Anni orbs Bound rewards!!

conterkiller Posts: 2,479 Arc User
Are they ever gonna be fixed? like the mount tokens.. and the dragons boxes?? O_O


  • thespune#3158
    thespune#3158 Posts: 16 Arc User
    they're too busy banning people over their **** up and arguing over what to put on sale in leaf shop next to actually fix things unless by accident
  • feida88#6199
    feida88#6199 Posts: 247 Arc User
    @conterkiller They have added a tradeable way from NPC Otis, now you have to use TWO MOUNT OPTIONAL TOKENS for Star and Moon mount, lightchaser is gone, ironspire rex still wait, they have just increased the tokens needed for one of the mounts and fixed the bound issue for two of them since one still gets bound on pick up. About the dragons nothing yet...they rather to exile people.

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  • thenamesdomino
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    We're still going back and forth with the dragons. There are two schools of thought on this right now. Each one wanting a different solution. Either way, hold onto the dragon packs, we're trying to get this resolved.