume
    Feet: Not shown
    Handheld: Sunflower
    Wings: None

    Be just in your role

    Head: FW Grand Commemorative Hat
    Chest:Fearless Warrioress Suit
    Pants: Fearless Warrioress Pants
    Feet: Fallen Quill Boots
    Wings: Demon

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  • lostlikingitlostlikingit Posts: 2 Arc User
    edited August 2016
    Test_of_Time Storm server
    I should be considered Eryda's Next Top Model, when your HOT!!!! You don't only turn up the heat but know when to cool off too.
    In the first three ss I'm wearing:
    Head: Surfer Headband
    Chest: Surfer Ink
    Pants: Raver Chaps
    Feet: Raver Boots
    Handheld: none
    Demon lvl1 wings

    In this ss I'm wearing:
    Head: Surfer Headband
    Chest: Surfer Ink
    Pants: Surfer Shorts
    Feet: Surfer Sandals
    Handheld: none
    Demon lvl1 wings

  • nickvvnickvv Posts: 340 Arc User
    edited August 2016
    A super model is always traveling around the world and has photoshoots every season.

    Model: VelvetStrike - Illyfue

    Shelly's hat
    Rosecat top
    Paradise panties
    Ivory heals
    Lv4 skysward wings

    Phoenix dance crownn
    Calamity corset
    Lv4 lycan wings

    Beastmaster Queen horn
    Lunarfly shirt
    Paradise Panties
    White charm long boots
    Lv3 skysward wings

    France team hairstyle
    Dark thorn coat
    Twilight grace pants
    Dark hawk boots
  • divinityscarletdivinityscarlet Posts: 63 Arc User
    edited August 2016
    Server: Illyfue
    Model name: Divillae

    In Eyrda there are so many diverse and beautiful races, so you have to work extra hard to stand out. She specializes in modelling from head to toe to get your attention, and if she made you look twice then she's doing it right. It's all in the look, and that's why she's going to be Eyrda's Next Top Model.

    Main glamour photo

    As a model you have to be able to connect with your fellow models, even if they are unicorns!

    Prismatic Hat
    Delicate Dress
    Sky Dancer Bottoms
    Lunarfly Boots

    As tribute to her origins, an Elf-inspired shot:

    Bright Sun Hat
    Peaseblossom Top
    Peaseblossom Shorts
    Peaseblossom Boots
    Elf racial Wings

    You might have to overcome your fear of heights, too!

    Chromafate Circlet
    Bunny Maid Top
    FW Grand Commemorative Pants
    Shelly's Pump
    Rose Wings

    And last but certainly not least, sometimes you simply need to come out of your comfort zone and work that evil Elf magic:

    Moon Scar Hat
    Phantom Shroud Coat
    Lady Of Night Stocking
    Dark Hawk Boots
    Demonspider racial Wings
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  • mpoummpoum Posts: 7 Arc User
    I want to be Eyrda's next top model because it is the time to show that the dwarf can become model.

    Model: Lelethe
    Server : Illyfue

    Main Glamour Photo:

    Head: Phoenix Dance Crown
    Chest: Frills Top
    Legs: Frills Bloomers
    Feet: Frills Heels
    Wings of Nature Lv1
    Title : Wandering Ghost


    Head: Exalted Eminence Circlet
    Chest: Calamity Corset
    Legs: Exquisite Finery Pants
    Feet: FW Grand Commemorative Boots
    Wings of Nature Lv1
    Title : Wandering Ghost

    Head: Paradise Style
    Chest: Fallen Quill Skirt
    Legs: Fallen Quill Stocking
    Feet: Fallen Quill Boots
    Demonspider Wing Lv1
    Title: Wandering Ghost

    Head: School Ponytail
    Ghest:Calamity Corset
    Legs: Saloon Garter
    Feet: Jockey Boots
    Bloodshade Wings Lv1
    Title : Wandering Ghost

    Now it's time for summer holiday (two weeks). Good summer to you all and Good Luck
  • pervypigpervypig Posts: 28 Arc User
    edited August 2016
    The best fashion advice I'd say would be just to do what makes you comfortable and what makes you feel cute.
    Omg!! with my positive personality, I am going to be cutest duck in Eyrda’s Next Top Model

    My main glamour picture: I'm a sexy duck

    top: forsaken Anniversary II shades
    chest:Surfer Ink
    Leg: Nice trousers
    feet:Devil Acolyte Boots

    seal with a kiss

    top: forsaken Anniversary II shades
    chest:Rage Attack Leather Coat
    Leg: Rage Attack Leather trousers
    feet:Devil Acolyte Boots

    I'm the top model of the year!! Quack Quack

    top: Casual Hat
    chest:Snow Suave Layers
    Leg: Snow Suave Pant
    feet:Snow Suave boot

    IGN: PekChek
    Server: LionHeart
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  • isfolket80isfolket80 Posts: 222 Arc User
    edited August 2016


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    <3 Cuitepie <TyOhni's Wife> <3
    Illyfue- Fairytail

  • cmroscoe88cmroscoe88 Posts: 52 Arc User
    edited August 2016
    MissAckles, a Divine priest in the Storm server has a strong heart for her people as well as a keen eye in fashion. She loves to look her best while keeping those she holds dear safe from harm's way. Her fashion bag is ever growing, as is her garderrobe, yet she just can't seem to get enough! There's always that new item that comes out that she HAS to have! Her heart for people and for fashion is why she should be Eryda's next top model!

    Glamour shot:
    Headpiece: Dark Rose Circlet
    Chest: Dark Thorn Coat
    Legs: Dark Brier Trousers
    Feet: Dark Hawk Boots
    Wings: Candelit

    Headpiece: Lunarfly Headgear
    Chest: Frost Disciple's Holiday Shirt
    Legs: Frost Disciple's Holdiay Shorts
    Feet: Frost Disciple's Holiday Hose
    Wings: Skysward

    Headpiece FW Grand Commemorative Hat
    Chest: Bright Bikini
    Legs: FW Grand Commemorative Shorts
    Feet: Bright Sandals
    Wings: Illusory

    Server:Storm Legion

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