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I'm not writing not to get attention from everybody only the ones who knew me but overall i'm done with fw and after years i'm simply brunt out. Its not about pwe and what they do. I'm just finish, after 5 years I am tired and college is gonna be more busy more then ever for me this upcoming semester for me.

I had fun over the years, fighting people pvp, 12s, arena,open world, made a lot of friends we had good moments, bad moments and REALLY WEIRD moments and funny moments ..... that were also weird. In the end its those memories that means a lot to me. There are many things I wish that could of happened while I was on fw and really those things don't matter to me much as i realize there not a lot of things worth getting into.

I can still remember when wanted to dedicate myself to becoming a op warrior, most people said i was good and strong but, tbh I never really felt like i was,plus being op is overrated anyways i enjoyed a good fight and i always would tell the people how strong they were and how good they are at their class, you know? good sportsmanship.

I kept building myself up, working harder and harder and the more i worked the more i felt i was behind ironic huh? but really i liked how my toon turned out, I was able to do more things then i could've of in 2 years. improving my toon was so personal too me and so amazing at the same time.
All that doesn't matter anymore.

So overall I had a good ride, done amazing things on here, and experienced awesome moments. I guess its just that time for me, all I can truly say is thank you to everyone that knew me, talked to me, or even fought against me in a fight, every moment is what made me push myself to be the best I can be.

So this is a goodbye.

signing off - MomoChulu

lvl 100 elemental warrior(sub tree aegis)

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    Wish you the very best, have fun wherever life takes you :wink:
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    sad momo :(
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    last time i will say gn momomomomomomomomomoomomomomomomomoo :'(
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    Take care Momo, you'll be missed o/
    (Hit me up if you ever up having a "revelation" though)
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    Momo tsk tsk sending me FW stuff. But as i sat here reading it and looking for my info to reply to you...

    About TIME! Glad you finally decided that this game isn't worth your time anymore. Welcome to the club buddy <3
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    Never met you in game, but good luck and take care.
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    I never met Momo ingame, but i always appreciated his/her effort in making players voice heard in FW foruns, and for that i want to thx him/her good luck with everyting in life.

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    Lower the Flag, We lost a Warrior.
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    Very sorry to see you go, I always remember seeing you in 12s xD. If we don't meet again have a good life :).
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    Sad to lose another good player as yourself. Hope your life affords you the time to come back and check out future patches ;)
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    Seen plenty of friends ingame that left the game who doesn't even visit the forums, you'll be surprise how many old players have been leaving for months now.
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    Lol @ novaheals she quit few months ago but seems to be active in forum
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    Take care and good luck :'(
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    Cant say im surprised i only ever log for gemcards now MAAAYBE EB. Pretty snoozefest of a game now. Good decision leaving tho
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    ohhh will miss seeing chu in FF, good fights...
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